14 Best Smartwatch Brands in India to Upraise Lifestyle in 2024

Best smartwatch brands in india

Watches have been essential men’s accessories for decades. Now, this generation is crazy for smartwatches. It’s only a part of the fashion trend but a great way to keep yourself healthy. A smartwatch can be defined as a type of wristwatch that has a touchscreen and offers multiple applications to track different elements of your health. You can check your heart rate, oxygen level, blood pressure and other vitals using it. Not only that, it’s a perfect tool to listen to music as well. 

These days lots of Indian Smartwatch Brands have also come up. Are you crazily looking for the best smartwatch brand? Here we’ve compiled a list of the best smartwatch brands in India that will allow you to add this accessory to your new style statement and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

List of best smartwatch Brands in India

Among a huge number of available brands, understanding which ones will serve the purpose effectively is a difficult task. To ease your selection process, we’ve come up with some of the top smartwatch brands in India. Choose from the cutting-edge smartwatch for appearing smart and stylish. Below mentioned are the best smartwatch brand in India:

1. Titan Smartwatches

Titan smartwatches 

Let’s begin the list of the best smartwatch brands in India with Titan. One of the trusted brands that are known for its wristwatches for decades is Titan. Today, in the race of bringing quality smartwatches it is one of the best brands. When you search for the perfect blend of style and functionality you can opt for this one. So, if you are looking for a traditional design that has futuristic features then opt for this one. You can easily use this smartwatch for tracking fitness features like heart rate, sleep tracking, step counting, calling and notification. Among smartwatch brands in India, Titan is also known for launching several series in a variety of styles. Some of them include Titan Connected series, Titan WE Smartwatcges, Titan JUXT pro and many more. 

2. Apple Watch Series

Apple smart watch

Among the renowned and prestigious electronics companies, Apple is one. It is considered a top 10 smartwatch brand in India. Some of its popular series include Apple Watch Series 1 to 8, Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch SE and a lot more. Usually, its prices start from Rs.20,000 and can go up to millions. The best thing about Apple smartwatches is their features. Although it may sound pricey you get some completely unique features. The style and charm of these watches are incomparable. 

3. MI Smartwatch

Mi smartwatch

Often there’s a misconception that Chinese electronic products are not durable but a MI product can make you prove wrong. If you are looking for a Smartwatch branded company that too at a reasonable price then opt for MI or Xiaomi smartwatch. Although it is a Chinese electronic company it is known for its low to medium price range durable smartwatches. Just like other smartwatch brands in India, Xiaomi has various features for fitness tracking like sleep tracking, heart rate, footsteps tracker and a lot more. 

4. Noise ColorFit Pulse Smartwatch

Noise colorfit pulse smartwatch

Another best smartwatch brand in India is Noise ColorFit Pulse Smartwatch. It is a smartwatch brand that is known for its stylish designs with amazing fitness-focused features. It has a built-in GPS tracker that can accurately track your activities especially when you are running or cycling. Besides that, it has features like SMS, notifications for calls and other alerts that will allow you to stay connected while performing your activities. Although it is a comparatively new brand it has become a favourite smartwatch brand. 

5. Fitbit Smartwatches

Fitbit smartwatches

There’s rarely anyone who is on a fitness journey and hasn’t heard the name of Fitbit. It is a popular brand that has various fitness equipment and smartwatches are one of them. Fitbit is among the top smartwatch brands that have a huge range of stylish watches incorporating advanced technology to get accurate readings of your activities. Sense and Versa are the two popular smartwatches of Fitbit that allow you to keep your health and fitness in check and at the same time make you appear stylish. 

6. Fossil Smartwatch

Fossil smartwatch

Fossil is one of the best smartwatches in India as it has been a trusted name in the watch industry for a long time. You can get Fossil watches ranging from medium to premium ranges. Apart from smartwatches, wristwatches for both men and women are popular worldwide. For decades Fossil has been one of the favourite brands in western and developed countries but now it has become a favourite for Indians too. With a timeless design and advanced technology, it has a wide range of smartwatches that caters to different tastes and preferences of people across the world. 

