What Color To Wear On Tuesday- Lucky Colour for Tuesday?

Color to wear on tuesday

Imagine a world without colours. It would be boring right? That’s the reason we prefer to wear clothes in different colours. Each one of us has some favourite colours. We may enjoy looking at ourselves in different shades but do you know which colour is right for you on that specific day? 

Today, we will check out Tuesday’s colours to wear so that you can choose lucky colours and make your day auspicious. As per astrology, wearing appropriate colours on specific days will bring happiness and prosperity in your lives. Read the blog completely to find out the right colour options meant for you.   

What colour to wear on Tuesday?  

Being the third day of the week, Red is considered an auspicious day for Tuesday. Hindus consider it as the day of Bajrangbali ie. Hanuman ji who is the son of the wind. It’s believed that wearing red clothes and worshipping Hanuman ji on Tuesday makes him happy and enables you to obtain his blessings. Besides that Mars is also worshipped so according to the horoscope red is the colour to wear on Tuesday. 

What to wear on Tuesday according to the Zodiac Sign? 

You can turn your luck in your favour if you are aware of the art of choosing the right colours for specific days on the basis of your zodiac sign. Red is the common color to wear on Tuesday however, you must know the colours according to your zodiac sign so that you can make the right combination. Check out these colour suggestions for your zodiac sign:

1. Aries: 

Aries is ruled by Mars so red is the colour that is lucky for you. Red is also Tuesday colour to wear so if you wear outfits in red then it will bring you success and good luck. Apart from red, if you desire to combine other colours for your outfit then choose yellow and white. However, you should avoid black, blue and green to keep away bad luck.

2. Taurus:

Often people with Taurus Zodiac sign wonder which colour to wear on Tuesday. If you are one among them then give it a try to the red outfit. The combination of white and lotus pink will also look great on you. Taurus is ruled by Venus so Pink and White are the best colours for you. However, for Tuesdays, you can add an element in red as well.  

3. Gemini

Green and yellow are considered lucky colours for Gemini people. If your zodiac sign is Gemini and you are wondering which color to wear on Tuesday then choose any outfit in the combination of yellow and green and keep an element in red. It will surely take you nearer to success. 

4. Cancer 

Any individual having Cancer as a Zodiac sign should opt for silver, white, cream, red and lemon yellow as their lucky colours. Definitely, any outfit in red will serve the purpose and attract luck for you. All these colours are suitable for your psychology and they will certainly help in nurturing luck in your life.  

5. Leo

 Gold and orange are the best colours for the people with Leo as their Zodiac sign. As your zodiac sign is ruled by the Sun, these colours are the best for you. However, if you want to know what colour to wear on Tuesday specifically, then you should select an outfit that has these colours along with a touch of red in it.  

6. Virgo

For Virgos white, green and blue are the best colours but when it’s about Tuesday colors then you must include red along with them. This Zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury which depicts earth elements. If you want to find success in your ventures be it personal life or professional, give a try to these lucky colour options. 

7. Libra

You are Libra and wondering which color to wear on Tuesday then add red with your lucky colours. Although red is not considered lucky for you on Tuesday it can offer you the desired results. However, add your best colours which are white and orange to your outfit. 

8. Scorpio

If your zodiac sign is Scorpio then you can turn your luck by investing in colours like red, brown, orange, white and chocolate. As Red is colour for Tuesday as well as the best colour for your zodiac sign, keeping Tuesday dress colour red will surely bring luck to your side. It will allow you to avoid all types of setbacks and failures. 

9. Sagittarius

For Sagiittarians, colour for Tuesday is red so you must include it with your other lucky colours like orange and yellow. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so if you include a combination of these colours with red which is colour for Tuesday in your outfit then that will surely bring destiny in your favour. However, you should avoid blue as that will not work in your favour. 

10. Capricorn

People born with Capricorn as a Zodiac sign should opt for purple and black colour dresses. However, if you are trying to find which colour to wear on Tuesday then opt for Red with your lucky colours. Your Zodiac sign is ruled by Saturn and you can find desired results in your missions if you choose dresses in these colours. 

11. Aquarius

Purple and light blue colours are the lucky colours for Aquarians. Your lucky colour for Tuesday is Red so you can choose outfits that have your lucky colours along with some elements in red. You can also choose bright colours along with white as a combination for your outfit. 

12. Pisces

As a Piscean, on Tuesday lucky colour would be red with orange and Yellow. To get the desired results in your life you should include outfits with these colours. If you want some change then pink can also fetch you good results. However, you should avoid colours like black. 

Which colour dress to wear on Tuesday? Hope, now you have answers to this! While deciding your outfit for Tuesday, don’t forget to check your lucky colours for Tuesday according to your Zodiac sign. Of course, red is the best Tuesday Colour irrespective of the Zodiac sign so you must add some elements of red to your outfit for Tuesday.

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