13 Diwali Outfits for Men – What To Wear on Diwali

Diwali outfits for men

Diwali is a celebration that is celebrated with lights, firecrackers, and rituals and everyone loves Diwali. Diwali outfits take a major place when it comes to celebrating the Diwali. It’s Diwali, the most beautiful festival, and everyone wants to look their best. Diwali dresses for men come in different styles and designs, according to your preferences, such as traditional or trendy, you can choose the perfect Diwali look. Here are some Diwali outfits for men that will not only give you the best Diwali look but also highlight your aura. 

This Diwali, we’ve put up a fantastic list of Diwali dresses for men from traditional kurta pajama sets to modern Diwali outfits for men. So without wasting time, let’s start with our amazing Diwali wear for men to choose the perfect Diwali look. 

List of Diwali Outfits for Men

1. Chikankari Kurta – Men’s Diwali wear

Chikankari kurta

Chikankari kurtas are simply graceful, and every man should have them in their closet. Every man ought to get a piece of art as a chikankari kurta, which comes in a version of a classic costume and goes well with loose-fitting pants. This will give you a festive vibe as well as a stylish look. Compared to other ethnic outfits for men, it has a shine and elegance that is perfect for a Diwali look. If you want to look stunning but are too shy to try something new, this chikankari kurta is one of the best Diwali dresses for men. When you wear this Diwali dress for boy to the Diwali party, you’ll be the heart of the party. 

2. Kurta Pajama – Diwali Men’s Fashion

Kurta pajama

One of the trending and most demanding Diwali wear for men is this Kurta pajama set. Print kurta sets with delicate embellishments or self-embroidery are an option for you. When it comes to choosing the colour of your kurta pajama you can choose any colour but red or gold colour is the go-to option to wear for Diwali. You are also free to wear a dupatta with your kurta pajama. To complete your Diwali look try to pair your kurta pajama with footwear like Juttis or sandals.

3. Asymmetrical Nehru Jacket – Diwali Special Dress for Boy

Asymmetrical nehru jacket

The Nehru jacket is also one of the traditional clothing items that is loved by almost all men. Nehru jacket complement almost anything you wear underneath. Your Diwali outfit will look fantastic if you add just a layer of fashion, especially somewhat offbeat. Although long or short kurtas are the ideal pairing for these jackets, you may also wear them with your favourite shirt and pair of trousers for a Diwali party at the office. You’ll have different types of Nehru jackets available to you, from embroidered and printed traditional pieces to solid and colour-blocked unique designs. You can style your Diwali look in different ways by wearing a Nehru jacket. 

4. Asymmetric Kurta and Trousers – Diwali Traditional Wear

Asymmetric kurta and trousers

This asymmetrical trail-cut kurta, paired with contrasting trousers, is a more youthful and modern twist on the traditional kurta pajama. It melts our hearts with its unique blend of Indian traditions and modern grace. However, the secret is in the colour selection. Opt for solid colours, darker shades, and bottoms that contrast. To complete your Diwali look wear traditional footwear, such as Juttis, sandals, or plain Kolahpuris. This Diwali dress for men is straight out of a fashion lookbook, perfectly combining comfort and style!

5. Printed Short Kurta with Chinos – Diwali Dress for Boys

How can we overlook the comfort of a Diwali outfit? Comfort is the most important aspect when it comes to Diwali dress for men. By wearing a printed short kurta with chinos in a dark colour you can get an extreme level of comfort. Thus, this combo will work for you if you still have a part that wants to wear something more basic for Diwali. First, you may add a simple watch or some beaded bracelets. Further, consider wearing a white dhoti in place of the dark colour chinos. Finally, complete your Diwali look by wearing comfortable casual footwear such as a classy pair of sandals. Now you are ready to rock your Diwali wear men. Happy Diwali, guys! 

