How To Fold A Pocket Square in 9 Different Ways | Types of Pocket Square

How to fold a pocket square

The easiest way to add a pop of colour or pattern to your outfit is to include a pocket square. A pocket square is a small rectangle cloth that’s folded in different ways to fit in your breast pocket and adds to the accent of your outfit. Adding a pocket square may seem to be a small investment but it can change your overall attire magically. 

Be it formal events, weddings with a tuxedo suit or a sport coat or denim jacket for casual occasions, a pocket square will add that pinch of fashion to your style statement. These days pocket squares are available in a variety of fabrics like silk, linen, cotton, and wool in a huge range of patterns like polka dots, stripes, floral and more. 

Beyond all, you may wonder how to fold pocket squares in different ways. This blog is all about that! Here you can find the right steps that will allow you to obtain the best ever look!

Different Types of Patterns of the Pocket Square

A pocket square may be just a small detail in your outfit yet it can make a big difference in your look. As they are available in a wide variety of fabrics including silk, linen or cotton. Although they are available in a variety of sizes you must know what’s best for you and the occasion you are getting ready for so that you can make the best out of it.

Here are the types of patterns of Pocket Squares:

1. Striped Pattern

Striped pattern pocket square

One of the commonly available pocket square designs is a striped pattern. Although it’s commonly available yet it is one of the toughest ones to style. In case you are already wearing a striped shirt or striped pants then you should avoid striped pattern pocket squares. A double repeat of the pattern will make you appear weird. 

2. Herringbone Pattern Pocket Square

Herringbone pattern pocket square

When you are looking for the best pocket square styles then herringbone is the most interesting one. In case you don’t want to try the striped ones and are also bored with the plain-coloured pocket squares then give this pattern a try. With a vibrant colour shirt, the Herringbone pattern appears classy whereas it is considered a more informal design. 

3. Paisley Pattern Pocket Square

Paisley pattern pocket square

Usually, men prefer pocket square styles with complicated patterns. If you are someone who loves to try unique patterns be it on a tie or pocket square then the paisley pattern is surely for you, It is something that’s completely different from a striped or a polka dot pattern, These days they are available in a wide variety of colour options. So, you can select the one that blends well with your outfit.

4. Plain Pocket Squares

Plain pocket squares

You can’t ever go wrong with plain colours especially when you are planning to use the blazer pocket cloth for any formal occasion. The traditional white base of pocket square style is highly recommended even when you opt for Paisley patterns or any other patterned pocket squares. Choose different plain colour options matching the colour of your outfit. 

9 Different Ways of Folding a Pocket Square

1. The Puff Fold: Obtain a Stylish Suit Look

Let’s begin the list of different types of pocket square folds with puff folds. Although it may sound a different and difficult one actually it is one of the easiest types of fold on the list. You can try these pocket square folds for any type of occasion whether you are going for a formal event or a casual party you will nail an outfit with a puff fold pocket square. 

Here are the steps for the Pocket square of the Puff fold:

  • Keep the pocket square flat, facing up to the side that has some vibrant print
  • Now, pinch and lift up from the centre of the fabric
  • You have to run the fabric through your thumb and first finger of the opposite hand for a grip
  • Then hold the pocket square at the centre
  • Finally, fold the bottom up and then put it behind the front. You can adjust according to your requirement

2. The Square Fold or Presidential Fold

If you want to find out how to fold a pocket square then you must know the square fold. As the name itself says the pocket square so you must know the classic way to fold the pocket handkerchief in a square shape. This is not only classy and chic but it’s quite simple. This is the style that will never go out of fashion. 

Here are the steps of Square fold of Pocket Square:

  • Place the pocket tie in the face-down position
  • Begin by folding the pocket square in half while matching one corner with the other
  • Now fold the cloth in half from left corner to right leaving a slight gap on the right side
  • Then again fold it in half from top to bottom
  • Once again, for the last time fold the bottom up and behind the front while adjusting. 

3. Winged Fold or Pointed Fold 

This is one of the pointed fold of handkerchief folds that allows you to obtain a sophisticated look. Pointed pocket squares exude a little more touch of formality and seriousness to your overall look. It is a simple suit pocket square fold yet it offers a classy appearance to your suit look. Somewhat this fold is similar to the scallop fold. 

