12 Best Suit Combinations Every Man Should Own

Best suit combinations every man

Picking the best suit combinations can affect your overall appearance. Fashion trends tend to change over time but there are certain clothes that every man should have in their wardrobe that rarely get influenced by the changing trends. A suit is such a piece that is certainly a staple clothing item present in the wardrobe but they never go out of style. Men can instantly uplift their formal and even casual appearance by using appropriate suits. Surely, having the right suits will ensure you always look your best irrespective of occasion and time. Yes, here we are with the list of 12 suit colour combinations that will leave you with a dapper look. 

How To Pick The Best Suit Combinations?

Often men have a confusion about how to choose the right colour so that they can make a striking fashion statement and exude confidence. Definitely, the choice of colours will depend upon the occasion and your personal taste but there are certain factors that play an important role. Before discussing best-suit colour combinations let’s check out various factors that enable you to choose the right colour:

  • Choose according to skin tone: All colours are for everyone and on a personal level you can choose any colour combination. Certainly, some colours look better on you and bring out your best. As a general rule, grey, brown, blue, purple, and green compliment people with cool undertones skin colour. While bright or light colours match well with warm undertones. So, pick the suit colour combination according to your skin colour that matches your personal taste as well. 
  • Decide as per occasion: Certainly, the most essential deciding factor of your suit colour combination is the occasion. Once you have decided which colours suit your skin tone you must choose the suits according to the occasion that you are planning to attend. Usually, dark colours are suitable for formal occasions, and light hues are appropriate for casual occasions. Similarly, if you want to wear a suit for a party then you can opt for printed, patterned or chequered ones. 
  • Choose the foundation colour wisely: If you haven’t worn a suit ever then the best suit colour will be timeless menswear colours that are blue, black, and grey. Along with that you can combine different colours of collared shirts and ties and create innumerable 
  • options of outfits. So, choosing the foundation colour is one of the most important steps to choosing the best suit colour combination. 

12 Perfect suit colour combinations for men

1. Black Suit Combination: Professional and Formal look

Black suit combination

 In the list of best suit combinations for men, a black suit is the most common yet the most professional one. Anyone who is a newbie and is going to try a suit for the first time in life, shouldn’t hesitate to opt for the black suit combination. Usually, it is considered the best pick for any formal events and so it is considered among must-have in every men’s wardrobe. You can combine any light-coloured shirt with a black suit and it will be perfect for you. In case of formal parties, you can opt for a black double-breasted suit, that will definitely enhance your formal appearance manifold. 

2. Olive Green Suit Combination: Try the magic of Olive Green!

Olive green suit combination

Today, there are a plethora of suit colour options available for men. However, most men may have common timeless colours like black, blue, and grey in their wardrobe. If you desire to appear different then olive green suits can be the best choice if you are able to choose the right shirt and tie colour combination with them. Any neutral shade colours work well with an olive suit. Lots of celebrities have been spotted in olive suits and that is the reason it is in trend. 

3. Dark Brown Suit Combination: Get the Chocolate Boy look!

Dark brown suit combination

In the list of formal suits for men apart from black, you can also give a try to dark brown suit combinations. Chocolate colour suits are a perfect pick with any light colour collared shirt. It will instantly add a dash of brightness to your look. If you are someone who desires to appear classy and professional in a formal suit combination then you must try the dark brown suit. Light pink, light blue, and light green shirts blend well with the dark brown colour of the suits. In this colour you have to choose the shirt and tie colour wisely. Moreover, don’t use too many accessories with this colour as it is already bright and will overpower every accessory that you add to it. 

4. Medium Grey Suit Combination: Classic colours are not boring!

Medium grey suit combination

Be it light grey, mid grey, or medium grey, these are one of the most versatile colour options that men opt for their formal wear. It’s not only versatile but is among the timeless pieces. Over decades, men have been spotted in grey suits. White shirts look great when paired with grey suits and there’s no other combination better than this for formal wear. However, you can pick any primary colour shirts with grey suits. Apart from being the best formal wear, this combination is the best for any semi-formal occasion too. In case you want to add any type of accessories like tie-pocket squares, belts, or cufflinks, choose them in primary colour too. 

