20 Best Pregnancy Outfit Ideas That Are Comfortable & Trendy

Pregnancy outfit ideas

Pregnancy is a blessing and the phase of a woman’s life. Although different women have different experiences during pregnancy periods, all want to appear comfortable and stylish in the outfits that they wear during this period. Are you looking for comfortable pregnancy outfit ideas, then you’re at the right place! Here we’ve some of the amazing ideas that will help you pick the right prenatal outfits and pregnancy clothes. Thus, you’ll be able to build a chic pregnancy wardrobe.

While offering the ideas we’ve special care that the outfits are comfortable as well as make you appear trendy. Are you excited to find out? Browse through the blog! 

Trendiest & Comfortable Pregnancy Outfit Ideas

1. Long top with Shorts: Pick the elegance

Shorts during pregnancy? Many women may avoid wearing shorts because of various reasons. But wait, these days maternity brands have tried to tackle this and so have launched maternity shorts. So, if you feel comfortable with your regular shorts then you can opt for pregnancy shorts and combine them with your favourite long tops. This can become your go-to pregnancy outfit to look cute and chic!

2. Asymmetrical Floral dress: Classy & Comfortable  

Floral dresses are quite in trend and most importantly they allow you to remain comfortable. If you’re looking for stylish maternity outfit ideas then you can opt for an asymmetrical floral dress. Bright colour floral prints not only offer casual vibes to your look but also make you appear elegant. You’ll feel positive with happy vibes around you.     

3. Combine a hat with Noodle Strap dress

During pregnancy, if you are missing your little black dress look then try a noodle strap dress. You can actually look classy and elegant and appear cute in a noddle strap dress. Add a hat with this outfit and you can actually appear a lot more trendy. This look is suitable if you are visiting outdoors as the hat will offer protection from the sun. Your baby bump will be perfectly visible but embrace that and you feel confident and comfortable in pregnancy outfits. 

4. Turtle Neck Top with Pencil Skirt: Flaunt your Bump

Often pregnant women shy away from wearing well-fitted skirts. If you are feeling the same you can opt for a pencil skirt and pair it with an elegant turtle neck top. In case you are looking for stylish pregnancy clothes ideas then this will look uber cute on you. Spruce up your look with a combination of a pencil skirt teamed with a turtle neck top. Whether it’s a day out with friends out a small gathering you can look classy in this cool maternity wear.  

5. Strapless Maxi Dress

Of course, you can appear stylish while you’re pregnant by trying out cute outfits for pregnant women. If you are looking for such a piece then choose a strapless maxi dress. This is also the perfect attire for your upcoming maternity photo shoot. An ethereal-looking maxi dress with a sweetheart neckline will allow you to appear stylish effortlessly and at the same time, you can remain comfortable. Always choose bump-friendly clothes and feel confident in them. 

6. Bohemian Dress

To remain comfortable during pregnancy if you are searching for maternity dress ideas then give a try to a Bohemian dress. A boho dress is a new trend and is spreading like wildfire. Bohemian dresses are usually flowing and breathable so it is perfect for pregnant women. It will not only help you to remain comfortable, you can appear trendy and stylish in it. 

7. Opt for a striped Jacket with a Plain Midi Dress 

Whenever you are looking for a pregnant women’s dress you can simply try the combination of a plain midi dress with a striped jacket. Often pregnant women feel conscious about wearing bodycon or midi dresses. If you feel so then the best way to stay comfortable and confident in these dresses is to add layers like a jacket. Instead of your regular sweater, you can opt for a striped flowing jacket that will not only make you look stylish and chic but will also make you feel comfortable. 

8. One-piece Kaftan Dress: The best & comfortable Outfit

As suggested by stylists, pregnant women should avoid loose and billowy dresses but when one-piece kaftan dresses are one of the best loose dresses that you can opt for. Although Kaftan dresses are loose and not too figure-hugging, the cinches at the waist define the overall appearance of the outfit. If you are looking for maternity daily wear dresses then you can opt for one-piece cotton kaftans. They are comfortable and make you appear stylish if you use the right type of accessories with them. 

 9. Layer a loose sweater with a fitted Skirt

As we’ve already mentioned, pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to shy away from fitted clothes. In fact, you can opt for fitted skirts and tops and feel confident in them with a loose sweater. Of course, with a fitted skirt, you’ll be combining a fitted top. While layering you can either choose a pashmina or a loose sweater and add a pair of boots with it. This is a perfect winter maternity look. 

10. Pair Kimono with Skinny Jeans or Shorts

If you’re concerned about pregnancy fashion, then you can pair Kimono either with Skinny jeans or shorts. Yes, you can opt for shorts even during pregnancy. There are many brands that have launched maternity shorts. During winter you can choose a tank top, a kimono with jeans and add boots and a scarf with it for a casual fashionable look. In case the weather is not cold then you can even try this combination with shorts.  

