Best formal pant shirt combination | Best formal dress combination for Males 2023

Everyday dressing up for work can be stressful when your options are limited to formal pant-shirt combinations only. The problems add on when you are a man and don’t have much knowledge of contrasts and colour combinations and still have to make formal dress combinations almost every day. Are you sailing through a similar dreadful situation? You’re on the right page! In this blog at Hiscraves, you can find the best formal pant shirt combination ideas that will make your life easier while deciding the next day’s formal wear.

What’s new in Formals? Pant Shirt New Style 2023 

Whats trending in formals

For decades formal attire has been present and is considered suitable for specific occasions. Over time formal dresses have evolved. Nonetheless, each year has some new styles. In 2022 there are numerous options that men are opting for dressing up for various formal occasions. Whether you want to dress up for parties, weddings, or some other occasions, the ideas of the best formal pant shirt combinations will enable you to look effortlessly the best.  

When we talk about matching stylish formal pants and shirts then let’s consider the latest trends for shirts and pants separately. Classic white shirts are in trend for decades and will be there in coming years too. Every man should own a white shirt in their wardrobe. It can be paired in various ways and you can also experiment with different colour combinations of pants to create a different look every other day. 

Besides white shirts, plain shirts of various other colours never go out of trend. The collar designs like the Chinese collar, Windsor spread collar, button-down collar, and tap collar are popular picks for formal combinations for men that add charm to the entire formal look. 

Extensive numbers of pants are available for men but a clean formal look can be obtained only from a few designs. Both casual and formal pants can be worn for the best formal pant-shirt combination. However, the colour of the formal pants should not be loud. You can reach out for neutrals or nude shades and obtain a perfect formal look. Even some light checks or striped patterned pants also look classy as a formal combination for men

Best formal pant shirt combination | Formal combination for men

Best formal pant shirt combination for men

 Pants and Shirts are the main components of formal attire. Earlier black-and-white combinations were considered the best combination. With time, there are lots of modifications in formal attire and people’s preferences. Below mentioned are some of the best formal pant shirt combinations that you can give a try. These styles are designed in such a way that they will complement your features and enable you to look excellent. Let’s check out the combinations one by one: 

1. Pair up White shirts with Navy Blue Pants

A white shirt is versatile and is present in almost every men’s wardrobe. What difference can be made with a white shirt? You can opt for a monochromatic look by pairing it with navy blue pants. By keeping it simple with a white shirt combination you can look even more formal. Use a tie and if you want to appear semi-formal then simply roll up your sleeves. Undeniably it is one of the best formal combinations that can be styled in a variety of ways. 

2. Style blue formal pants with a matching shirt

Any neutral colour shirt goes with blue formal pants. Most men consider this one of the best formal pant shirt combinations. Most of them prefer to pair a white shirt with blue pants and obtain the desired formal look. Try to get the perfect fit, that will allow you to appear more formal as well as enhance your personality. Any pastel colour shirt can liven up things. So, go for this opportunity and get a fashionable yet formal look.  

3. Black shirts with white pants: a captivating look

Usually, the formal pant shirt colour combination includes a white shirt and black pants. For a change, you can opt for black shirts with white pants and obtain a captivating look. This combination is great to look a little more put together. A perfect fit of such a combination of formal wear can make your look a thousand times better. A casual black shirt combination is always there to snare millions of eyes. Believe it or not, white and black shirts are staples that never go out of fashion.

4. Formal maroon shirt combination with pants for an unbeatable look

Another best formal pant shirt combination is a maroon shirt with black or grey colour pants. This is such an option that enables you to appear more formal. You can choose your favourite colour of pants and pair them with a maroon shirt. Cream pant combination with a maroon shirt successfully renders a complete professional look. To complete the entire look pair it with a leather belt. However, if you need to create a semi-formal look then wear a leather jacket over it and you are good to go. 