5. Charcoal Grey Suit Combination: Apt for professional appearance!

Charcoal grey suit combination

Just like the medium grey suits, charcoal grey is also a popular choice for men who want to get a professional look. Whether you are a leader in your workplace or you need to get ready for a presentation, a charcoal grey suit combination with a white shirt will be the ideal pick. Apart from professionals it is a great choice for individuals who want to attend a semi-formal meeting or business client meeting. Properly seasoned charcoal grey suit outfit with any light colour shirts will offer you a business professional look whenever you desire. Across the world charcoal grey suits are recognised as the best formal wear for men. Just like navy blue suits, these colour suits are also exceptionally flexible and can be worn for any type of event. 

6. Navy Blue Suit Combination: Timeless piece in the wardrobe! 

Navy blue suit combination

Just like any other dark colour suit, Navy blue suits are fundamental formal wear for many men across the world. If you are looking for the latest colours for men’s suits, still you can opt for navy blue suits as they are timeless pieces. Virtually, it is suitable for all sorts of events, whether it’s a wedding party, office party, gathering, or workplace. All you need to do is choose the right shirts with the navy blue suit combination. White shirts or any other colours based on white look apt with these suit combinations. 

7. Mustard Yellow Suit Combination: Try something unique & Trendy!

Mustard yellow suit combination men

If you are fond of trying something new and unique with your look then a mustard yellow suit will be the right choice. The vibrant mustard yellow colour of the suit is not only unique but it’s quite in trend. You can instantly give a classy vibrant touch to your look. For many men, this is an unexpected choice but it is one of the stylish picks if you combine the right colour of shirts, ties, and other accessories with it. Surely, mustard yellow offers warmth to your personality, and you can definitely feel a positive energy in it. Thus, it is an excellent choice of suit colour combination for fashion-forward men. 

8. Rust suit Combination:Steal the show effortlessly! 

Rust suit combination men

Rust/Tan suits are quite in trend these days. Particularly, these are warm reddish brown shades that resemble the fall season and you can get the feel of cosy autumn days. If you are ready to experiment with your look and try something unique and trendy then a rust suit combination would be one of the best choices. You can combine the Rust Suits with rust colour trousers and white shirts. It will blend well together and offer a bold style statement to your look. 

9. Rosewood Suit Combination: A sophisticated reflection!

Rosewood suit combination men

Every man desires to maintain a sophisticated as well as stylish appearance in their suit look. The Rosewood suit combination is unique yet a stylish option. If you desire to obtain a stylish and modern look then combine the rosewood suit with a light pink shirt. This is one of the best combinations that even lighter complexion men carry with great style. Whether it is a casual or any semi-formal event you can opt for a rosewood suit combination with any light colour shirts and accessories and you can easily obtain an elegant-looking appearance. 

10. Patterned Suit Combination: Modern & classy choice!

Patterned suit combination

Just like patterned shirts, patterned suits are also available in a variety of styles. Definitely, you can wear it for your workplace but in case the patterns are in checks or stripes then you can opt for even formal occasions as well. The printed ones are ideal for weddings or any function but make the right choice of shirts with them. At times you may feel exhausted by wearing the same types of suits every day. In that scenario to add a charm to your look, you can opt for patterned suit combinations.

11. Wine/Maroon Suit Combination: Jaw dropping Look!

Wine-maroon suit combination

A white shirt combination with a maroon suit colour is one of the stylish options for any type of casual occasion. If you want to appear dashing in an evening party then a maroon suit combination will be the best choice. This formal, stylish suit combination for men will be apt for any launch party or any event where you want to stand out from others. However, while choosing shirts and other accessories with the maroon suit you have the option to experiment with the texture. Maroon colour suits look elegant in velvet or in glossier textures. 

12. White Suit Combination: Create your own style! 

White suit combination

Any outfit that is white is enough to draw the crowd’s attention toward you. So, the white suit combination is one of the greatest choices if you don’t want to experiment much with your look and at the same time want to opt for something classic. A white suit combination with a white shirt itself is a classic one and is apt for any wedding, gathering, or semi-formal party. However, you can also try other options of shirts like light blue, light pink, and any other neutral colour. A white suit is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe who loves to look elegant and sophisticated. 

Well, you have the list of best suit colour combinations for men. You can choose any one of them according to your preference. Check out the elements that we have discussed in the earlier part of this blog to determine which type of suit combination is perfect for you. Selecting the right colours of shirts, ties and other accessories for your suit is as important as the colour of the suit. Make the right choice for a classy suit look!

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