12 Bollywood Ideas For Your Halloween Costume

Bollywood halloween costume

Indians are crazy about Bollywood style and taking Bollywood ideas for your Halloween costume is one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween party. Although Halloween isn’t exactly an Indian holiday, it has grown in popularity over time, and Indian parties have been seeing an increase in Bollywood Halloween costume concepts. 

Are you looking for Bollywood costumes for Halloween that will help you stand out at any spooky, whether you are hosting or are invited to a Halloween party? My friend, the time is ticking. Instead of dressing as the usual vampires, why not consider dressing up in Bollywood costumes for Halloween? Let’s take a look at the 12 Bollywood Ideas For Your Halloween Costume. 

List of the Best Bollywood Costumes for Halloween

1. Sholay-Inspired Bollywood Halloween Costumes

Consider popular “Sholay” characters for your Bollywood Halloween costume if you’re looking for creative Indian Halloween costume ideas. You can dress up as Gabbar Singh by wearing a turban, a black kurta, and his unique wooden stick. On the other hand, dress up as Jai and Veeru, an exciting duo, with toy guns acting as props and clashing kurtas. A brown jacket and white kurta can all represent Thakur’s spirit. One of the best Bollywood Halloween costumes these are you can consider. 

2. Krrish- Inspired Bollywood Halloween Costumes

Among the many Bollywood Halloween characters, don’t overlook the chance to play the part of the iconic superhero, Krrish. If you wear his stylish black bodysuit with bright blue details along with a mask and gloves, you’ll be the star of the party at any Halloween party. A collection of Bollywood Halloween costume ideas is sure to turn heads at any Halloween party. 

3. Go Goa Gone

Why not dress up as a zombie fighter like Saif Ali Khan’s movie “Go Goa Gone” if you are totally set on dressing like a zombie? Put on a jacket, fake tattoos, and a blonde look, then go splash the party zombies! For a memorable evening of zombie-slaying fun, complete the Bollywood Halloween costume with tough accessories!

4. Rockstar

The Bollywood costumes for Halloween from “Rockstar” have to be the best, even though the movie may feel like a throwback. Consider wearing a costume based on Ranbir Kapoor’s persona for the cool factor if you are a fan of long locks. To this Bollywood idea for your Halloween costume, add a moustache, military-inspired clothing, and a khaki Nehru cap. You’ll be ready to steal the show at any Halloween party if you add a little rockstar flair with guitar and sunglasses accessories.

5. Dabangg- Inspired Bollywood Halloween Costumes

Chulbul Pandey from “Dabangg” is the perfect example of an Indian Halloween costume idea that oozes charm and masculinity. You can never fail if you exercise regularly while dressed like Chulbul Pandey. To add a little Dabangg to the Halloween party, pair your aviators with a copstache and wear them stylishly around your collar. One of the best things is that a man in a uniform is adored by girls! 

6. Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara!

Do you know what a charming and masculine look is that is popular in Bollywood? The way Akshay Kumar looks. You could look up to Akshay Kumar as an example. You must wear a flamboyant suit, wraparound sunglasses, and an impeccable moustache. You’re ready to swagger the Halloween party with this classic Bollywood style.

7. Bollywood Halloween Costume Ideas in Dhoom 3 Style

Voila! All you need is a sleeveless Chinese collar jacket and a bowler hat. You are ‘Dhoom 3’s enigmatic Clown Thief. This is the style you should absolutely opt for if you’re a short guy with a ton of machismo.

8. Bollywood Halloween Costume Ideas in the Style of Besharam Film

In “Besharam,” Ranbir Kapoor added a trendy style to the tapori fashion. Babli is an influence whether you want to go for a casual street fashion with lots of vibrant colors and statement accessories, or a party tapori style with his gold jumpsuit! You’ll look amazing at any Halloween party wearing this different Bollywood Halloween costume, that brings the cool back to the tapori look.

9. Shree 420

If you feel none of these are enough for you. Consider going back several decades and selecting what is likely one of Bollywood’s most famous costumes, from Raj Kapoor’s Shree 420. Simple enough accessories will instantly make you feel like the beloved hero of the past: a scruffy coat, a wooden stick, a fedora cap, and short pants. 

10. Chennai Express

For this year’s Halloween costume, a lungi is a great choice that you cannot make wrong. With his “lungi dance” in “Chennai Express,” Shah Rukh Khan brought modernity to this traditional Indian outfit. With confidence follow the trend, and don’t be shy to add a bit of edge to your look. Try to add some flair with leather boots like King Khan.

11. Lootera

Consider going retro, much like Ranveer Singh in “Lootera.” The worker cap, high-waist jeans, and suspenders are the only three details you need to get exactly perfect. My friend, the ladies are always impressed by your old-world charm! So this Halloween, don’t be shy to travel back in time and express your inner retro charm!

12. Mohabbatein- Inspired Bollywood Halloween Costume Ideas

If you prefer to do something less fancy and aren’t into the whole costume or hunting scene, think about choosing a more simple approach. It’s still possible to be SRK in “Mohabbatein.” His gentle musician appearance, complete with spectacles, turtlenecks, and a cardigan draped casually over his shoulders, should only remind you of Bollywood’s simpler aesthetic.

Well, these Bollywood ideas for your Halloween costumes are perfect if you’re a fan of Bollywood fashion and want to add some heat to your Halloween party. So choose your best Bollywood costumes for Halloween, and be ready to slay at your Halloween party.

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