10 Different Types of Leggings for Women

Types of leggings for women

Women can look great by wearing the right bottoms. We can hardly imagine living life without perfect pants. We are fortunate that different types of leggings are available. Leggings come in a variety of styles depending on our preferences. Some types of leggings give us a casual look, while some are perfect for party wear. But leggings are a form of bottom that look fantastic on everyone and are very cosy. 

Leggings are a must-have item in any woman’s closet. They are a women’s fashion staple as they are sleek, cosy, and versatile. These types of leggings are available in a range of designs, sizes, and styles.

So, here are the different types of leggings for women that you can wear with your favourite top wear. 

Different Types of Leggings for Women

1. Printed Leggings

Printed leggings

Any season is perfect for wearing leggings with various prints. You’re in luck because you’ll have countless possible prints you can pick. Prints like the leopard pattern, geometric print, snake print, and galaxy print are among some of the most common. Even if you live in cold weather, you can still wear leggings by purchasing a pair of wool types of leggings. Selecting a single colour from the print of your leggings and selecting a matching colour shirt is the best way to match the colours of the shirt and the bottom. Printed types of leggings can be paired with transparent shirt dresses and crop tops as well.

2. Ankle-length leggings

Ankle-length leggings
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In the list of types of leggings names ankle-length legging is a common name. It is fantastic because they’re perfect: not overly lengthy and not short enough. Ankle-length leggings go well with crop tops, dresses, tunics, tees, and other winter clothing. You will feel comfortable wearing an ankle-length type of leggings if it has the proper colour, material, and style. You can also wear it at formal events. Ankle-length leggings variety are an apparel essential for anyone who values both comfort and style in their clothing. This short leggings for ladies may be paired with a sports bra or worn underneath a kurta for the ideal gym look. Ankle leggings for short legs are a great option for anyone searching for leggings that will fit their leg length.

3. Colored Leggings

Colored leggings

The Colored Leggings are flawless in every way. They look good on everybody and have a modern vibe. The greatest aspect about it is that you may pick any colour pattern and design. Different types of leggings come in various colours and styles, including colored yoga pants, colored maternity pants, colored capri pants, and various bottom wear for different workouts. Your colored types of leggings can be worn with crop tops or sports bras. You can also pick white or black sneakers for a casual look. These types of leggings for ladies are a common choice for those who participate in sports and fitness activities, wearing them will inspire you to live the life you want and give a splash of colour to your fitness path.

4. Leather Leggings

Leather leggings

Your tomboy appearance is enhanced by the leather leggings. It’s highly fitted and designed with a leather fabric. You can tell that it is matte and gracefully shiny. They go well with a blazer, denim shirt, and tank top. You’ll feel really relaxed wearing them because of the authentic rider look. You may confidently flaunt your legs in the style. Black, white, and red are the most eye-catching colours in these types of leggings. Match your leather types of leggings with a pair of edgy boots or booties. You may add a cross-body bag to complete the look. 

5. Mid Calf Length Leggings

Mid calf length leggings

Mid-calf leggings are among the most popular options in the list of types of leggings names. The fashionable style of mid calf length leggings has made them a favourite among ladies. It’s short leggings for ladies as it falls exactly in the middle of the leg, between the knee and the ankle. They are also known as Capri length pants for this reason.  The best top to wear with them are tank tops and T-shirts. You can purchase it in any style, colour, or design. A long shirt and high heels look fantastic with mid-calf leggings. Additionally, with boots, heels, or sneakers you might also style up your socks to look stylish. 

6. Disco Leggings

Disco leggings

Disco leggings are making a comeback; they are sleek and attention-grabbing. Choose disco-style leggings when you want to create a party atmosphere. These types of leggings are popular for creating the smart look, a style that has been rocking the fashion industry for more than a year. They are made of premium nylon. As bright as they are, these different types of leggings are flawless in every way. You may find them in black, grey, golden and silver because they are attractive. As they come in shiny fabric these bottoms will make you look modern. Depending on your comfort level and top, these bottoms may be shorter or longer.

7. Knee-length leggings

Knee-length leggings

The Knee-length legging type pants fall close to the knee. You can do anything from yoga to dancing to gymnastics and yet feel comfortable in these types of leggings. Knee-length types of leggings are also known as yoga-style leggings. In the list of types of leggings with names, these will make you feel comfy in the most stylish way possible. The short leggings name has Knee-length leggings on the list. These may be worn over a t-shirt, and Kurta will fit in nicely. Knee-length types of leggings are perfect for hiking. Although types of leggings come in a variety of colours, the most popular of which is black.

8. Jeggings


Jegging is a type of pant style leggings that makes you look like you are wearing denim. These have dummy pockets and zippers so they can be worn like jeans. These types of jeggings are wonderful because of their thin feel. For the perfect style, you can purchase it in either a dark or light blue colour. According to your preference, choose from elastic or ankle jeggings. Ensure that the jeggings you purchase are comfy for you. These jeans type leggings are designed to support your knee. When you want more comfortable jeans type leggings with a casual look, jeggings are ideal. 

9. Stirrup Leggings

Stirrup leggings

The stirrup leggings will give you a dancer’s look from the bottom up. Its design allows you to attach the strap to the ankle. It sends out connected energies from behind. In order for your foot to comfortably hold its foot, these types of leggings are typically made with lighter fabric. Simply choose the stirrup legging in your perfect colour to experience its modern vibes. The Stirrup types of leggings are the best option when you are searching for a pair of pants that give you extra comfort.

10. Footed Leggings

Footed leggings

One of the different types of leggings that can give you a tight look and keep you warm is the footed leggings. You can skip the socks as they look just like the tights. These types of leggings are perfect for girls to wear with long coats and printed scarf. Additionally, women who adore wearing pumps heels, and boots can just pick these. Footed types of leggings will help you to look slimmer because of the high waist. Women in leggings to show off their body type and unique style.

Well! In this blog, we have discussed different types of leggings based on your need and choices. There is no concern about how you will look in leggings because they are ideal for all ages. Just buy what you need and enjoy its beauty. 

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