Different Types of T-Shirt Neck Styles: When and Where To Wear Them?

Among casual wear, t-shirts are the most popular items of clothing. They are available in a variety of colours, designs, sleeve styles, and neck styles and they are super comfortable too. 

Do you know how many neck styles there are? 

In this blog, you can explore different t-shirt neck styles and also find when and where to style them for a perfect, smart look. 

List of different types of t-shirt neck styles

Irrespective of neck styles, t-shirts are made of light and comfortable fabric material. That’s the reason men feel comfortable styling them for all types of events. Whenever it is about wearing casual apparel, tees are the first pick. Let’s check out which types of neck styles are suitable for what type of event. 

1. Crew Neck: Possibly, the most common neck style that almost every man has in their wardrobe is a crew neck t-shirt. Some tees may have shorter sleeves while some have long sleeves. The circular round neckline makes it comfortable to wear as daily wear. They are extremely flexible and can be paired with denim, chinos, or casual trousers. Those who have long, slender faces and inclined shoulders look dashing in these round-neck t-shirts. 

2. V-Neck: Although it is slightly less popular among men than round-neck t-shirts, most men opt for V-Neck t-shirts whenever they want to appear different from their regular look. It can be layered with a blazer or cardigan for a defined look. It is a good pick if you are comfortable showing off your chest otherwise it’s better to avoid this particular neckline and try something else. Both for formal and casual occasions, it can be worn so you must have at least one of this type in your closet. For casual meetings, you can easily obtain an attractive look with men’s v-neck t-shirts. The shorter men with broader face types can try these tees for a trendier look. 

3. Bateau/Boat Neck: Bateau neckline also known as the boat neckline is another popular neck style of men’s t-shirts. Although it is more popular among women recently lots of men are also preferring them. It is suitable to balance the body shape of those who have small shoulders. If you are comfortable with these types of tees then they can be worn for any casual meetings or day out with friends. 

4. Mandarin collar neck: This neck type is also known as a band collar t-shirt. In recent years it has become one of the trendiest types of tee present in men’s closets. Considering the recent style, collar t-shirts can be styled in a variety of ways. You can pair them with chinos or trousers and easily wear them to your workplace. It may offer you a formal vibe but you can select them in a variety of colours and pair them with contrasting bottom wear to style in any casual event. 

5. Button down collar neck: Basically, it is a variety of collar t-shirts that are contemporary classic style followed in the playground in earlier days. In this type, the collars have the flexibility to button down the collar points. This would offer the entire neck a distinctive and fashionable look. Full-neck t-shirts in this variety would offer quite an appealing and stylistic look. Without layering anything extra, you can easily obtain a unique and classy look. 

6. Henley Neck: A combination of crew neck and v-neck style is known as Henley neck t-shirts. Typically, they are y-neck types and in most cases from the length of the neckline that comes down have buttons. If the buttons are defined in unique colour shades then they offer a smarter and dapper look. Usually, there are 2-5 buttons present on the neckline. Whether you choose them in short sleeves or long sleeves, they can be worn on all types of casual occasions. Unlike high neck t-shirts for men, they are comfortable in all seasons and you can easily wear them in summer too. 

7. Polo Neck: A men’s t-shirt collection won’t be complete without polo t-shirts. Earlier polo neck t-shirts were used as sportswear but today they are available in a variety of designs and have become one of the favourite casual wear. Though you may not always use casual wear and can even style them for formal events. It has a collar, and placket with two or three buttons and is usually available in slim fit style. 

8. Turtle Neck: One of the famous t-shirt styles that have a high neckline that folds over is known as the turtle neck t-shirt. Usually, the neck of the t-shirt sits close to the neck with a snug fit. Commonly, they are known as high-neck t-shirts and are usually found in full-sleeve tees. As they are mostly part of your winter wardrobe so you can layer them with V-neck blazers or crew necks underneath pullovers for a smart look. 

9. Scoop Neck: A large spherical neckline that hangs beyond the shoulder is known as a scoop neck. It is difficult to choose the right scoop neck tees as the wrong size may lead to a fashion disaster. Before you pick a scoop neck tee you must remain aware of your sizes. You can pair them with trousers for a rustic and casual look. 

10. Hoodie Neck: The hooded neck t-shirts are the ones that have a muff connected to the bottom front and a drawstring to adjust the opening. This is one of the unique and trendy t-shirts that are quite popular among young men. You can either choose them in plain colour or unique graphic designs and style them according to the occasion. Often there’s a misconception that hoodies are suitable only for winter. You can style cotton hooded neck tees in summer or spring too and protect your body and head from heat. 

A T-shirt is a piece of clothing that every man loves to wear regularly without any hesitation. It is that stylish, sporty, and versatile piece that you must have in your wardrobe. Now, you are aware of the different neck styles available. You can choose the one that suits your personality and allow you to appear cool and trendy. 

Include a variety of neck styles in your closet and style every day in a unique look!

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