7. Samsung Smartwatch

Samsung smartwatch

Samsung is another best smartwatch company in India, known for its versatile and stylish watches. The range of wristwatches by Samsung is suitable both for casual occasions as well as workout sessions. The vibrant touch display makes it one of the unique ones on the list. Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is the best smartwatch name that allows you to track your health and fitness and monitor various body features accurately. Moreover, its battery life is quite long and it’s durable which makes it perfect for everyday use. 

8. Garmin Forerunner

Garmin forerunner

Among top brand smartwatches, the Garmin Forerunner smartwatch is one of the most luxurious ones. In this, you get various advanced features that make it suitable for the toughest conditions. It has amazing features like GPS tracker and allows you to get accurate real-time data of your activities. Moreover, it has various built-in models that help you to analyse your performances and accordingly, you can optimise your efficiency. If you want the luxurious best smartwatch brand in India then Garmin Forerunner is the one that you must opt for. 

9. Realme Smartwatches

Realme smartwatches

Realme is a smartwatch best company that offers functionality and style at reasonable prices. Today, Realme is one of the leading technological brands that not only manufactures smartwatches but various other technological devices. In the range of best brands for a smartwatch, it is the one that can be considered perfect as you get features like sleep pattern observation, heart rate monitoring, cycling tracking and a lot more that help you in attaining your desired fitness goal. 

10. Fastrack Smartwatch

Fastrack smartwatch

Fastrack is an Indian smartwatch company that is known for its best casual watches. In its range of smartwatches Reflex and Revolt Smartwatches are the best ones. The best thing about these smartwatches is that they are available at affordable prices. If you are looking for which smartwatch is best in India and is available at a reasonable price range then Fastrack is the one that you must opt for. It’s available with all advanced features and in varied styles. Its casual designs are quite popular among the young generation. These smartwatches are designed especially for the fashion-forward crowd. 

11. Honor Smartwatch Band

Honor smartwatch band

The Honor watch band is a lightweight, functional yet stylish smartwatch that can be considered as one the top 5 smartwatch brands in India when it’s to health tracking features. It has an amazing touch display that allows you to access calls, music and other tracking features easily. Along with long battery life, water resistance features makes it one of the best brand smartwatches in India. Honor Band series are available which are favourite of fitness enthusiasts. In fact, it is one of the most demanding smartwatches after MI among college students. 

12. Fire Boltt Smartwatch

Fire boltt smartwatch

If you are trying to find which is the best smartwatch in India then Fire Boltt can be considered one of them. It is the perfect blend of style and fashion with technology. You get access to advanced health monitoring features that allow you to obtain your desired fitness goal. Moreover, it is the perfect timepiece for you that not only keeps you healthy but also offers you an aesthetic look. You can combine it with both formal and casual outfits.

13. Boat Smartwatch

Boat smartwatch

To experience the next-generation style and advanced features you should opt for the Boat smartwatch. Boat Xtend is one of the best brands of smartwatches in India that is loaded with amazing fitness tracking features. Along with its features, it is popular among young generation people because of its sleek and cool appearance. Whether you are having adventure trips or going for weekend outings, these boat smartwatches allow you to obtain a chic and fashionable look. 

14. Amazfit Smartwatch

Amazfit smartwatch

If you are searching for which smartwatch brand is best in India then you can certainly pick Amazfit. However, it has mainly two models that are quite popular in the market which are GTR and GTS. Both these smartwatches are loaded with stunning features which include high-quality displays and all other fitness tracking features. It is among the smartwatch top brands that are known for its stylish and sleek look. It is a perfect pick if you want to combine it with sports and athlete outfits.

These are some of the smartwatch companies names that are considered the smartwatch best brands in India. However, you can choose any one of them considering your preferences and most importantly budget. Upon using these smartwatches you can really monitor your health requirements and take desired steps to correct them. Apart from becoming your fitness tracker, these smartwatches will allow you to appear stylish and fashionable with almost all types of outfits. 

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