Here are the steps of a winged fold of a pocket square: 

  • Start to fold this pocket hanky by putting it faced down diamond position
  • Now fold the pocket square with one end meeting the other forming an inverted triangle shape
  • Further, fold the right corner down to the bottom peak again
  • Again, you have to fold the left corner down to the bottom peak
  • Now, just fold the right edge towards the centre
  • Finally, fold the left edge to the centre of the pocket square. 
  • In the end, you can fold the bottom up and behind the front and adjust the size according to your jacket pocket’s size. 

4. The Stairs Fold

If you’re learning how to fold a pocket square for a suit, you must surely try stairs folding. Although you need some dexterity to try this type of pocket square fold yet that will be worth all the effort at the end. It is one of the complex pocket tie fold styles but when you opt for this style it will add an intricate touch to your formal wear look. Always opt for a suit handkerchief in simpler colour palettes for this fold. 

Here are the steps for the stairs fold of Pocket Square:

  • At the beginning of the steps, keep the pocket cloth flat, face downwards.
  • Now, fold one point diagonally to the opposite side by ensuring that one corner attaches to another
  • You have to ensure that the top right matches with the bottom left
  • Next, pinch the fabric two inches below the first stair and then fold it up to form the second stair just below the first stair
  • Now, you have to again pinch the fabric two inches below the second stair and fold it up to form the third stair below the second stair
  • Further, fold the left side behind and to the right 
  • Finally, fold the bottom up and behind the front and adjust the size of the square to fit it perfectly in your breast pocket. 

5. One-Point Fold

One of the popular types of pocket square folding is pointed folds. One point fold is the most common one and also you can easily make this fold for your office wear. No doubt it will offer you an overall classy look, but it will also add to your personality when you add it to the breast pocket of your suit. All you need to do is fold it in the right way. It is simple enough so it is considered business-appropriate. However, you can use it as a sherwani pocket square too. 

Here are the steps of One Point Fold of pocket square:

  • To start folding the coat pocket square keep it fully unfolded and flat
  • Begin by folding it diagonally down the middle to form a triangle
  • Now, at the base of the triangle where the fold is, you have to fold inwards the doubled-over corner of the pocket square on one side. 
  • Further, fold the other corners of the pocket square to make each fold in the same size. 
  • The shape of the fold will look like a rectangle on three sides and a triangle will point at the top

6. Two-Point Fold 

In the series of pointed folds of men’s suit pocket squares, the two-point fold is the most casual one. If you are looking for the steps on how to fold a coat handkerchief for any occasion and you are fascinated with pointed folds then try this two-point fold. It will offer you a smart and sophisticated yet chic look. 

Here are the steps of two-point fold of a pocket square:

  • Start this point fold by keeping the pocket square unfolded and flat.
  • Now diagonally fold the cloth off the centre slightly in such a way that one corner lies just to the left of the other.
  • Fold one of the doubled-over corners inward from where the fold lies at the triangle base. 
  • Further, fold the other corner in a similar way and make sure each fold has the same size as the width of your pocket. 
  • Finally, end the steps by tucking the flat bottom of the fold into your pocket and then snug it all the way down. Make sure the vertical edges are completely hidden. 

7. The Four Point Crown Fold 

Often it’s not difficult to say why the pocket square style is termed a crown fold. This blazer pocket hanky fold resembles the shape of a crown in which one point at the middle is the most prominent. This is an elegant style to fold a pocket square which allows you to add a little more flair to your overall look. In fact, it appears unique and completely different from the usual pocket square folds. 

Here are the steps of a four-point crown fold of a pocket square:

  • Start the steps by keeping the pocket square in a face-down and diamond position.
  • Begin by folding the right corner up to the left side of the first peak.
  • Again, fold the left corner up to the right of the two peaks in which the third peak will be formed. 
  • Now, fold the left edge of the pocket square towards the centre. 
  • Finally, fold the bottom up and behind the front of the cloth and adjust it according to the required size. 

