12 Best Suit Brands in India For Men 2024: Latest & Stylish

Best suit brands in india for men

A suit is the best outfit every man should have in his closet. A good suit will always say a lot about you, whether it’s for your wedding, your first important job interview, or a meeting with your best client. Men always choose suits as their first option for clothing. The Best mens suit brands in India can help you look great and leave a strong impression. 

There are a lot of best suit brands in India available. It may be difficult to choose which is good for you. We have compiled this list of the top suit brands in India and also includes the best suit fabric brands in India, to help you find the answers to your questions. Here is the list of best coat pant brands in India.

Best Suit Brands in India For Men

1. Blackberrys 

Best suit blackberrys 

In India, Blackberrys is a reputable brand that provides various of the best suits for men. The Blackberrys brand is the best suit brand in India, it offers a variety of suits in various styles and hues that look stylish for any occasion. Nitin Mohan and his brother, Mr Nikhil Mohan, established Blackberrys, India’s premier men’s fashion brand, in 1991. The Blackberrys is the top 10 suit brands in India, and their suits are surprisingly reasonable. 

When looking for the best suits for men or a simple formal suit, Blackberrys has many options to offer. One of the top suit brands in India for men, the company’s dedication to both comfort and quality has won this honour. 

2. Raymond

Raymond suit brand

Raymond suit brand has a strong reputation for its excellent fit and outstanding customer support, in India. It was founded in 1925 as a varied organisation and clothing sector. Raymond suits can be worn for casual meetings and evening parties because of the materials used in them, which include cotton, linen, denim, and wool.

One of the best suit brands in India is Raymond, which is also India’s biggest apparel manufacturer. Over 1500 stores in more than 600 Indian cities make up almost 20,000 retail locations. If your preference is for a business suit, a casual suit, or something more classic, Raymond is on the list of top coat pant brand names that have something for you.

3. Van Heusen Brand Suits

Van heusen brand suits

Indian guys who care about their looks and comfort like Van Heusen. Van Heusen is a premium clothing company in India, especially popular for its suiting shirting brands. One of the best suit brands in India is Van Heusen, and their suits are produced from high-quality materials. Van Heusen is the best suit fabric brand for people who like to dress casually. 

Van Heusen is the finest option for those seeking the best coat pant brand in India and who care about their look and style. 

4. Arrow 

Arrow brand suits

It is a multinational American brand that has become well-liked in India. Their suits for men include formal clothes, and they are one of the top suit brands in India. They have now added athletics to their catalogue. Arrow has set itself as one of the top suit brands in India because of its commitment to premium quality and modern design. 

The suits from Arrow are suitable for any gathering because they are made with high-quality materials and have elegant styles. Their designer suits are fairly pricey compared to others, yet they are made of superb cloth and have fantastic fittings. 

5. Louis Philippe Brand Suits

Louis philippe brand suits

Louis Philippe is an option when discussing men’s suit brands in India. A popular menswear brand in India, Louis Philippe has become in demand for its superior level of craftsmanship and reasonable costs. For formal occasions, work dress, casual wear, and social events, Louis Philippe suits are the perfect choice. One of the best suit brands in India for men because of its focus on detail and dedication to quality. 

Men’s suit brands in India are only one of the many unique options available from this brand. Louis Philippe, a branch of Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited, provides an extensive collection of premium blazers, semi-formals, tailored clothes, and men’s accessories for both casual and formal occasions.

6. Allen Solly Brand Suits

Allen solly brand suits

Allen Solly is best known for its casual wear (jeans, t-shirts, etc.), the company also makes the best suits for men and is especially popular among today’s youth. This British brand was introduced to India by Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Group in 1993. 

Their suits come in an attractive style that has been slim-fitted for greater aesthetics. It is one of the best suit brands in India, and its suits are highly fashionable and have an ideal finish. 

7. Siyaram’s

Siyaram’s brand suits

Siyaram’s is on the list of top coat pant brand names that offer the best suits in India. It is also well known as Silk Mills Ltd. In India, they have a large retail network and brand outlets. Established in 1978, the brand is based in Mumbai. They offer a range of clothes as well as the best formal suits for men. 

Their suit is designed with premium materials and excellent fitting to improve your overall appearance for any event, performance, or social special occasion.

8. Peter England Brand Suits

Peter england brand suits

This men’s suit brand is a subsidiary brand of the famous Aditya Birla Group, among India’s most successful company groups. To provide stunning Khaki trousers to British troops during the Boer War, Peter England was founded in Ireland in 1889. The brand rapidly earned popularity as one of the best suit brands in India, particularly for men’s clothing.

Peter England is among the top five most reputable clothing companies because of its vast selection of the best suits for men. This brand’s suits for men are perfect for every occasion if you are attending an event, party, or wedding. 

9. Park Avenue Brand Suits

Park avenue brand suits

Park Avenue is an established brand of superior menswear in India, and the company has made a name for itself by regularly exceeding customer standards with the quality of its products. It is one of the top suit brands in India and provides a range of options for fabrics, styles, and other factors. 

Their inexpensive suits for men are ideal for formal events, business clothing, casual clothing, and social events. 

10. ManQ

Manq brand suits

Established in 1991, ManQ is also one of the top suit brands in India. This brand’s suit can be purchased online, are renowned for its superior materials and unique tailoring. ManQ carefully selects the best fabric and tailors to provide the best quality suits for men. 

It includes a large selection of stylish pants, blazers, suits, waistcoats, and other formal and casual clothing. For meetings and events at the office, MANQ suits are perfect.

11. ParX 

Parx brand logo

Launched in Mumbai, India’s fashion capital, in 1999, Parx is a subsidiary company of the Raymond group. Parx suits are underrated in comparison to other suits; they are popular in the right neighbourhood and for the right reasons. Style, elegance, and comfort are all included in a single suit. It will soon rank among the best suit brands in India. 

The brand is famous for its premium formal wear, particularly for men’s formal shirts and best suit fabric brands in India. 

12. Reid & Taylor

Reid & taylor brand logo

One of the top suiting brands in India, Reid & Taylor is renowned for its flawless craftsmanship and modern style. The company is still primarily operated from Langholm, a town on the Scottish border. Reid & Taylor’s extensive selection of suits can satisfy all of your fashion needs. It offers a broad range of designer and lavish suits in fact, it’s one of the best suit brands in India for men right now. 

The best suit makes every man look great, whether he’s heading to a business meeting or a party event. All of the best suit brands in India listed above make the best suits for men that fit well. The best suit brands in India for men help you look better and make you more stylish. 

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