9 Best Blazer And T Shirt Combination Ideas for A Gentlemen

Blazer and t shirt combination is one of the best outfit ideas for men. It is a super easy and comfortable pick for all seasons. While this combination may seem easy to pick, selecting each piece for a gentleman’s look may be difficult. Often you may get confused with different blazer and t shirt combinations. Browse this blog to find out different colour combinations ideas of blazer with t-shirt for a perfect gentlemen’s look.

Best Blazer and T shirt Combinations

Most men don’t want to experiment much with the colour and play safe. They prefer to wear a single colour suit to get into a coordinated outfit. But if you want to combine t shirts with blazer then you must have ideas of colours that blend well with each other. Instead of relying on a single combination or multiple combinations, you can try different t-shirts with the same blazer colour. Every time a different colour tee will make you appear unique. Check out the 9 best blazer with t shirts colour combinations mentioned below:

1. Navy blue blazer with Black t shirt:

There is no other replacement for black so you can choose a navy blue blazer with black t shirt. It is the first pick of any suit lover who wants to remain easy around and appear classy. For an exclusive impression, you must stick to darker colour options and opt for a navy blue blazer with black t shirt combination. In fact, Navy blue is the most common yet popular foundation colour. There is no such combination that looks inappropriate with navy blue suits. Black tshirts with blazer not only look great but it is one of the easiest to create as you may always have one or two pieces of t shirt lying in your closet. 

2. Navy blue blazer with white t shirt:

Another excellent combination is navy blue blazer with white t shirt. Just like any other colour, white tees make a perfect combination. In fact, you can choose a blazer with jeans and t-shirt and create a simple go-to look. Some men may prefer striped tees instead of complete plain white tees. However, if you want to dress up for a rocking party then you can also opt for printed or graphics tees rather than simple plain tees. A navy blue blazer with white t shirt is one of the modernised looks that allows you to experiment with different colour combinations. 

3. Grey blazer with blue t shirt :

As grey has many variations so it is one of the perfect choices for those who want to wear a blazer with a t- shirt. But the main problem with this colour combination is that grey colour doesn’t easily blend with every colour. Also, in grey there are two specific variations one is light grey and the other one is dark charcoal grey. You can decide the shade and tint of grey according to the occasion and level of formality. Similarly, blue tees are also available in a variety of shades. Both light and dark blue tees go well with the grey suits. While trying blazer with tshirts, if you opt for grey suits and a light blue t-shirt then it will lighten the overall look. Whereas navy blue tees will enhance the elegance of your appearance. 

4. Charcoal Grey Blazer with a yellow t shirt:

If you want to look like a gentleman and also want to add a splash of colour to your overall look then try the combination of charcoal grey blazer with yellow t shirts. Charcoal grey blazer are the most classic choice and for any casual event you can choose bright sunny yellow colour tees. If you want to add more elegance to your look then opt for a high-neck t shirt with a blazer. At times matching charcoal grey tees with any other colours can be challenging. In fact, you must cautiously select the shade of yellow for tees also. If the shades become a bit different then that can end you up with a weird look. 

5. Black Blazer with a white t shirt :

Black is a principal colour and be it the colour of suits or tees it will be supportive of your overall look. You can try the combination of black blazer with white t-shirts whenever you want to dress up for a semi-formal event or a casual meeting with your business clients. While selecting white tees you can either choose plain ones or striped ones, However, printed tees with logos are also the perfect pick when you want to be different. This is one of the traditional colour combinations and no other colours can take its place. 

6. Black Blazer with Pink T Shirts:

Every man is not fond of pink colour tees. Choose a soft and light shade of pink colour as it looks cool and blends well with black suits. Additionally, you can opt for designs of tees that have some other colour elements like blue, red along with pink. A plain pink tee will also look cool and suitable for both formal and casual occasions. However, you can choose turtle neck t-shirts with a blazer for a completely unique look. 

7. Brown Blazer with white t shirt:

The fabric quality of a blazer makes you stand out. But colours have a crucial role in the overall look. With a natural earthy tone, you can create some excellent combinations. White tees are some of the essential pieces of tees that are present in almost every men’s wardrobe. A white t shirt with a blazer will enable you to obtain a professional as well as casual look. However, some men consider brown a professional colour and recommend it for only formal and business events. 

8. Brown Blazer with blue t shirt:

A quite powerful colour combination is a brown suit with a light blue T-shirt. You can opt for jeans, t-shirts, and blazer combinations and have an elegant look. Try striped blue tees or the ones that have sober prints for an aesthetic look. The warmness of brown and coolness of blue blend well and offer a balanced blazer and t shirt look.

9. Tan Blazer with a black t shirt:

One of the most functional colour that is suitable for all weather types is a tan colour. Whenever you try the combination of a tan suit with black t shirts it leaves an ever-lasting impression. Just like grey blazer black t shirts the combination of tan blazer with black tees is highly trending and formalises your overall look. 

Having a variety of colour combinations of the different neck t shirt with blazer will enable you to get into formal or casual attires with ease. Your wardrobe will never lack options as you can easily mix and match the tees and blazer and every time create a different look. Whatever colour blazer you choose like navy blue, brown, black, or grey you can choose contrasting colour tees to obtain a gentlemanly look with ease!

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