10 Aesthetic Oversized T Shirt and Jeans Outfits for Girls

These days oversized t-shirts are highly in trend. Whether you are a guy or girl you want to dress up in such clothes that are stylish as well as comfortable. Oversized t-shirts are the ones that fulfil both criteria. Earlier oversized t-shirts were only a guy thing but today girls are equally enjoying them. Can girls style oversized t-shirts aesthetically? Absolutely! Jeans are the best friends of oversized t-shirts. We at Hiscraves, will take you through 10 aesthetic oversized t shirt and jeans outfits for girls. Continue reading to learn oversized t-shirt styling ideas.

What are oversized t-shirts? 

What are oversized t shirts

Oversized t-shirts are t-shirts that are loose-fitted and fall below the waistline. These t-shirts add volumes to the outfit. These days they are available in a variety of styles. Usually, oversized t-shirts are referred to as bedtime wear. After all, they are so comfortable to be considered bedtime wear. Both girls and guys have gone way out with these t-shirts. Yes, body-hugging outfits are quite popular and it’s for sure your closet is already loaded with them. At times, your body demands comfort and that’s when oversized t-shirts come out. 

Due to its loose design, many girls find it difficult to style oversized t-shirts. There are a variety of ways by which this cosy piece can be styled to create a street style-worthy look. Now, you may be wondering whether baggy t-shirts can be styled aesthetically. Further in this blog, various styling ideas have been discussed. 

What is meant by aesthetic fashion?

Before moving further towards discussing aesthetic oversized t shirt and jeans outfits, let’s first discuss the meaning of aesthetic fashion. Aesthetic fashion can be defined as the art of styling that makes you appear pleasant. It is a much broader aspect than just pleasant looking and the definition is evolving every day. Different people have different concepts regarding being aesthetic. However, the younger generation embraces this concept as a way of styling their outfits to express themselves.  

List of 10 aesthetic oversized tshirt and jeans outfits for girls

Aesthetic oversized t shirt and jeans outfit

Whenever it is about styling an oversized t-shirt, jeans are the best bottom wear that can be paired with them. Now, you’re looking ahead to pair oversized t-shirts and jeans. But how can you look different in this combination? Scroll down to find the ideas of aesthetic oversized t shirts and jeans outfits that will enable you to look exceptional.

1. Add a blazer to the oversized t-shirt and jeans 

One of my favourite outfits is adding a blazer to the combination of oversized t-shirts and jeans. This will not only provide an aesthetic but also a laid-back appealing look. If you want to appear more classy, opt for a t-shirt and blazer from the same colour palette. Likewise, you can pair an oversized t-shirt with a grey blazer. To make the entire look together and more appealing tuck the shirt in and you can also wear a tight belt around your waist. You can style this aesthetic oversized t shirt and jeans outfit for any semi-formal occasion or event. Tucked-in t-shirts and jeans look smart and casual and the blazer adds a pinch of formal vibe.

2. Tuck oversized t-shirt into jeans

If you are bored by simply wearing your t-shirts with jeans then try to tuck in t-shirts. Without adding anything else to your outfit you can look stylish as ever by tucking the t-shirt in your jeans. You can opt for plain black or blue jeans with graphically printed t-shirts or plain white or light colour t-shirts with faded jeans. Denim shorts also look great with oversized t-shirts. However, you can also opt for oversized tops instead of t-shirts if you want to attend events with an ethnic touch. This outfit is an excellent go-to outfit on a lazy day as it will render you comfort and at the same time make you appear trendy. 

3. Try out Off-shoulder oversized t-shirts with jeans

Off-shoulder, top wear gives an immediate trendy look to the outfit. These days off-shoulder oversized t-shirts are highly in trend. Off-shoulder t-shirts are the ones that are loose-fitted and loosely hang below the shoulder. Any woman can opt for this outfit although women with lean physiques look great in this. The outfit makes the collarbone and the shoulders look attractive. With this aesthetic oversized t shirt and jeans outfit, you can add accessories like a corset belt which will impart good shape to the body. Moreover, an off-shoulder t-shirt looks great if it is carried with confidence. 

4. Belt up oversized t-shirts with jeans

While pairing an oversized t-shirt with jeans you can add belts over the t-shirt to shape up your waistline. Belts are good accessories for loose shirts too. They define your physique and make you appear attractive. Girls can opt for bold black belts over oversized t-shirts. Although many girls these days have come out of stereotype colours and have opted for colours like red. If you have plans to dress up in this outfit then this is suitable for both day and night occasions. 