6. Simple Dhoti Kurta – Diwali Indian wear

A kurta is the first article of clothing that comes to mind when we talk about traditional Diwali dress for men. You can style your Diwali look by wearing a printed kurta. A printed kurta is perfect to pair with a dhoti. Printed kurta not only makes a subtle splash, but it also saves the headache of a lot of accessorising. We know that festivals can be more beautiful when we wear some traditional as a bottom. So a simple dhoti will go well with a printed kurta. Lastly, complete your Diwali look with a pair of Kolhapuris or sandals in black or brown colour. 

7. Bandhgala Suit – Diwali Attire

If you want to get a royal look try this Bandhgala Suit. The Bandhgala suit is one of the most popular Diwali outfits for men as it is very versatile and cool. You will look like a royal in this Diwali dress for men and you can create a regal look by wearing this Bandhgala Suit. You can accessorise your Diwali look by wearing traditional Juttis. 

8. Sherwani in Bright Colour – Diwali Outfit for Men

This Diwali try to a bright colour to your Diwali outfit by wearing a bright embroidered sherwani. It can be an excellent idea to wear a vibrant sherwani with embroidery. For Diwali clothes for men, it’s a good option to choose a threadwork or floral print sherwani from a top brand to celebrate the festival of lights. A finely handcrafted sherwani made of silk can give you a stunning look that is ideal for the Diwali celebration!

9. Kurta with Asymmetrical Jacket – Diwali Wear for Men

One of the different ways to convey your confidence is to be excited about the newest trends in clothing. Well, the fashionable ones who know what’s in trend now, are usually ready to try new things. When it comes to Diwali outfits for men Kurta with an asymmetrical Jacket is very popular nowadays. You can find many designs and patterns of kurtas as well as jackets the options are limitless. For the Diwali look it is perfect to choose the asymmetrically cut kurta made of silk or linen. Alternatively, for a stylish look, pairing a plain kurta with an asymmetrical Jacket is the best option. 

10. Printed Shirt with Pants – Diwali Dress for Boys

Do you want to get a casual touch to your Diwali Outfit? If yes, the printed shirt with pants is the perfect choice for a casual Diwali look. This Diwali wear men offer another method for getting you festive without wearing a Kurta. These Diwali outfits for men create a vibrant joyful vibe in addition to being stunning. So, this printed shirt with pants a perfect Diwali dress for boy is the go-to option if you want to avoid the Kurta look. In the end, comfort is the most important thing, so style your Diwali look with comfy shoes or traditional kolhapuri.

11. Kurta with Jodhpuri Pants – Diwali Clothes for Men

Among the top Diwali dresses for men, Kurta with jodhpuri pants is the traditional Diwali clothes. Jodhpuri pants can be worn with many tops even though it’s a good choice to pair a kurta with your Jodhpuri pants. It’s the most comfy thing ever to get into a pair of Jodhpur pants! Jodhpuri pants can easily altered, but if time is short, you can grab them online or you could also buy them during the Diwali sale. To look very stylish you could also add a shawl or dupatta to the Diwali outfits for men. Complete your Diwali look with a pair of loafers. One of the best Diwali outfit ideas for men is this. 

12. Traditional All-Black Diwali Dress for Men

Men who want to style in a royal Diwali outfit can wear this Diwali traditional dress for men. The royal look can be made when a black dress is combined with a stylish shawl. This Diwali outfit for men outfit is exquisite and luxurious; it will surely give you a look like a king. It is a good idea to choose an asymmetrical hem kurta and free-fall style with a unique neckline. Put on a pair of embroidered juttis to complete the Diwali look, and let your stunning outfit speak for itself.

13. Achkan Set – Diwali Wear for Men

For the Diwali celebration, the achkan set creates a chic and elegant look. This Diwali dress for men of silk fabric gives it stunning, gorgeous vibes and makes it pleasant to wear. To look more stylish add a pocket square to this Diwali wear for men. One of the best outfits for Diwali is this that you can also wear at special events like weddings and festivals.

Diwali is a festival of joy and lights and it’s very exciting to get ready for Diwali. Now you have got the Diwali outfits for men to look impressive. Make sure you wear the Diwali dress for men with elegance. After all, Diwali is a time to celebrate the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. 

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