5. Formal grey shirt combination with pants for a flawless look

A pair of beige trousers can be combined with a grey shirt to create the best formal pant-shirt combination. This combination is also perfect for formal outdoor parties. If you attend a party yet want a formal look then opt for this grey shirt combination. Just roll up your sleeves and pair them with a good watch and you are good to go. Better you can put on some suede shoes or loafers to make the entire look even more stunning. 

6. Mehndi colour shirt with a matching pant 

The best formal pant-shirt combination is the one that can anchor a guy’s outfit. Usually, for formal outfits, men should opt for a lighter hue. So, a mehndi colour shirt can be combined with lighter colour matching pants. If you opt for a Mehendi colour basic short with a little more texture then that will appear too formal yet enable you to obtain a professional look. 

7. Combine a blue shirt with black pants for a perfect professional look 

Apart from black and white, the colour of shirts that is quite common in the wardrobe of men is blue. The combination of a blue shirt with black pants is considered one of the best formal pant combinations. If you desire to add depth to your look for a meeting then this combination should be your choice. Blue formal pants with a matching shirt look great just as a blue shirt with black pants. 

8. Style Pink Shirts with Black Pants 

Blue for boys and pink for girls is a stigma in society. There is no reason boys should restrict themselves from wearing pink. Style a pink shirt with black pants and make a style statement. This combination of stylish formal pant shirts will not only render a professional look but enable you to maintain elegance. Every man may not like to style with a pink shirt but give black pants with a matching shirt of pink colour a try and you will be amazed by the results. Just make sure the pink colour is light and doesn’t seem too loud to be formal.

9. Brown Pants Combination with a Fashionable shirt

While selecting bottoms for formal wear, usually men stick to monotone. There are varieties of other possibilities to choose from. To select the best formal pant-shirt combination pair up brown pants with any neutral colour shirt. In case of a special event or meeting put up your blazer and you are good to go. This type of dress colour combination for males not only helps them score style points but also helps in appearing more confident. 

10. Style in Red pants white shirt combination

Red pants may seem a bit weird but currently, red pant with a white shirt is in trend. Although this one is extremely experimental yet it is among one the best formal pant shirt combinations because it’s fresh and original. With this style, you can easily give a complete makeover to your formal look. Pair it with black or brown loafers and some stunning accessories and you are good to go for an event. 

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Common trousers and shirt combinations

Every day dressing up in formal attire for the office is a stressful task for almost all men. It becomes more dreadful when you are someone without any knowledge of contrasts and shirt pant colour combinations. Definitely, there are times when you have even ended up wearing the wrong clothes that made you appear completely unprofessional. Don’t worry! You’re not the only one who is in such confusion. We have already discussed the best formal pant-shirt combinations. However, it’s not necessary that you always opt for the best combination or the combination you want is always available. Listed below are some of the common pant-shirt combinations that usually men opt for as formal wear in their everyday life:

1. White shirts and Grey Pants: A staple outfit

Grey pants are the versatile choice of a boy’s formal pant-shirt colour combination. It goes well with almost all colour shirts. Black pants are also popular but at times they may become a bit boring. That’s when grey takes the place. It comes in the middle of black and white hence it can easily substitute black and white colours. White shirts and grey pants are one of the best formal pant-shirt combinations that’s the reason they are so commonly preferred.  

2. Cream Pant combination suits every man

Light cream pants are quite a common choice as it goes well with almost all colours of shirts. You can try cream pants with a casual black shirt combination for an excellent look. Not only black but any other colour which is, in contrast, also suitable for a formal look. Although cream pants are nothing new in a male’s wardrobe still a lot of them are confused about the shirts that go well with them. There are plenty of shirts that can be paired with cream pants. So, pick a shirt that is of your size and you can easily pair them with cream pants for an excellent formal look. 

3. Black shirt combination pant outfit looks dashing

Black shirts are always part of the best formal pant-shirt combination. Some men wonder whether a black shirt can be paired with black pants. All black doesn’t look great so to clinch a formal combination you should combine black shirts with matching pants. You can opt for grey pants with black shirts. It is one of the best shirt and trousers combinations for men. Khaki pants also make a perfect pair for a black shirt. Any combination with a black shirt looks perfect as the black colour complements all other colours. 

