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Engagement outfit ideas for men

Engagement is the beginning of an incredible journey in Life. You will definitely want to slay in your D’day in the trendiest men’s engagement outfit. Make this special day memorable by styling in the best outfit. Whether you choose men’s ethnic wear or formal attire, you are set to look the best if the outfit is as per your personality. 

Also, ensure that it complements your partner’s outfit too. If you are in a dilemma about what to wear in engagement party, here we’re with the best engagement outfit ideas for men. 

Choose the one that you like and look your best on this special day of your life. 

How to choose the best engagement dresses for men?

Whenever you are looking for dresses to wear on engagement make sure you consider the season first. The type of outfit depends on the season when you are set to have your engagement. The outfits that you can wear in winter will completely vary from the ones that you can wear in summer. Besides that, the fabric material will also be different. 

Apart from the season, you have to consider the type of event you are having. If the event is more traditional then ethnic wear will be suitable whereas if the party is a simple casual party setting then you can opt for formal styles. Engagement dresses for men vary from sober, subtle styles to heavy sherwanis. Match your outfit with your bride and create an everlasting style statement.   

7 Best Engagement Dress Ideas for Men

1. Opt for Stylish Engagement Suits:

A classic engagement suit for men is the first preference of most men. If you want to get into the classic look, nothing can be better than suits for men. In fact, the trending engagement dress for the groom in recent times is a coat suit. It can be either in tuxedo style or traditional suits in Jodhpuri style both look perfect for an engagement party. For reference, you can look at some of the Bollywood celebrities who have adorned themselves in some of the good options that can be opted for engagement occasions. You have multiple royal colour options like maroon, brown, blue, and navy blue. Choose the one that matches your bride’s dress.  

2. A Bandhgala: Magnificent Men’s Engagement Outfit:

Whenever it is a traditional event men often opt for Bandhgala as the outfit. On your engagement, you can surely opt for sober styles and style in an Achkan jacket. A solid Bandhgala for men will be an appropriate choice. Make sure it is knee length or a little shorter than that and lies above the knee. Shorter Bandhgalas offer a modern touch to your look. You can opt for black or any light colour Bandhgalas and style them elegantly. However, make sure they are well-tailored so that your best features get highlighted. At times, you can opt for some designer works on the collar, chest pocket, or hem side of the jacket for accentuating the overall appearance. 

3. Choose a Floral waistcoat and kurta set in Contrasting colours 

A waistcoat and kurta set is one of the common men’s engagement outfits. Also known as the Indian waistcoat, Nehru Jacket with Kurta Pyjama set is one of the best engagement dresses. Not only for the groom it works well for groomsmen as well. If you are looking for a sophisticated look with a touch of ethnicity then this will be a perfect choice. You can choose a plain kurta pyjama with a printed waistcoat or all three pieces in solid colours. The contrasting solid colour of the combination of a waistcoat with the Kurta-Pyjama set will offer a designer appeal. When you are opting for a plain solid engagement outfit, then you can play with the cuts. The kurtas can be in designer cuts, plated cuts, or cowl drapes and pair it with a jacket that has an asymmetrical opening. This is an unmatched trending engagement outfit idea for men. 

4. The Traditional Sherwani: An Astonishing Engagement Outfit

A traditional sherwani has been unbeatable always be it your engagement, wedding, or any other traditional occasion. It is one of the best choices as an engagement outfit. These days sherwanis are also available in modern patterns and prints. The pastel hues sherwani are the favourite ones of most men. You can either opt for the simple sherwani with a dupatta or the ones with a little embroidery on the border. The latter one is currently in trend and men love to style them for engagements as well as weddings. 

5. Formal coat with shirt and pant combination: The classic blazing look

A formal style of shirts and pants with a classic coat or blazer is a good choice of engagement outfit for men. If you don’t want to experiment much with your look and appear cool and trendy then the best option is this combination. You can choose to wear a colourful hue tie or a printed waistcoat with it. Make sure the trousers are in plain or textured fabrics. Pair them with plain solid colour shirts. In case you prefer printed shirts then they should have minimal motif prints in scattered form. The colour of the waistcoat should match the trousers that are in neutrals for a perfect engagement outfit.

6. Simple Kurta Pyjama: Vintage Engagement Style

For decades men have been wearing kurta pyjamas for their engagement. In the current trend also the combination of kurta pyjamas has its own charm. Some men don’t want to experiment much with their looks or try different outfit options for their special day. In that case, dress simply and soberly in the vintage kurta pyjama set. Basic whites were very common in earlier days but to appear unique you can opt for Lucknowi kurtas. This is the perfect men’s engagement outfit when selected in light pastel colours. Choose the one with traditional motifs in chikankari designs. The modern small motifs in Lucknowi kurtas for men are highly trending these days. Just make sure the concept of your engagement outfit should match the bride’s dress too. 

7. Tuxedo Suits: Modern, Corporate Engagement look

Are you a workaholic? Does your friend circle revolve around people related to your workplace? If yes, then opt for Tuxedo suits! For such men who don’t prefer traditional attire as their engagement outfit and want to appear sophisticated with a formal touch then opt for tuxedo suits. However, these days, designer tuxedo suits are also available which will not make you appear as if you are going to attend a meeting. Choose a few shades closer to the bride’s engagement dress otherwise, you may look misfit. Also, make sure to include the right kind of formal shoes and add some other designer accessories to make this a perfect men’s engagement outfit. 

Well, these are the top trending engagement outfit ideas for men that are stylish, and traditional with a modern touch. Choose any of these engagement outfits for men and get into a stunning engagement look. Whatever outfit you choose, make sure it complements the bride’s engagement dress. 

Together, appear stylish and chic in your engagement attire! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to style Bandhgala suits as an engagement outfit for men?

A. When you choose Bandhgala suits as an engagement outfit, the best is the Jodhpuri Bandhgala with Churidaar. Instead of churidar you can also choose flared polo pants. These days they are available in various colours, fabrics, prints, styles, and embroidery. So, choose the designs and colours matching your partners and also the ones that are subtle yet offer a charming look. 

2. What are the ways to style double-breasted suits as engagement outfits? 

A. Double-breasted suits have been on men’s engagement outfit lists for decades. Whenever you want to style them, wear a plain solid shirt either in a contrasting colour or in a lighter tone than the suit’s colour. With this engagement outfit add shoes in shades lighter than the shoe’s colour and vice versa.

3. Why are designer blazers the top choice as an engagement outfit?

A. In recent times, the top choice of engagement outfit for men is a designer blazer. These blazers not only enhance your look but also make you appear sophisticated with a touch of formality. Add plain solid shirts and matching pants with these designer blazers and you are ready in the best engagement outfit. 

4. What are the appropriate accessories for a men’s engagement outfit? 

A. By simply adding some ethnic accessories the men’s engagement outfit can be instantly elevated. Some common accessories are cufflinks, ties, dupattas, shoes, pocket squares, and watches. You must choose the one that matches your outfit and complement your partner’s attire as well. 

5. What men’s engagement outfit is best for photos?

A. Men can choose a suit, pants dress, pants, or colourful pants with printed designer blazers or kurtas as engagement outfits for perfect photos. The colourful and printed outfits look great in photos. 

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