Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a polo t-shirt

Polo T-shirts are pieces of t-shirts that can be worn on almost all types of occasions. Be it a sports event or an office party, you can style in polo tees and make it a style statement. These are distinctive collar tees that are made of breathable fabric and have buttons that differentiate them from other types of tees. Although polo t-shirts are versatile there are certain etiquettes that men must follow while styling in them. In this blog, you can find certain do’s and don’ts regarding how to style polo t-shirts elegantly. 

Do’s of styling a polo T-shirt

1. Choose the perfect size:

If you want to opt for the right polo t-shirt style then first of all choose the perfect size of the tees. In case you want to include an undershirt then keep that in mind while selecting your size. Usually, good brands like Hiscraves offer you the right fits so the size is neither too tight nor too small. So, you must choose good brands if you want to get in the perfect size of polo tees. 

2. Consider your height:

Considering the height of the t-shirt is quite important. The end should not exceed more than the middle point of your buttocks. However, if you choose a bit longer then that would look quite disproportionate. In that case, you have the only option to tuck in. Moreover, you should also avoid the longer back hem of the polo t-shirts if you intend not to tuck in the t-shirts. 

3. Choose the right fabric:

Polo t-shirts were also made of cotton fabric to offer comfort while wearing them on the sports ground. In recent times, they are available in various types of fabrics, So, you must remain careful while picking a polo t-shirt. Only with a proper fabric you can style a polo t-shirt outfit elegantly.

4. Pick the right colours/designs:

Big graphics on polo tees would look weird and will be a fashion disaster. According to the occasion where you are planning to style in a polo t-shirt outfit, you must decide on the colours and prints accordingly. Instead of heavy prints, you can opt for stripes as that will impart sophistication to your overall look. 

Don’t of styling a Polo T-shirt

1. Avoid layering:

When you have plans to style in polo t-shirt outfits, you must avoid layering them. The tee must not be too tight but the fitting should be such that it sits well on your body. So, it won’t be possible to wear anything else under it like an undershirt. At times if you wear an undershirt then it will show under your sleeve or make your collar appear crumpled. Unlike other neck style tees, you should never wear two polo tees together as instead of making you appear fashionable you will look awkward. 

2. Don’t choose too tight:

Usually, men make the mistake of selecting too tight-fitting t-shirts in place of well-fitted ones. Actually, there’s a fine difference between the two. To test whether the t-shirt is well fitted you can stick a finger between the sleeve and bicep and if you can’t do it then that implies you will need a size bigger. Whereas if it seems too loose then go for a smaller size. Most of the brand’s polo t-shirts are made using good quality cotton fabric so they tend to drape well on your body without revealing too much. 

3. Never pop the shirt’s collar:

Earlier popping the collar of the t-shirt was considered fashionable but it is no longer fashionable. While trying polo t-shirt outfits you won’t have to pop the collar. Many men consider popping the collar as juvenile and they leave this style to the teenagers who are trying to appear cool. 

4. Avoid Large Logos:

One of the fashion expert’s advice says that it’s best to avoid large brand logos on your polo t-shirts. Sometimes there may be a small and discreet logo on the chest which is completely acceptable as today it has become the convention. However, big brand logos are not at all acceptable. In case there are a bit bigger logos then they should be in the same colour of the fabric not in a contrasting colour. 

How to Wear Polo T-Shirts?

How to wear polo t shirts

Among various other neckline styles of t-shirts available, polo t-shirts are one of men’s favourite. In earlier days these were preferred mostly by business persons and sportsmen. With time it has become a favourite casual wear and is available in almost every wardrobe. Check out some of the popular ways of wearing them:

  • Style with pants or trousers: A black polo t-shirt outfit would look the best when paired with grey or white pants or trousers. It would be a suitable outfit option as work wear. This will not only make you appear smart but you would remain relaxed throughout the day in your office. Charcoal, blue, and navy blue pants are quite popular for this combination. Using these tees as formal wear will make your body look sleek and appealing. 
  • Style with Chinos: In a white polo t-shirt outfit chinos is the perfect fit. It is considered casual bottom wear but it blends well if you are pairing it to create a semi-formal outfit option. With white tees, you can choose either black, brown, or grey chinos. Irrespective of the colour of the t-shirt you choose, you must select neutral colour chinos. This will make everything appear put together. 
  • Style with jeans: Just like chinos or trousers, jeans are also a perfect combination with polo tees. A polo t-shirt with jeans will allow you to stay comfortable as well as trendy. You can choose both lower as well as loose-fit jeans and find which one suits your personality. Make sure to select the right size otherwise, you will end up looking clumsy. 
  • Style with jackets: While styling polo tees you can try layering them with jackets. Preferably, denim jackets blend well with this type of tee. When you layer a polo t-shirt with denim jackets then that will add extra elegance to the entire look. This look is suitable for a relaxed dinner outing with friends or business clients. 

Whenever it is about styling a t-shirt polo t-shirts are always on the top of the list. Apart from being comfortable, they mark elegance. Men can style them for casual occasions as well as for workplaces. Even though it is a versatile piece, you need to remain careful while styling them. A small mistake can lead you to a fashion disaster with ease. In this blog you’ve already gone through some do’s and don’ts regarding its styling. So, before styling, you must know how to wear polo t-shirts perfectly. 

Don’t think much! Go ahead, follow the rules and you will end up looking elegant and classy in your favourite polo t-shirts!

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