4. Brown Pants and Matching Shirt Outfit:

If you have already tried the black and blue trouser and shirt combination many times then you can give a try to brown pants and shirt outfits. It is a mix of edginess and elegance. Hence, you can opt for brown pants and a matching shirt and obtain a sophisticated yet classy look. While you are selecting brown colour you should remain cautious. Make sure you pair up brown pants with cream, off-white, or pastel colour shirts. 

5. Combination of White Pants with Peppy Shirts:

Any colour with white pants goes well for a formal look. You can opt for shirts with checks and pair them with white pants. Such a combination of pants and shirts for men looks appropriate for both formal and informal occasions. It may appear too simple and a commonly used formal pant shirt but it is a timeless classic combination. 

6. Blue shirt with matching classy pants

Blue is quite an ironic colour that can never go out of fashion. Although blue shirts are commonly used yet it doesn’t go out of fashion. It is a happy colour that looks great when paired with contrasting colour lowers. Usually, men prefer a blue shirt with black pants as matching shirt pants for formal occasions. However, there are lots of options that you can consider like grey pants, white pants, etc. 

Ultimately, to look good in formal wear you must ensure that both pants and shirts are coordinated. The best formal pant-shirt combination means all the components of the outfit should not be from the same family. This also implies that you should not mix up casual attire with formal attire. 

How can you stay updated with Hiscraves?

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Creating a professional look for men is not that difficult. However, when you need to create such looks every day then that can be challenging. With simple mixing and matching styles and colours men can also create new professional looks every day to work. Whether it is an important meeting or an event in the office, you can try out some of the best formal pant-shirt combinations mentioned here. 

Do you need to buy new clothes for the office? Try out Hiscraves! It is an online platform where you can find enormous formal pant shirt collections. Varieties of options are available that are currently in trend. You can purchase the pants and shirts from Hiscraves and further create a combination that renders a complete professional look. 

While selecting shirts and pants from Hiscraves always keep the colour combinations in mind. In the formal wear section of Hiscraves, you can find only such colours that are suitable for formal work settings. That makes your job of selection much easier. Hiscraves have varieties of styles, colours, and designs of shirts and pants to ensure that you can pick the appropriate combination. The best formal pant-shirt combinations will help you to look stylish at the same time professional. 

If you want to purchase formal shirts and pants online then there is no better online shop than Hiscraves. With lots of formal options and a wide range of colours and styles, Hiscraves always delivers the best quality products to your doorstep. Choose Hiscraves and remain updated about formal wear trends. 


After reading this blog, now you know about the best formal pant shirt combinations. You can choose one of them and easily obtain an elegant professional look. If you are someone who doesn’t have any idea about colour combinations and contrasts , choosing the best formal attire would be a difficult task. But now save this blog and go through it whenever you have a lack of ideas for formal pant-shirt combinations. You would definitely get an idea. Check out Hiscraves for the latest trendy formal clothes. The right combination will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a casual shirt and a formal shirt?

The basic difference between a casual shirt and a formal shirt is the presence of pockets. Usually, formal shirts don’t have pockets whereas casual shirts come with pockets. 

2. What is the key point to remember while choosing a formal pant-shirt combination?

Apart from the colours that go well in formal settings make sure the size is perfect when you choose a formal pant-shirt combination.

3. Does black shirts go well with black pants as formal wear?

No, all black is not a good option as formal wear. However, black shirts can be combined with neutral colour pants, and likewise, black pants can be combined with different colour matching shirts. ts go well with black pants as formal wear?

4. Do we need to style the bottoms in darker colours?

It’s not necessary to style the bottoms in darker colours. However, wearing darker colours for bottoms and lighter for shirts renders a comparatively formal look. 

5. Which colour shirts can be paired with black trousers?

With black trousers you can choose shirts of any colour. Some perfect matches with black are light pink, blue, maroon, light grey, turquoise, etc. 

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