19 Bohemian Style Outfit Ideas | Bohemian Costume for Female

Bohemian style outfit ideas

Bohemian style is one of those trends that never really goes out. If you feel to be a free spirit and traveller, the bohemian style is ideal for expressing your earthy, artistic spirit. Bohemian style is usually associated with the hippie era of the 1960s and 1970s, however, it has recently become more fashionable again. So, if you’ve ever wanted to wear a Boho outfit that will turn heads wherever you go, then you must check out our list of bohemian style outfit ideas or bohemian dresses! 

Bohemian Style Outfit Ideas

1. Long Skirts

Long floral skirts are the best way to flaunt the lovely bohemian style. Simple tank tops with floral long, floppy hats or floral head wraps are fun options that show bohemian style, if you’d like, you can wear wedge heels or boots. Use a broad, braided, or embroidered belt to highlight your waist. This creates a more attractive silhouette along with providing a bohemian style. Put on a flannel or plaid shirt and tie it around your waist to complete the bohemian-inspired look! 

2. Maxi Skirts

Start your boho style with maxi skirts, or the most popular braided maxi skirt style, if you’ve recently jumped on the bohemian bandwagon and wish to take it easy. Maxi skirts are a perfect match to hippie-style clothing as they give an earthy, natural vibe and look ultra-chic, almost bohemian. Give your maxi skirts a more boho look with high heels or ankle boots. To add some rocker flair to your bohemian outfit, combine them with a vintage t-shirt.

3. Bohemian Style Cool Dresses

Boho style dresses are very different from the regular quick trends. These cool dresses are not just clothing, they are statements of your unique style and love for creative beauty. You can get a boho look when you wear anything long, flowing, patterned, or flowy. With its tassel embellishments, embroidered detailing, and intricate lace, each bohemian dress has a unique style. Of course, to finish this bohemian style, accessorise the bohemian dress with some striking jewellery.

4. Bohemian Style Jumpsuit

You can easily figure out the bohemian woman. Rustic-coloured jumpsuits with printed designs and subtle bohemian undertones are a cosy way to incorporate this trend into your regular wardrobe. A one-piece jumpsuit with lace is the perfect option if you’re looking for the jumpsuit of your dreams for a bohemian fashion style. Enhance your boho look, by tying a braid in your hair or use a bandana as an accessory. Remember to apply bronzer and eye makeup.

5. Boho Chic Style Top

If you’re seeking something unique to add to your boho wardrobe, look into boho chic style tops. This bohemian fashion look includes a crop top with bright colours and crochet lace details. You can pair this boho chic style top with flared trousers and espadrille sandals. 

6. Vintage Boho Kimono

Another bohemian style outfit is a boho Kimono. Try wearing a long kimono with a bohemian flair. Some women choose to wear kimono as a dress or tunic, while others enjoy using them as a cover-up at the pool or beach. A great way to give any outfit a little bohemian flair is wearing vintage boho kimonos. To complete the boho look, all you’ll need is a beautiful shade of manicured nails! 

7. Overalls with Hat

Ethnic and cultural motifs are commonly included in the bohemian style. Wear overalls if you want to go for a bohemian style. Overall go well with a wide range of tops and accessories. In addition to adding some uniqueness to your bohemian outfit, a hat can protect you from the sun. For a little flair, you can also accessorise your bohemian outfit with a scarf or necklace.

8. Styling a Boho Look with Harem Pants

When we think of anything bohemian or hippie, the first thing that usually comes to mind is harem or dhoti pants, worn with a tank top, head accessory, scarf, curly hair, and a frayed leather bag. With this boho outfit, you simply don’t need to try much. Shoes that have a good fit are flats or sandals. Try pairing boots with harem pants to give your bohemian look a bit more edge. 

9. Vest with Skirt

Go for a bohemian fashion and wear a vest with a skirt. You can wear any flowy skirt with a vest. Try to wear an adorned vest with beads, embroidery, or additional detailing. A basic bohemian style outfit is a skirt and vest. Wearing a skirt and vest together is awesome to get a boho look. A striking necklace or scarf may be added to complete the bohemian look.

