8 Shirt and T-shirt Combination for Men: Make a Smart Fashion Move!

Layering is one of the latest trends in styling for men. If you are looking for a smart fashion move then a shirt and t-shirt combination is one of the quick yet stylish layering ideas. This blog will provide insight into the latest trendiest shirt and t-shirt combinations that men can opt for a cool and confident look. Continue reading to find the four best combinations of shirts with t-shirts. 

List of Fashionable Shirt and T-shirts Combinations

A fashionable shirt and t-shirt combination has always been fascinating for men. Today, every other man wants to get into the best outfit to look their best. If you are someone who is bored with monotonous styling methods then simply try any of these combinations. However, many men believe that the layering of a shirt over a t-shirt is for overcoming the cool weather but it is actually much more than that. With layering two simple and staple collections one can easily look stylish. Here are four freaking shirt and t-shirt combinations: 

1. Chequered Shirt over T-shirts

Checked shirts have been quite popular among men for decades. Many men prefer to pair up chequered shirts with trousers or formal pants for their workplace. Can you style these chequered shirts differently? Yes, a chequered shirt over regular, solid t-shirts will offer you a classy yet contemporary look. This outfit will help you to stand out from the generic styling. When winter is approaching and the breeze is getting a bit cold then this outfit is a must-try. For creating a different and stylish appearance with chequered shirts and t-shirts try to pair up neutral colour t-shirts with vibrant colour chequered t-shirts like black and a red check shirt. Pair this combination with blue denim jeans for a stylish look. 

2. Cargo Shirts over T-shirts 

Cargo shirts are made out of thick cotton with some cool patches. Many men prefer to wear cargo shirts as it imparts an elegant look and at the same time make you feel cosy. The only problem with these shirts is that they are not available in a variety of colour options so you can’t try different looks with them. That’s why pairing them with light tones t-shirts will enhance the look manifold. 

3. Printed Shirts with t-shirts

Printed shirts are the blissful pieces lying in your wardrobe. Printed shirts are so charming that they instantly add elegance and class to your look. When they are paired with plain light coloured t-shirts they will make up an amazing outfit. Pair it with denim and you’re all set to rock. 

4. Light colour shirts with bright t-shirts

There’s a common misconception that light-toned shirts have limited styling options. Even while combining people try to use light-toned shirts with dark t-shirts. But there’s no specific rule for it. You can choose bright t-shirts with light colour shirts. It will define your personality and make you appear elegant and classy. 

5. Chequered t-shirts with plain shirts

A plain solid colour shirt goes well with a checked t-shirt. You can choose checks of similar colour palette or completely contrasting colour of the shirt for a unique look. Make sure both the shirt and the t-shirt are of the right fit so you feel super comfortable yet look slim, structured, and relaxed. As you will layer the shirts over the t-shirts so the shirts should be of relaxed or structured fit according to your size as well as give space to the t-shirt layered under it.

6. T-shirt with denim shirts

The combo of t-shirt and denim shirt is another classic combination for men. In this classic open-shirt style denim shirts are preferred by men of all ages and they will never go out of style. You can pick either bold solid colour t-shirts or printed t-shirts for this combo. However these days tie-dye t-shirts are highly in trend you can try that too. It also adds a pop of colour to your outfit. 

7. Bold coloured t-shirts with neutral shirts

For a colourful look, combine a bold coloured t-shirt with neutral shirts. These days multiple colour t-shirts are available. Pick any dark bold colour and it will instantly provide a different look to the outfit. Neutral t-shirts are usually preferred for a formal look. With the pop of colour of the t-shirt, it will look amazing. This is an extraordinary combination that is preferred by men of all ages. 

8. A white shirt with a classic t-shirt

A regular-fit polo neck or round neck t-shirt in any print or design can be paired with a white shirt for a classic look. When the white shirt is layered with a t-shirt it will provide a minimalistic yet laid-back look. Pair this combination with regular blue denim for a unique and stylish look. Printed t-shirt looks the best when combined with white shirts. 

The combination of shirts and t-shirts has been there in men’s fashion for centuries and it will continue to be there. When you are able to make the right combination, it is a delightful experience. Two simple shirts and t-shirts when layered together can create an amazing outfit and make you appear fashionable. All you need to do is select the t-shirt and shirts that you have already used for styling in past and combine them together for a completely different outfit. The above-mentioned ideas will surely impart a classic look and enable you to style in a fashionable way. 

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