Top 10 Best Watch Brands in India For Men and Women

Best watch brands in india

A decade before wristwatches were one of the essential accessories as a timepiece. With the introduction of mobile phones, it might have lost its importance as a timepiece but it has regained its popularity as a fashion item. Sleek, stylish, and functional watches for men and women have become a classic fashion investment. 

From luxurious to basic retail watches, today you can find them in multiple sizes, shapes, and brands. The craze for branded watches is extremely high in India. They have their own charm and have gained the position of a status symbol. The watch brand you wear speaks about your personality too. 

Do you know which watch is for you? No matter what your budget you can find the best watches. We’ve listed here the top 10 best watch brands in India ranging from affordable to high-end. There’s something out there for everyone irrespective of your budget. If you want a timeless fashion accessory that will never go out of trend then choose any of these brands and maintain your style statement. Check out the list mentioned below and choose the right watch for you! 

Top 10 Popular Indian Watch Brands for Men & Women

1. Casio Watch: Affordable Vintage Timepieces

Casio watch

One of the beloved watches for boys and girls in India is Casio. The reason that makes it favourite of all is its affordability. Apart from being affordable, it is available in innovative designs, trendy styles, and high quality. Over time, it has greatly impacted the watch market of India and won the hearts of people to become one of the best watch brands in India. 

Casio Vintage watches encapsulate the nostalgia in current fashion trends. The latest collections of vintage designs are truly attractive and consist of the collective imagination of the youth. It has been featured on the wrist of social media influencers and that has attracted more youths towards it. Casio watches for men and women have been a hit especially because it’s available in an affordable price range.

Casio Watch Styling Tip

Casio watches for women and men can be styled for a casual look. The vintage retro designs of the watches make them a perfect fit for any retro-style party. Men can add this watch with denim and knitted ensembles. Whereas women can accentuate the retro vibes by adding a cool denim jacket with a top knot headband and a Casio vintage watch. 

2. Tag Heuer Watch: Classic & Sumptuous

Tag heuer watch

Tag Heuer is one of the luxurious brands launched in India. Its style and price statement make it one of the best watch brands. Just like investing in precious stones and jewellery, people prefer to buy Tag Heuer watches. Being endorsed by Shah Rukh Khan, this is one of the luxury branded watches for men and women.

Tag Heuer Watch Styling Tip

A Tag Heuer is a classic and sumptuous brand that makes it timeless. If you want to style in a watch of this brand then pair them to a classic suit or your work wear. Women can add it as an accessory with a three-piece suit or an elegant saree. You can flaunt your attire with a considerable attitude with this classy watch. 

3. Tommy Hilfiger Watch: Elevate your style quotient

Tommy hilfiger watch

Whenever people talk about branded watches for men and women, Tommy Hilfiger is the name that is always on the list. It is considered one of the best watch brands in India for both men and women. They bring stylish premium quality watches that are in classic designs. Tommy Hilfiger watches on the wrist have become a perspective to define the eye for taste and fashion sense. If you are looking for a watch that will offer a classy yet versatile appearance then add this piece to your attire. 

Tommy Hilfiger is a brand that has iconic global ambassadors like Gigi Hadid which resembles the pulse of fashion. Add this styling element to your collection and stand out in the fashion world. You can easily elevate your style quotient by adding this accessory to your outfit. 

Tommy Hilfiger Watch Styling Tip –

The Tommy Hilfiger watches will be the best pick with your outfit when you are going on excursions or travelling or on your workdays. These watches for girls and boys are stylish and thus can be paired with a variety of casual outfits. The minimalist and sleek design of these timepieces makes it one of the best watch brands in India. 

4. Fossil Watch: Smart & trendsetting Timepieces

Fossil watch

There are only a few watches standing in the row with Fossil when it is to the best watch brands in India. They are known for trendy and premium watches for women and men. Neither it comes in the list of luxury purchases nor in low-cost brands. It can be said that Fossil is a combination of both. If you want to own a luxury branded watch but don’t want to invest too high in it then a Fossil watch will be one of the stunning choices. 

The introduction of Fossil’s simple round watches with smart hybrid editions and striking looks has made them a part of everyday wear. These timepieces have taken the everyday style to the next level. Varun Dhawan and Disha Patani being the brand ambassadors of Fossil have set up a trendsetting style and youthful exuberance for the collections of Fossil watches for women and men. 

Fossil Watch Styling Tip:

With a denim outfit a Fossil watch can be styled for a minimal yet trendy look. Women can elevate their look by simply adding this watch to a smart casual outfit. Men can add this timepiece with all kinds of aesthetics be it modern or ethnic. 

5. Rolex Watch: Opulent Timeless Piece

Rolex watches

Rolex is indeed one of the coveted luxury watch brands in India which doesn’t need any specific introduction. Its successful journey speaks for itself. Over time, it has become a style statement and status symbol for those who can afford it. This is not a budget brand and in fact, it is known for its exorbitant prices. Wearing a Rolex watch depicts your success and social stature. So, this brand is not easily accessible to the common masses and that’s where its charm lies. 

Certainly, Rolex is one such popular watch brand in India that comes under the ultra-luxury category. With its intricate detailing, it has been a showstopper in the race among other luxury brands. Owning this wristwatch brand is like elevating the status quo. 

Rolex Watch Styling Tip –

Men can wear Rolex luxury watches with timeless shirts and trousers combinations. Along with the classic combination, it is the perfect accessory with Armani Suit or any other designer cashmere ensemble. Women can style Rolex watches with designer Kurtas or elegant sarees. 

