7 Unique Ways to Style Black and White Stripes T-Shirt

Black and white stripes t-shirt

A black and white stripes t-shirt is a classic and timeless piece in every men’s wardrobe. Many men may not opt for this pattern of t-shirt assuming that it’s difficult to style them. To ease out the ways to style black and white stripe t-shirts perfectly we’ve come up with 7 different ideas. After implementing these styles on the basis of occasion you can determine how versatile they look. Moreover, you can create amazing casual looks without using too many options. Have a look at the 7 completely unique ways discussed in this blog.

What are the different types of black and white stripe t-shirts?

For a long time, striped t-shirts have been a wardrobe staple. It’s quite easy to create a casual look using striped t-shirts. However at times, it may be challenging to find the right pair for these tees, Before learning about the right pairs, check out different types of black and white stripe t-shirts available in the market:

1. Vertical Stripes 

Each type of stripe makes your body appear differently. The vertical stripe t-shirts are helpful in creating a tall illusion. So, if you want to make yourself appear taller then opt for these stripe tees. Black and white stripes are men’s favourite combination and they are considered suitable for both formal and casual occasions. You can safely pair them with jeans, chinos, and trousers for a unique yet elegant look. 

2. Horizontal Stripes

While discussing striped tees, we can’t forget the horizontal ones. Although it is not much preferred, some men find them quite useful. Horizontal stripes are known to offer broader illusions. So, men who want to make themself appear broader generally opt for these types. You can easily pair them with any type of bottom wear and instantly get into an attractive look.

List of 7 Unique ways to wear black and white stripe t-shirts 

1. Striped t-shirts go well with blazers:

 Need a sophisticated and elegant look? Try the combination of black and white striped t-shirts with blazers. A navy blue tee can be paired with dark jeans and layered with navy blue blazers. While selecting t-shirts in navy colours, make sure the stripes are either black or white. This is a perfect look for a date night or a get-together party, However, you can also choose to wear it in any semi-formal event too. To complete the entire look especially if you plan to wear it in a semi-formal event then add a pair of brown leather shoes with this look.  

2. Combine with classic chinos:

Usually, men prefer vertical stripes on t-shirts. When you are getting ready for any casual occasion in these striped tees then try pairing them with chinos. Classic chinos are always a perfect combination with all types of t-shirts. When it is a vertically striped t-shirt then they are the best choice. Suppose you choose beige or other neutral colour chinos then opt for a black and white striped t-shirt. This combination will look classy and for a more appealing look add brown loafers or boat shoes with them. 

3. Wear an overshirt over the t-shirt: 

One of the most common yet less applied combinations is an overshirt over the t-shirt. You can layer a simple overshirt over a striped t-shirt. It will add some depth and texture to your overall look. For an amazing combination, you can try a green or brown overshirt with a black and white striped t-shirt. You can pair this combination with denim or chinos. This is a perfect pick for any casual occasion or a go-to look. 

4. Pair with regular jeans:

Your regular jeans are certainly the best pair for any t-shirt. A striped t-shirt and regular blue jeans would look cool together. You can either opt for dark blue jeans or shaded jeans and combine them with a black and white striped t-shirt. This look is best for any weekend party look or casual get-together. Complete the overall appearance with loafers or white sneakers. 

5. Style with Shorts:

If you want to obtain a fun and stylish look for summer then simply select a striped t-shirt and combine it with shorts. For summer it is one of the best outfit options as you will remain cool and also appear cool in this outfit. Moreover, for a beach vacation or a day out with friends, or a pool party you can try a black and white striped t-shirt with black, grey, or light colour shorts. 

6. Cargo Pants pair well with striped t-shirts:

For a practical yet stylish look, try pairing striped t-shirts with cargo pants. This is a perfect combination for a day out with friends. To create a unique look with this combination, try white and black striped t-shirts and olive green cargo pants. With this combination, white sneakers will blend very well. Whether you want to look perfect for a casual brunch or a weekend trip, this outfit will render you the desired look. 

7. Try the combination with Bomber Jackets:

These days bomber jackets are highly in trend. If you want to try a completely different combination yet appear trendy then try bomber jackets with striped t-shirts. Wear jeans or chinos with striped t-shirts and add a bomber jacket to include an edge to the look. Black jeans and black bomber jackets can be combined with a black and white striped t-shirt. 

Hopefully, now you have the ideas to style a black and white striped t-shirt. These outfit ideas will allow you to style in a unique way and get into your desired look. However, you can choose the combination or ways to style these tees according to the occasion. Suppose you are going on a date night then a combination with shorts will not be a perfect choice. So, select the ways according to your personal liking and personality. 

Tips to remember while styling black and white stripe t-shirts

  • If you want to pair a horizontal black and white stripe t-shirt with striped pants or trousers then that will not look great together. So, always choose plain trousers or pants with striped tees. 
  • Whenever you want to style a black and white striped t-shirt, make sure the size of the t-shirt is perfect. Only when you choose the right fit, it will look perfect on you. 
  • For more formal occasions, select thin stripes and for casual occasions, broader stripes will also go well. That implies according to the occasion when you are styling these tee choose the stripe type. 
  • Choose the perfect combination for the occasion and style them for a neat look. While the t-shirt is in black and white stripes then the bottom should be in a neutral colour. 

Popular trends to style Black and white striped t-shirts

Today, a huge number of t-shirt options are available for men. The designs and trends are constantly changing yet the classic striped t-shirts are still popular. The classic black and white combination makes you appear stylish and look great for any casual occasion. For decades, stripes have been a classic design element that is used on different types of clothes be it shirts, t-shirts, or pants. If you want to look sophisticated yet stylish then try a striped t-shirt with a pair of trousers or chinos. Below mentioned are black and white striped t-shirt trends that are popular in recent times:

  • Cotton striped t-shirt: The type of t-shirt that is preferred by lots of men out there is a cotton striped t-shirt. Although you can find lots of colour combinations, black and white is the classic combination. These tees are the best pick for summer and you can easily style them and remain comfortable. Both thin and thick stripes look classy in a cotton striped t-shirt. 
  • Bold striped t-shirt: One of the awesome trends that men love these days is bold stripes. The stripes that are broad in shape are termed bold stripes. The combination of black and white looks great when combined with beige or grey trousers or pants. In case you are planning to wear it for college or any casual occasion then pair it with blue jeans. 
  • Crew neck striped t-shirt: The crew neck or round neck tees are one of the most common neck styles that men prefer. When you want to opt for a black and white striped t-shirt then a crew neck striped t-shirt will not only make you appear stylish but you can easily remain comfortable for longer. To add a character to the look, choose a full sleeve one. 
  • Collar striped t-shirt: Choose a black and white t-shirt with a collar for a perfect formal look. You can choose the t-shirts with either black or white collars. Both types of collar t-shirts look great in this combination. Usually, men prefer buttons in white colour but you can choose them in other colours too like blue or grey. The buttons in other colours other than the striped colours will add a contrasting element to the overall appearance. 

These are some of the ways and ideas to style a black and white striped t-shirt. Although these tees are quite common these days by implementing some of the ideas shared in this blog you can easily obtain a unique and interesting look. It can be a go-to outfit choice for an effortlessly stylish look for any casual day out or a formal occasion. 

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