11. Polka Dots Dress: A classic & Elegant Dress

Polka dot dresses are one of the best pregnancy clothes for women. You can choose vibrant colour polka dot dresses and appear classy. This look is suitable for all types of casual occasions like friends get-togethers or small parties. Avoid styling in official meetings or at semi-formal events. Once you try a polka dot dress you are surely going to love it. 

12. Black Formal Dress: Iconic casual dress

Any bold-coloured formal dress is a great choice when you’re looking for stylish clothes during pregnancy. A black formal dress is what you need to appear elegant and classy during your pregnancy days. You can combine your ballerinas with a black dress and it would be a perfect outfit for your work or for any semi-formal event. Instead of making your formal wear boring and regular, you can try something interesting that would also allow you to remain comfortable. 

13. Floral Chiffon Dress: Quirky Outfit Idea

During pregnancy, if you’re looking for comfortable casual maternity outfits then you can opt for a floral chiffon dress. The chiffon material is soft and comfortable to wear whereas the floral prints offer instantly amazing casual vibes. You can choose a knee-length chiffon dress with nice vibrant colour floral prints and pair knee-high boots to appear stylish and trendy even during your pregnancy.  

14. Choose a combination of track pants with a fitted top

If you are wondering how to wear pants during pregnancy then without a doubt you can give a try to yoga and sweatpants. They are quite comfortable to wear and can be paired with a loose oversized t-shirt. As we know oversized t-shirts are highly in trend so this combination will enable you to appear super trendy and at the same you can stay comfortable in it. However, if you are looking for comfortable pregnancy outfits for work then you can wear a well-fitted tank top or a t-shirt with the track pants and add a shrug with it.  

15. A Jumpsuit: Get ready for a Snap

Whenever it’s about trendy maternity clothes, Jumpsuits are a great choice. They’re not only comfortable and easy to wear but they also make you appear stylish. Thus, you can opt for this versatile piece and dress up according to the occasion. As jumpsuits are one-piece dresses without any buttons or zippers they are quite comfortable for pregnant women to wear. Without worrying about matching top and bottom, you can just put them on and get ready for the occasion. 

16. T-shirt Dress: Comfortable Outfit for Pregnancy

T-shirts are always a comfortable piece of clothing and when are looking for comfortable clothes for pregnancy, a loose knee-length t-shirt dress would serve the purpose very well. Wear cosy shoes with the T-shirt dress and add sunglasses to appear even more stylish. To elevate your look even more you can also combine a belt, cardigan or blazer with the t-shirt dress. Along with keeping you comfortable, the t-shirt dress offers you a chic maternity style. 

17. Asymmetrical one-piece dress

You’ll need lots of one-piece dresses during your nine-month pregnancy. The best simple dress for a pregnant lady is an asymmetrical one-piece dress. So, you can get your hands on one-piece dresses and style away for any casual or even semi-formal occasions. You can combine a flats and cardigan or a statement necklace with this outfit for any casual party. They are also a great option for pregnant women to appear stylish and comfortable. 

18. An Off-Shoulder BodyCon Dress: 

Off-shoulder dresses are always a favourite for women who want to appear trendy. If you are looking for clothes for pregnant women, then give a try to an elegant off-shoulder bodycon dress. A perfect bodycon dress will not disappoint you and will easily get an astonishing look in it. Usually, bodycon dresses are made of stretchy material that’s your growing belly and easily accommodates it. The off-shoulder design will also allow you to flatter your curves. You can add flats and accessories like statement necklaces or earrings. 

19. Denim Shirt or Plaid with Sweater Dress

For appearing classy even during your pregnancy days, you can pair denim shirts or plaid shirts with sweater dresses. For the best pregnancy looks, you can try this option as it is comfortable, Stylish and versatile. Moreover, a sweater dress can be dressed up or down and are considered perfect for all types of occasion. Today, they are available in a variety of styles so you can choose according to your body type and personality. 

20. Pair a Cold Shoulder Top with distressed jeans

You may be surprised to know that pregnant women can also dress up in distressed jeans. These days maternity brands have come up with different types of jeans. If you are looking for comfortable clothes for pregnant ladies, then simply combine a tank top with your favourite pair of jeans and you can easily create a great stylish look for any occasion. Definitely, a cold shoulder top will show off your belly and a touch of elegance to your overall appearance. 

Are you worried about what to wear during pregnancy? No more! Hope, this blog has offered you numerous creative ideas that will not only look stylish but will not at all compromise with your comfort. Enjoy your pregnancy period and be a little creative while selecting your outfit. Don’t get restricted to one single type of outfit and give a try to different ideas! 

Happy Pregnancy!

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