15 Different Types of Shirt Collars for Men’s – A Styling Guide

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The collar of a men’s shirt is one of its most defining visual features. A shirt’s collar defines its profile, sharply framing the face and making an impression that is sure to attract attention. A man can stand out from the crowd and have a unique look with a shirt collar type. Apart from that, from a sociocultural perspective, types of collars have an important impact on how social position, economic level, and position are shown.

As it defines the neckline, the collar basically plays a major role in a shirt’s appropriateness for professional or casual wear. But many people fail to see the worth of a collar, prompting the question, “Why do collars matter?” However, as you go into the details of classic men’s shirts, you will see different men’s shirt collar types that will surely spark your interest in learning more about them. Let’s take a look at different types of shirt collars for Men’s. 

How to Style Different Types of Shirt Collars for Men’s?

Are you confused about how to style different styles of collar shirts? So, this is a starting guide for you.

1. Cuban Collars

One of the most popular styles is this. Another name for them is Camp or Revere collar shirts. The design of Cuban collared shirts is not exact, and they are available in a range of patterns and designs. For a casual look, it’s ideal to wear these with the button open. People looking for casual yet trendy clothing love this style as they are suitable for casual occasions and gives off a relaxed vibe.

2. Point Collar

Point Collar is hailed as one of the most sought-after dress shirt collar styles, particularly favoured by working professionals seeking a formal look for the office. They are very attractive when paired with long ties because of their pointed ends and adjacent collar leaves. Their suitability for jackets is also noteworthy as the lapels keep the neckline points visible, giving men a polished formal look.

3. Spread Collar

Spread collars are among the most commonly seen and prevalent types, with a spacing of approximately four to six inches between its points. These can be worn in casual as well as formal events. To wisely cover the collar’s distance, they look good with a broad tie knot.  Well-known for its adaptability, it remains a staple choice across various brands, offering wearers an unmatched level of versatility.

4. Club Collar

In the list of shirt collar designs, the club collar is another vintage collar name. Known alternatively as the Eton neckline, this style features rounded collar leaf ends rather than pointed ones, imparting a vintage allure to the wearer, ensuring they capture attention. It appears nicely royal during formal events and may be worn either with or without a tie on any kind of shirt.

5. Band Collar

Band collar, also known as the grandad or mandarin, has experienced a surprising comeback in popularity nowadays. The most sartorial-relevant design of the twenty-first century, it masterfully captures the zeitgeist with a highly contemporary style and offers us a preview of how the collar may be interpreted in the future. As ties are basically always optional these days, types of collars are also starting to become optional.

6. Button Down Collar

The button-down collar, known for its sporty undertones, is typically perceived as less formal compared to other types. This style, with small buttons on the collar leaves that fasten to the shirt, gives the wearer a vibe of comfort and elegance. But in today’s casual fashion scene, with its easygoing styles, it easily pairs with a coat, pants, or even a suit, giving the wearer a more stylish look.

7. Spear Collar

One description of the spear collar is that it is a longer form of the point collar. Because of the collar’s extended ends, it looks well with coats and jackets. Retro fashion is popular right now, and that’s why this look is returning. Choose one that contrasts with the shirt in terms of colour or design to enhance its nostalgic personality. Get ready to rock and roll all day by tucking this design into your favourite pair of pants!

8. Cutaway Collar

There is something unique and trendy about this men’s shirt collar type. Its name comes from the fact that it is an extreme variation of the spread collar—cut away nearly horizontally. It are appropriate for formal occasions like ballroom celebrations or other special occasions. In both ways, it can be worn—tied or not—to give the wearer a totally different impression. If you pair this design with either casual jeans or formal chinos, the whole outfit will look stunning.

9. Wing Collar

This different shirt collar is made up of a band with wings-like protrusions from the starched collar points. Among the different types of collars for men’s shirts that convey a premium, stylish attraction, this one is a great option for formal white-tie, evening, and black-tie dress codes. Undoubtedly, the tuxedo is the best option to wear with this style. 

10. Square Men’s Shirt Collar

Square collars were a popular men’s shirt collar type in the 20th century, but they are hard to find now. Collar leaves are named after their squared-off design, and they are tiny in size with little space between them. They are appropriate for casual occasions but not for wearing with a tie.

11. Tab Collars

The tab collar, another creation ascribed to the Prince of Wales from the 1920s, has tiny tabs on either side that attach with buttons or snap behind the tie’s knot. This adds a nice three-dimensionality to the iconic male fit by arcing the tie-up and out from the collar. The shirt needs to be paired with a tie because of the tab. 

12. Pin Collar

Among men’s collar designs, the pin collar is particularly notable as a representation of grace and style. This style adds a unique touch to any costume shirt, as the name implies, with a pin holding the collar in place. Well, they are popular among stylish guys and often connected to formal wear. Wearing a tailored suit and a tie that matches the pin’s colour and pattern are two stylish options for this style. 

13. Semi-Spread Collars

A versatile option that strikes the line between professional and casual attire, semi-spread collars have a slight spread between collar points. They give an elegant and modern look that works well for a variety of settings. They are narrower than spread but have a greater spread than point collars.

14. Straight Collar

The straight collar is versatile enough to be worn with a tie to work and without a tie for dinner. These types of collars are comfortable to wear and are the universal kind. This style is perfect for multiple events, like business meetings and weddings. Wear it with a blazer and jeans or a tailored suit and tie to look stylish every time. 

15. Hidden Button Collar

This shirt collar type is another uncommon collar design where the buttons are on the inner side of the collar’s points instead of through them. This offers the appearance of an ordinary spread or point collar while providing the points with stability to ensure that they stand up straight.

What factors should be considered when choosing the perfect collar style for men’s shirts?

When choosing the right collar style for a shirt, several factors should be considered:

  1. Face Size: Point collars are the best for wide and round faces. On the other hand, spread collars are best for thin and long faces, offering a balancing effect.
  2. Collar Length: Consider taller collars for longer necks and standard height collars for shorter necks to maintain proportion.
  3. Type of Occasion: Opt for standard collars for formal events, while casual occasions allow for experimentation with larger collars and button-down styles.
  4. Experimentation: You can try different styles to find what suits you best. Whether through in-store try-ons, online shopping, tailor consultations, clothes subscription services, or borrowing from friends and family, you have many ways to sample several styles.

Well, we have discussed the primary types of collars for men’s shirts, and essential knowledge for selecting one that perfectly matches your style. A well-styled shirt, with special attention to the collar, can make a big statement and make you look extremely stylish and dapper. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which shirt collar type is the best?

A: Your face shape and size are essential factors in selecting the best shirt collar. For long and thin faces, spread collars are the best. To assist balance out thin faces, the spread widens the face.

2. Why do men wear collar shirts?

A: It is the just visible component of the white shirt, that was still striving to be noticed by everyone, tucked beneath the rest of the fabric. The collar, which was originally quite simple as well as worn mostly by religious men, is an image of purity and humbleness.  

3. Which collar is most formal?

A: The most formal shirt collar design for men is the wing collar. It is commonly used for formal occasions like black tie events and awards evenings. The buttons must be securely closed and their tips tucked well behind the bow if you plan to wear them with a bow tie.

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