8 Casual Outfits For Men to Wear on Their First Date

The first date is the most exciting event happening currently in your life. Finally, your crush is ready for a date. Your outfit should be the best one! You can either follow the conventional outfits or experiment with your look. Still confused? Here we are to help you out! 

This blog will take you through 8 casual outfits for men that they can wear on their first date and appear perfect and astonishing to their partner.  Well, we understand your heart and accordingly have mentioned the ideas here. Pick the one that suits your personality, and liking and also aligns with your partner’s liking. 

8 Casual Outfits for MenThat Are Absolutely Date-Worthy

1. Polo t-shirt with jeans:

Usually, Polo T-shirts are considered an appropriate option for workplaces or semi-formal events. Surprisingly, polo t-shirts can be one of the best casual outfit options for your first date. Although this has gained a reputation among men as sportswear, it is no more confined to playgrounds. You can select an exciting piece of polo tee and pair them with blue denim jeans. To make your look irresistible layer it with denim jackets. A sharp loafer will stun your overall look and make you appear stylish. This first-date outfit for men is the perfect pick for men of all age groups. 

2. Printed shirts with pants:

Prints are an evergreen style for men. If you want to nail your look and at the same time appear different then choose prints that will suit the location of your date. As it is your first date so when you decide outfit and prefer prints make sure they are subtle yet stalemate-making. That means don’t go for oversized floral motifs, loud colourful prints, or harsh slogans. Instead of that sober, elegant colours, prints, and phrases will not only make you appear stylish but will allow you to attract your partner. The printed shirts can be paired with casual pants or trousers of any neutral colour. Try this casual outfit for men on your first date and impress your partner. 

3. White Shirt combination with classic Bottoms: 

There’s no woman out there who won’t get impressed by a man dressed up in classic white shirts. They are staples made for men and no doubt will make you look super suave. Often men consider white as a colour that can be worn only in meetings and workplaces. Actually, white shirts make you look cool if you style them with the right pair of bottoms. Have you ever paired white shirts with distressed denim or black chinos? Try this combination and you will practically look awesome in it. 

4. Black shirts/t-shirts combination with monotone bottoms:

Black is one of the favourite colours of men and for sure it is always a part of casual wear for men. This isn’t anything different but you can actually try black shirts or t-shirts for your first date as well. It is a staple piece that will be already present in your wardrobe. Just pick one and combine them with monotone chinos or trousers for leaving an amazing impression on your date. Make sure the bottoms are in different shades other than black to create a contrasting effect. Light-washed denim jackets or bold red blazers could be layered with this combination for a magical appearance. 

5. Layer a cool jacket with a basic t-shirt and bottoms:

To look dashing it’s essential to put together an entire outfit. Basic casual wear for men may make you look different and classy. It’s your first date and surely you will not want to experiment much with your look. So, go for the basic combination of your favourite tees with any bottom like jeans, chinos, or trousers, and style up in a simple look. To this combination, layer a cool-looking leather jacket and you are good to go. These days tons of jackets are available in the market but you should pick the one that technically suits your personality. However, don’t opt for this option in case of hot and humid weather. 

6. A denim shirt with perfect bottom:

Denim shirts have been symbolising a lover’s boy for decades. If you are going on your first date and looking for the perfect casual attire for men then choose the denim shirt hanging in your closet. You can wear it with your regular jeans or opt for black trousers instead. Although it doesn’t allow you to experiment much with your look yet you can easily keep up your charm and appear sophisticated on your first date. If you opt for blue denim shirts then black skinny jeans will be a perfect pair. So, select the contrasting shades and dress up in the most desirable look. 

7. A simple plain t-shirt combination with chinos:

Who doesn’t own a plain t-shirt? Every man has one or other colour plain t-shirt hanging in their closet. On your first date, you can simply opt for casual clothes for men yet look awesome. A well-fitted t-shirt will offer you an effortless vibe when paired with perfect bottom wear like chinos. T-shirts are extremely easy to style and you can get a variety of designs, prints, and colours online. But for a sophisticated and classy look on your first date keep it simple and plain in a bold colour. When combined with solid colour chinos, it would be one of the classy casual outfits for guys. The sneakers will be the best footwear choice with this combination. 

8. Layer with a blue suit: 

Often business casual attire for men includes a blue suit. But a semi-casual date night look can also include a blue suit and offer you a super classy and dashing appearance. A sharp blue suit with a simple shirt and trousers combination can gain that desirable impression from your date on the first date. Almost every man looks dashing in blue so if you already own one then don’t be shy to dress up in it and impress your lady. For the casual look for men, contrasting colour shirts or t-shirts can be picked with a blue suit. However, you can opt for bottoms in a blue shade for an overall matching vibe. Finish this cool look with a pair of brown loafers. 

The date outfit for guys shouldn’t be too loud. You need to look super cool and perfect effortlessly. There’s no need to push things to put it together. All you need to do is understand your body type and choose any one casual outfits for men mentioned here and you are good to go for your first date. To a simple casual outfit add accessories like a watch, tie, or glasses for a classy appearance. 

Try any of these trendiest outfit ideas and dress up in one of your favourite for the lady waiting for you on your first date venue. 

Hurry up! Don’t be late on your first date!


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