6. Daniel Wellington Watch: Coveted Luxury Brand

Daniel wellington watch

Among the top watch brands in India, Daniel Wellington is one of the names that tops the list. Undoubtedly it is one of the popular brands that is the favourite of many fashionistas. The classy appeal of this versatile piece enables you to maintain the style statement. Lots of self-made actors like Ayushmann Khurrana and Radhika Apte have endorsed this brand. The Daniel Wellington watch reflects a confident and undeniable desire to succeed. It has been known for its minimalistic designs that resemble Panache and success.

Daniel Wellington Watch Styling Tip – 

For young fashionistas, a Daniel Wellington watch is the best pick with any neutral outfit. Whenever you are wearing understated accents then add this watch. They have lots of stylish watches for girls which look perfect with any elegant ensemble. In fact, these watches enhance the wearer’s beauty rather than becoming just pieces of accessories. 

7. Titan Watch: The Flamboyant Style

Titan watch

In India, Titan is that watch brand that has been on the list of top 10 for decades. It is not just a brand but an emotion for the Indians. The best thing about this watch brand is that it is quintessentially made in our country itself. Indian men and women remembered their first watch purchase from this brand. Titan watches for men and women are of premium quality and thus they last forever. 

One can buy Titan watches from any luxury retailers, stand-alone flagships, malls, or their websites. Apart from being the best watch for women and men, it is accessible too. If you are looking for a luxury watch brand that is easily accessible then this brand is the one where your search stops. For most Indians, this is one of the must-have collections. 

Titan Watch Styling Tip –

Basically, men and women prefer to wear Titan watches with their work wear. The styles of this quintessential brand fit well with any type of office wear staples. Titan watches for girls blend perfectly with suits and sweaters, blazers, and even formal work dresses. For men, it can be paired with formal pants and a shirt or casual t-shirt and trouser combinations. Being an affordable option, Titan watches are the favourite picks with daily clothes. Certainly, this is one of the best watch brands in India. 

8. Cartier Watch: Quintessential Timepiece

Cartier watch

Those who want to buy a statement timepiece that resembles a precious jewellery piece can opt for Cartier Watches. They are super luxurious and hyper-expensive watches that resemble status symbols. Cartier is one of those branded watches for girls and boys that exude an old-world charm. It is reminiscent of wealthy people. Investing in a Cartier watch means you are investing in jewellery and watches in one go. The days of wearing expensive jewellery on multiple occasions have become rare. However, this statement piece can be worn at all places and appear elegant. 

Cartier Watch Styling Tip –

Be it a workplace, a party, or a casual hangout, both men and women can wear Cartier watches with the best outfit of their wardrobe. Just ensure that the outfit you choose with this statement timepiece should be elegant and sophisticated. 

9. Swatch Watch: A Statement Watch

Swatch watch

For years, Swatch has been one of the best watch brands for men in India. Especially teenagers who are crazy about Swatch watches. The brand is known for its fun, colourful design that imparts a youthful spirit. This is one of those watch brands that offers a trendy vibe. The supreme quality and Swiss-made detailing make it perfect for those who are looking for the perfect piece of accessory to blend with their outfit. Although it has premium quality it is still quite affordable. The coolness quotient of these watches makes them one of the best watches for men and women in India.

Swatch Watch Styling Tip –

Both young girls and boys prefer to style Swatch watches with all types of casual, athleisure, and college outfits. The premium quality of the Swatch watch makes it perfect for daily use. Whirl this timepiece with your everyday wear and obtain a vibrant, bold look.

10. Apple Watch: Extravagant yet Functional

Apple watch

If you are tech-savvy and looking for a watch that’s extravagant as well as functional then undeniably it’s Apple. The Apple watches are more functional and have seamless integration. Along with its functionality, it offers a smart and stylish look to the wearer. This is one of the women’s and men’s luxury watches that has a good portion of utility. So, it is considered one of the best smartwatches in India. Although it is not the cheapest, it is still on the affordable side considering you are going to use it on a daily basis.   

Some of the functionalities of the Apple Smartwatch include tracking workouts, your calendar, life goals, and health. If you opt for the cellular GPS option then you can leave your phone at home while you go out to the gym or for jogging. If you are someone who likes wristwatches then give this piece a try. 

Apple Watch Styling Tip – 

Apple watch can be styled with your athleisure, casual or work wear. It instantly boosts your casual look. You can easily customise your Apple watch to match any outfit by changing the watch’s faces and bands. You get the best of everything with the Apple Smartwatch. 

Well, now you have the answer to what are the top 10 watch brands in India. This is a detailed list of the best watch brands that include hyper-expensive as well as affordable ones. Pick any of these watches and you will surely not regret it later. These are some of the best watch brands in India but while selecting a brand you consider your budget and preference. 

Maintain the style quotient with a sumptuous watch!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are popular Indian Watch brands?

Several watch brands are available in India. Popularly, men and women opt for all types of available watch brands. However, some of the popular Indian brands that are known for manufacturing premium watches include Titan, Maxima, Fasttrack, Sonata, and Citizen. 

2. Is it worth the money to buy expensive watch brands?

Whenever it is a question of worth the money for expensive watch brands the answer depends entirely on personal preferences and budget. When you invest in higher-end watch brands you get more reliable and durable timepieces. Buying some of the classy watch brands is equivalent to investing in jewellery pieces. 

3. How to choose the best watch brand?

While choosing the best watch brand consider the budget and style you prefer. Once you have a defined budget then consider factors like watch design, material, movement type, and functionality. When you make your decision according to these factors you can choose the best watch brand with ease.

4. What is the difference between a normal watch and a smartwatch?

Normal watch of any brand is used as a timepiece and as a fashion accessory. Whereas a Smartwatch is a stylish watch type that can be connected to the internet. It has lots of advanced features like running apps, tracking fitness, playing music, and a lot more. This makes smartwatches more functional than normal watches. 

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