8. The Dunaway Fold

The next type of fold that is quite popular among men is the Dunaway fold. This fold is quite similar to the puff fold but it is the one that adds more sartorial flair to the look. When you opt for this type of fold, it will show off the hems of the hankey in the coat. Whenever you opt for this style, make sure to choose a fabric that has an intricate hem so that it adds colour to your outfit. 

 Here are the steps of the Dunaway fold of a Pocket square:

  • To make this fold you have to lay the pocket square flat on one side. 
  • Next, pinch the middle of the cloth with your thumb and index finger in such a way that you lift it up.
  • Further, you have to take the other hand and make a circle using your thumb and index finger that is close to the start of the four points. 
  • Finally, you have to carefully hold the four corners in place and then roll up the bottom part towards the peaks. 

9. The Scallop fold 

The scallop fold is one of the quickest and easiest folds that will add classiness to your overall look in no time. However, you have to ensure that you maintain the right pocket square size. At first glance, it may appear complex but the steps are quite simple. Just follow the steps correctly and you will end up with a perfect blazer pocket design. 

 Here are the steps of a Scallop fold of a pocket square:

  • In the first step, lay the pocket square in a diamond position with its face upwards. 
  • Now, you have to pinch the bottom quarter and fold one point to the other in such a way that it forms a triangle. 
  • Further, fold the coat pocket cloth underneath for a creating a triangle. 
  • Now, hold all the pleats together and rotate the fabric in an anti-clockwise direction. 
  • Turn the cloth on its back so that the pleats remain at the top.
  • Now, fold the right corner down and askew to the left of the bottom point.
  • Again do the same thing with the left corner. 
  • Finally, hold the fabric in place while folding the sides around the back. 
  • Make sure all the corners are well matched and pocket square dimensions are equal. 

Now, after going through these types of pocket square styles. Hope, you will try some of them and create a new look with your same regular suits. Most of the folds dealt in this blog are suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Whether you are looking for wedding pocket square folds or office formal suit pocket square folds you can pick anyone from the above list. However, you have to pick the right designs and colours to obtain a smart and sophisticated look. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a pocket square?

A pocket square is a small square piece of fabric, typically made from silk, cotton, or linen, that is folded and placed in the chest pocket of a suit jacket or blazer. It is a classic and stylish accessory that adds a touch of sophistication to formal attire.

2. How to Make a Pocket Square of Three Point Fold?

The three-point fold involves folding the pocket square diagonally to create three points at the top. Start by folding it in half diagonally, then fold the two outer corners inward, slightly overlapping, to form three points. Tuck it into the pocket with the points facing up for an elegant and intricate look.

3. What fabric works best for pocket squares?

Pocket squares are available in various fabrics like silk, cotton, linen, wool, and more. Silk provides a luxurious and polished look, while cotton and linen offer a more casual and relaxed vibe. Consider the formality of the event and the texture of the fabric when choosing the best material for your pocket square. 

4. Should tie and pocket square match? 

Matching the pocket square to your tie is a common approach, but it’s not a strict rule. You can coordinate the pocket square with your tie by selecting a similar colour or pattern, or you can choose a complementary colour for a more dynamic look. Alternatively, you can go for a pocket square that contrasts with your tie to add visual interest to your ensemble.

5. Can I wear a pocket square without a tie?

Absolutely! A pocket square can be worn without a tie to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to an open-collar dress shirt or a casual blazer. In such cases, the pocket square becomes the focal point of your outfit, so feel free to experiment with different folding styles to showcase your personal style.

6. How to put a Pocket Square in the right size?

Pocket square generally comes in various sizes, with the most common being around 12 inches or 13 inches by 13 inches. The size you choose depends on your personal preference and the pocket size of your jacket. A slightly smaller pocket square will offer a more subtle look, while a larger one may create a bolder statement.

7. How do I care for my pocket square? 

The care instructions for your pocket square depend on the fabric. For silk and other delicate materials, dry cleaning is usually recommended. For cotton or linen pocket squares, hand washing with mild soap and air-drying is often suitable. Always check the care label and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure your pocket square remains in top condition. 

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