5. Roll up the sleeves of oversized t-shirts

On some girls, oversized t-shirts’ sleeves fall below the elbow and that doesn’t look good. In that situation, you can roll your sleeves and make a fashion statement. Often in loose t-shirts, sleeves are loose fitting so it looks sloppy. If you want to style an aesthetic oversized t shirt and jeans outfit then roll up the sleeves to a desirable length. This look will enable you to stay comfortable yet stylish. 

6. Style oversized t-shirts like a crop top 

Tie the front ends of an oversized t-shirt and you can easily obtain a crop top-like look with a simple oversized t-shirt. You can create a crop top-like look with even oversized shirts. A simple styling technique can make a bold fashion statement. It will allow you to appear casual and stylish. Blue, black, or even white jeans look great with this crop top combination. Whether you want to get ready for a shopping day or a brunch this outfit goes well for any such occasion if you slay it with confidence!

7. Graphics oversized t-shirts with Jeans

Social media has been taken away by graphics tees. From YouTubers to celebrities all are styling in a variety of digital prints and graphic t-shirts. You can check out websites like Hiscraves, where you can find graphics t-shirts of various types. Choose the tees according to your style, sensibility, and persona. It looks great when styled with classic jeans such as light blue jeans. You can either tuck them in or use a belt on them to seal the artsy charm.

8. Combine Chic bum bag with oversized t-shirts

An elegant and fashionable bum bag can be used over oversized t-shirts in place of regular belts. Bum bags are quite useful for carrying your phone and other stuff. At the same time, you can opt for this combination and obtain an aesthetic look with minimal effort and fuss. Usually, people have a perception that lots of aesthetic clothing is required to look great. The truth is that with a simple t-shirt one can obtain a dashing look effortlessly.

9. Layer the oversized t-shirts

Layering the oversized t-shirt while pairing it with jeans is a unique and spectacular casual style. If you want an aesthetic oversized t shirt and jeans outfit that allows you to stand out from others then opt for layering the t-shirts. You can layer the oversized tees over a shirt and belt it all in with a pair of casual jeans. You can take the layered look to the next level by teaming it with denim shirts. A denim top worn with a denim bottom when combined with a plain oversized t-shirt provides a casual yet elegant look. 

 10. Plain coloured t-shirts with shaded jeans

For a sporty and casual look, opt for plain bold colored t-shirts. A big t-shirt will cover a good portion of your body so the colour of the t-shirt should be according to the look you want to create. For a casual party look opt for vibrant colours. Usually, jeans are available in regular colours like black, grey, blue, and white. So, it is essential you choose colourful t-shirts for contrasting them with your regular jeans. A cool pair of white sneakers look great with such an outfit. 

Above mentioned are 10 aesthetic styles for styling oversized t-shirts with jeans. Apart from these styles, one of the most loved styles by fashionistas and celebrities is to knot the oversized t-shirt. You can also obtain that chic look by knotting your t-shirts and style with regular jeans. Combine the accessories according to the event and you are all set to attend the event. The combination of knotted t-shirts with jeans looks stylish yet elegant. For this style opt for nude colour t-shirts. White t-shirts look great with this style. 

Tips for styling oversized t shirts with jeans

Tips for styling oversized t shirts with jeans

Styling is the art of creating a look that allows you to express yourself. The look you create should be comfortable yet fashionable. Keeping in mind the latest trends we’ve already discussed some of the aesthetic oversized t shirt and jeans outfits for girls. Knowing about the outfits is not enough. One needs to know the right ways of styling to bring out the best in them. Here are a few tips that you can follow to style elegantly:

  • The first and foremost tip for styling your oversized t-shirt is even though the size is oversized but make sure the fit is only one size or two sizes larger than your regular size. If there is too much fabric in the t-shirt then it can easily engulf your body in it. Moreover, the stitch, pop of colour, and design will not be visible if it is too large in size. 
  • While selecting an oversized t-shirt always consider the occasion. If you are dressing up in loungewear then a baggy t-shirt will be the right fit. But for a formal-casual combo look opt for an oversized shirt dress. Also, button up the shirt or t-shirts for occasions when you need a touch of a formal look. 
  • Two sizes bigger than your regular fit will be the best pick. While you shop for an oversized t-shirt make sure you select two sizes larger t-shirts with fitted jeans. The most important thing that you should consider is that the t-shirt should be loose on your waist and shoulders but not so loose that it seems hung on your body. 
  • For an aesthetic oversized t shirt and jeans outfit, the sleeves of the t-shirt also matter. The t-shirt’s sleeve should fall below the mid-bicep range which is the typical position to fall. In some oversized t-shirt outfits, it can be as low as the elbow. 

