6 Ways To Wear A White T-Shirt Elegantly (Classic & Casual Outfits)

Undoubtedly, you have some white t-shirts already lying in your closet. Still, wondering what to wear? If you have a white tee handy then you need not worry about your outfit for the day. It is such a versatile item that you can easily create an astonishing white t-shirt outfit for men using them. Be it fitted or oversized, plain or printed you can pair them with some commonly available elements of your wardrobe and you are good to go in an elegant look. 

Browse this blog to find some classic and casual outfit ideas using your regular white tees. 

Classic and casual white t-shirt outfit Ideas

White tees are the best pick if you are searching for an option that has a low-key vibe and at that same time makes you appear dashing. Don’t forget the fact that they are comfortable too! Celebs and influencers have always influenced fashion trends. As per the latest trends, outfits with white tees are in and men prefer to style them for both casual and formal occasions. Check out the outfit ideas:

1. Use it as layering: One of the best ideas to use a white tee is to use it as a layering piece under a cardigan or a loose-fitted shirt. The shirt or the cardigan should be in another colour. It’s not that you can use this styling idea only in winter, it is a seasonless outfit and can be worn in all types of seasons for a cosy and comfortable look. 

2. Pair with jeans: You might be thinking what’s new in this? A white t-shirt with jeans is a common combination that everyone might have tried. Yes, you can actually choose this simple combination and create a statement look. Instead of boring plain tees, opt for the latest graphic printed tees or striped tees.

If you want to explore more and the length of the tee is a little longer then you can tuck it in for a polished look. To elevate your look, with a white t shirt and blue jeans, add sneakers. Add a little pop of colour to your shoes or t-shirts. 

3. Outfit with pants or trousers: When you plan to wear your regular white t-shirt for any formal or semi-formal event like a client meeting then pair it with pants or trousers. Grey trousers would look good with this combination. To add a little more formal vibe to this outfit, layer it with blazers. Make sure you choose the blazer in different shades. A sea green or a blue blazer will bring together the entire outfit and make you appear classy. 

4. Layer with blue denim blazers: Besides a white t-shirt, blue denim blazers are one of the favourite pieces of every man. Pair a white t-shirt and jeans and layer them with blue denim blazers. In fact, this combination can also be used if you have an oversized tee. Blue colour jeans will be the perfect pick with this as that will make all the elements of this outfit together. Moreover, if you are confused about the neckline that would look the best in this outfit then go for V-neck tees. Although crew neck will also look good, but for a more polished look choose v-neck tees.

5. Use leather jackets: Leather jackets with white tees? Yes, if you want to create a different white tshirt outfit then pair them with black pants or trousers or jeans and add a black leather jacket. You will be amazed that a simple leather jacket can add so much elegance to the overall look. If you are looking for an idea that would make you appear different yet classy then choose this outfit option.

However, you can choose leather jackets in contrasting colours and you are ready for a casual fun event. Without always trying the classic combination of a white t shirt with black jeans you can try something different and appear elegant. 

6. Pair with Shorts: Usually, men prefer black t-shirts whenever they want to dress up in shorts for a beach vacation. On a hot scorching beach try a white t shirt dress outfit and you will see how comfortable you feel in them. You can pair bright colour shorts with white tees and you are beach ready. These days different types of shorts are available like gym shorts, denim shorts, or fitted dress shorts.

You can choose any of them and look smart and comfortable. For a naturally relaxed and vibrant appearance try shorts with beautiful floral prints or motifs and the same can be chosen for the white tees as well. This white t-shirt style is best for any pool party or beach party or vacation outing in summer. 

What are the different types of white t-shirts?


A variety of white t-shirts are available in the market so you need to pick the perfect one for the best white tshirt outfit. In some cases, they can be used as layering whereas in some they can be styled individually. Below mentioned are some of the popular types of white tees:

  • Plain white tees: The plain white tees are the ones that don’t have any prints or designs on them. They are the regular piece available in every men’s wardrobe. Some brands may mention their brand name or logo on it. 
  • Designer/printed: The white t shirt men’s style includes the latest graphics and prints on it. The prints or designs can be in different colours which will add a pop of colour to your entire outfit.
  • Patterned: Striped white tees come under the patterned tees. Whether you opt for horizontal stripes or vertical stripes these types of tees are best fitted for any semi-formal occasion. Make sure the stripes are in subtle colours.
  • Necklines: Some of the common neck styles that are popular in white tees are round neck or crew neck, V-neck, henley neck, and hooded neck. You have to choose the neck styles according to the outfit idea you have selected and the occasion for which you are styling. 
  • Fit: Irrespective of the type of fit you choose, it should be according to your size. Generally, there are three popular types of fit that are slim fit, regular fit, and baggy fit. Whether you choose oversized t-shirts or regular-fit t-shirts you have to plan the entire outfit accordingly. 

White t-shirts are the classic pieces of t-shirts in your closet. Often men are not aware of the outfit ideas so they tend to repeat the same outfits again and again and appear dull and boring. Now, after reading this blog, you are aware of 6 distinctive ways to style a white t-shirt. Moreover, you are now aware of the types and thus you can select the one that is appropriate for your body, fit, and personality. 

No matter what outfit you choose you have to carry them confidently then only you can appear elegant and classy!

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