10. Styling a Boho Look with Short Dresses

The perfect bohemian outfit for women is a flowing dress or short kaftan made of handloom, cotton, or linen fabric. Combine oxidised silver accessories, pom-pom boots, feather earrings, and boots. A shawl or cardigan can also be used to add some layers. Style your hair in a bun or braid, or let it hang loose and wavy. To create a unique boho look for yourself don’t be scared to mix and match different pieces. 

11. Hand-Woven Boho Theme Dress

A loose, lightweight, and comfy handwoven dress would be a great purchase if your budget allows it. Handmade and handwoven dresses are carefully made with attention paid to every small, striking detail. A gorgeous and unique article of apparel that works well for every occasion is a hand-woven boho theme dress. It’s going to become a wardrobe staple quickly.  One of the best things about a hand-woven dress is that it fits loosely and is soft, perfect for relaxing on the beach.

12. Printed Skirt with Cami top

One of the casual boho outfits is a printed skirt with a cami top. A white cami top’s charm is how stunning it looks paired with any skirt. Similarly, this top shows style, ease, and a breeze. The flowing printed skirt gives just the right amount of colour and attitude, especially when paired with the vivid blue sandals. The traditional golden hoops are always a good choice. And the white straw handbag, which exudes a boho look, really pulls the whole bohemian outfit together. 

13. Fringe Jacket

The amazing black faux fringe jacket is perfect for all of the grunge fans out there. When people say, “You can never go wrong with black,” this stunning boho outfit is the real deal. The vibrant metallic belted chains and accessories offer an attractive contrast to the faux-black denim. You might as well have proved that you are not someone to be messed with by adding a bandanna in place of the black hat. That is exactly as it ought to be!

14. Boho Crochet Top

The perfect bohemian beach outfit combines a crochet top with a maxi skirt for the ultimate bohemian beach girl style. It is easy to make and can be customized to fit your body perfectly. You can find crochet tops in different patterns. Select a pattern that you think would look nice on you. 

15. Boho Layers

The first proven way of perfecting the bohemian style is to layer your boho outfits. Whether it’s for warmth and cosiness or for layering with additional bohemian jewellery! Additionally, keep in mind that, especially in the wintertime, looking beautiful doesn’t necessarily require being cold.

16. Gladiator Sandals

When it comes to bohemian style footwear how can we overlook gladiator sandals? Gladiator sandals are a great combination of modern and mystic styles; they’re perfect for boho chic. Especially those featuring pom-poms. The ankle-length ones match with long skirts, kurtis, and ankle-length jeans, while the knee-length ones work with dresses, skirts, and shorts. One of the best things is that they are quite comfy to wear. 

17. Boho Fashion Style with Hats

Floppy hats are real and a key part of boho style dresses. If the occasion allows, think about going all-out bohemian style with a wide-brimmed hat. Another important piece of bohemian dress accessory are hat with wide brims. A summer outfit that radiates a boho look includes shorts with a tunic, camel-coloured gladiators or boots, a frayed leather bag, and a floppy hat. 

18. Bohemian Style Handbags

Big wallets, work bags by Afghani Kutch, or distressed-edge leather bags in brown or crimson will add a more bohemian style to your boho look. You’ll stand out from the crowd and give your boho outfit a dash of ethnic flair with these bags. Imagine yourself with a sling bag, brown lipstick, a bandana, gladiators, feather earrings, and a long printed skirt. It doesn’t get more bohemian and chic than this! 

19. Chunky Accessories

Would you like to get a modern bohemian style that would make you look stunning? Then try to add a silver nose pin, a big finger ring, a chunky statement necklace, or a septum ring. Select accessories made of organic materials such as leather, stone, or wood. One piece at a time can make you look wonderfully bohemian; you do not need to put on everything at once. 

Bohemian fashion aesthetic is all about being individualistic, eclectic, and free-spirited. To stay in style, try combining various colours, textures, and patterns in your bohemian dress. So go ahead and try out the above-mentioned bohemian style outfits. 

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