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How to dress in an aesthetic oversized t shirt in the daytime?

Do you want to create an aesthetic daytime look? A combination of oversized t-shirts and jeans can easily render you that. Check out the outfit ideas mentioned here and create an astonishing look for a daytime event or outing. Below mentioned are some of the best daytime oversized t-shirts and jeans outfit ideas:

  • If you want casual and comfortable clothes for your exercising routine or for just lounging at home, you can pair oversized graphic t-shirts with a sweatshirt. This will create a balanced and comfy look for any daytime event. 
  • A pair of cut-off denim combined with oversized t-shirts which are french tucked into jeans renders an aesthetic look. You can also try out half-tuck oversized t-shirts for a cinch and relaxed look. Finish the outfit with either white sneakers or strappy sandals. 
  • Heels look great when combined with an oversized t-shirt and jeans. However, if you want to obtain a business casual look for a daytime event in your office then you can pair it with loafers and add a blazer for a touch of a formal look. 
  • The classic way to style an oversized t-shirt is to pair it with blue straight-leg or skinny jeans. You can tuck the t-shirts into the jeans for a laid-back outfit. Moreover, you can combine a white t-shirt with white jeans. This is a minimalist yet aesthetic oversized t shirt and jeans outfit for girls. 
  • While styling for a beach you can use oversized t-shirts as a cover-up over a bathing suit. As the oversized t-shirt promotes air circulation hence it will keep you cool in the summer heat of day time. In this type of t-shirt, you can easily play with different colours and patterns. Vibrant floral or bright polka dot t-shirts are quite popular. 

How to dress up in an aesthetic oversized t shirt in the evenings?

Most of the parties and casual events are organised in the evening time. Dressing up aesthetically is essential for these events. If you have plans to dress up in an aesthetic oversized t shirt and jeans outfit for an evening event then check out the ideas mentioned here:

  • For an evening event, you can style an oversized t-shirt with a black leather jacket and heels. It will provide an edgy look and at the same time make you feel comfortable throughout the event. 
  • Another popular idea for dressing up an oversized t-shirt aesthetically is to cinch the waist with a belt. This style is perfect for a hot summer evening.  
  • Accentuate your silhouette with an oversized t-shirt tucked into blue casual skin-fit jeans. A loose t-shirt with fitting jeans will highlight your lower body and balance out the outfit. Opt for a colour oversized t-shirt for an excellent combination. 
  • A jacket can be worn over the oversized t-shirt for a casual night time look. For warm-weather places, lightweight jackets are ideal. 

How to remain updated with Hiscraves?

How to remain updated with hiscraves

Want to know the oversized t-shirt styling ideas as per the latest trends? Shop from Hiscraves! While shopping from Hiscraves you get hold of only such collections that are in trend. Oversized t-shirts are a comfortable outfit for summer. But if you don’t dress them correctly then that can result in a fashion disaster. That’s why you should check out the collections on Hiscraves and try out the recommended ideas. Likewise these days graphic oversized t-shirts are in trend. Hence, it will help you to get into an aesthetic oversized t shirt and jeans outfit. 

Aesthetic fashion is about styling versatile pieces of clothes in an elegant manner. Through this blog, you already came across so many new aesthetic oversized t shirt and jeans outfit ideas. Above all, make sure you opt for such clothes that can impart you the comfort and confidence to look appealing. Try out these ideas and create your own aesthetic style! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to define your body with an oversized t-shirt?

Use a belt over the oversized t-shirt to define your waistline.

2. Do oversized t-shirts and jeans look good on skinny girls?

Skinny girls should avoid oversized t-shirts as they will make them appear more skinny.

3. Do oversized t-shirts look great on chubby girls?

Oversized t-shirts and jeans combinations are perfect for chubby girls.

4. How to buy the right size of an oversized t-shirt?

The right fit of an oversized t-shirt is two sizes larger than your regular size.

5. How to style oversized t-shirts for casual business meets?

For casual meetings, you can style an oversized t-shirt by layering it with a blazer. Finish the look with a pair of loafers. 

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