Different Types Of T-Shirts – How To Wear Them?

Today, both men and women have varied t-shirt styles. There will always be some or other types of t-shirts in the wardrobe. What type of t-shirt should I wear? This is a common question that arises. When you have too many types of t-shirts to choose from then that may confuse you easily. If you want to dress up in an ultra-stylish and versatile t-shirt, follow this guide and you’ll get ideas about different styles that can be followed for wearing a t-shirt. 

Types of T-shirts on the basis of Necklines

This is an elaborate style guide that elaborates on different types of t-shirts for men. Depending on neckline, colour, and fit there are various ways to style these t-shirts. Below mentioned is the list of types of t-shirts depending on different necklines: 

1. Polo T-shirts

Polo T-shirts are quite flexible t-shirts that can be worn on various occasions. One can wear it for sports activities as well as casual occasions. This t-shirt is a perfect pick if you want a slender body outline. Pair it with chinos, trousers, shorts, or denim you are all set to look dashing. 

2. V-Neck T-shirts 

Another popular t-shirt type based on the neckline is the V Neck T-shirt. These t-shirts are the most versatile ones as they can be worn in any season. Moreover, they can be layered with a sweatshirt or overcoats for a trendy look, Any type of lower can be paired with V-Neck T-shirts. 

3. U-Neck T-shirt

If you have a clean shaved chest and you want to expose more skin then opt for U-Neck t-shirts. Also known as scoop neck t-shirts, they are available both plain and striped. So, choose the one that you like the most and that complements your look.   

4. Henley Neck T-shirts 

Henley Neck T-shirts are basically a blend between essential t-shirts and polo t-shirts. With a henley t-shirt, you can redesign your look unpretentiously. These t-shirts have buttons yet no neckline which makes them look classy. They are available in both long and short sleeves. So, you can style them throughout the year.  

5. Hooded T-shirts

Among modern men, hooded t-shirts are extremely popular. Be it a semi-formal or casual, a hooded t-shirt can be paired with denim or trousers for a classy and edgy look. Most importantly, they can be worn throughout the year as they act as a shield from heat and even cold breezes. 

6. Round Neck

For decades round-neck t-shirts have been in fashion. To date, almost everyone has round-neck t-shirts in their wardrobe. They are considered as most versatile and can be worn for all occasions and also as daily wear. Often round neck t-shirts are layered with shirts, overcoats, blazers, or jackets for creating an extraordinary look. 

Types of t-shirts on the basis of sleeve style

Today, t-shirts are available with different types of sleeves. The purpose of sleeves differs and with that, the look also gets changed. Listed below are some of the common types of t-shirts on the basis of sleeves styles:  

1. Half-sleeve T-shirts

As the name suggests, this is one of the traditional types of t-shirt that looks flattering on men. For decades, men have preferred half sleeves t-shirts as their daily wear. It needs no introduction as they are stapled t-shirts present in every closet. One can opt for a bold colour or printed half sleeves t-shirts for casual wear. Even striped and checked half sleeves t-shirts are also quite popular. 

2. Long sleeves T-shirts 

Usually, long sleeve t-shirts are related to shirts and they have all the features of a t-shirt that makes them the favourite pick. For a cool day or approaching winter long sleeves t-shirts are the best pick. One can choose t-shirts in varied designs and colours and pair them with trousers or denim for a complete look. 

3. Cap sleeves T-shirts

Cap sleeve t-shirts are not very commonly known t-shirts. They add a funky twist to the regular sleeves of the t-shirts. In these types of t-shirts, the sleeve extends to some distance over the shoulders without coverage under the arm. This forms a cap-like extension. If you are someone who wants to experiment with your look then opt for these t-shirts for a funky look. 

4. Raglan Sleeves T-shirts

These sleeve types of t-shirts are like long sleeve t-shirts. Generally, they are available in either three-quarters or full-length sleeves. The inspiration is taken from the baseball uniforms in the aspect of cut and design. The sleeves are not attached to the generic straight up and down the seam but they are attached to the shirt on a diagonal seam. 

5. Sleeveless T-shirts

While talking about different types of t-shirts on the basis of sleeves, sleeveless t-shirts are again another popular pick. Usually, sleeveless t-shirts have a deeper neck with straps of different widths. Some may have very thin straps while some may cover the shoulders. If you want to show off your muscular body then this pick is perfect for you. 

Now, you know different types of t-shirts on the basis of their neckline and sleeves. Although there are other types available based on the colours and fits. Plain, coloured, striped, colour blocked, checked, and printed are a few other types of t-shirts. Graphic t-shirts are new in the list that comes under the list of printed t-shirts and are quite popular among youth. 

While selecting t-shirts you must consider their types and find out the ones that suit your personality. Only when you pick the choices according to your personality type, you will appear your best. Pair the t-shirts with trousers, denim, or shorts to create the desired look. Whatever outfit you may choose, make sure to carry it confidently.

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