15 Girl Shirt Style Ideas: How to Wear Women’s Shirts in Different Ways

Girl shirt style ideas

Shirts are a staple in every women’s closet because so many ways to style a shirt. It’s time to experiment with new styles, patterns, and colours to discover girl shirt style ideas. There are many different girl shirt styles available, including short shirts for women, loose shirt for girl, and button-down shirts. Simple tips to style shirts may make any shirt into a topic of discussion, whether you’re going to the workplace, on a date, or just hanging with friends. Are you looking for ideas on what to wear with women’s shirts? There are many options to style women’s shirts. For a quick shirt style, by putting on a sweater or coat, wear high-waisted jeans, or tie a knot around your waist. 

Women’s shirt styles are as varied as the women who wear them. So, there are many girl shirt styles that suit any occasion. Now let’s find out what to wear with women’s shirts. 

Different Ways to Style a Women’s Shirt: Girl Shirt Style Ideas

1. Style Shirts with a Sweater or Blazer

Sweaters are perfect to style over a shirt to get comfort and cosiness. Are you in search of ideas on what to wear with women’s shirts? Style your button-down shirt with a fitted sweater or blazer and high heels or pumps to make your outfit casual yet stylish. If you want a more comfy and casual outfit to hang out with friends combine an oversized sweater with a flannel shirt. By layering, you can express your creativity. This shirt style is perfect for semi-formal occasions or events like client meetings and friendly Fridays at work. Although it is classy and comfortable, the blazer gives it a sophisticated look.

2. A Shirt style with a Tank Top 

To get a shirt style with a tank top, you can try pairing a tank top with a women’s shirt. The shirt adds warmth and an elegant look when worn over a tank top. An easygoing look can be created by layering a denim vest over a t-shirt and pants. If you’re going somewhere more formal, put on a collared shirt and a faux fur vest. Vests are a perfect way to add a little style to any outfit, and the variety is almost limitless.

3. Combine a Shirt with a Stylish Sweatshirt

Women’s sweatshirts are the perfect casual essential when paired with a shirt for a trendy and comfortable look. You can go for a casual look by wearing an oversized sweatshirt with a vibrant-coloured shirt, or you can dress it up by putting on a button-down or short shirt tucked with a fitted sweatshirt. Complete this shirt style with a pair of heels. 

4. Style Shirts with T-shirts

Simple shirts for girls are a must in any girl’s wardrobe as well and women’s t-shirts are also favourite items of clothing due to their comfort and style. They are the ideal choice for the base of a comfortable yet stylish shirt style. You may create a classic look by layering a fitted t-shirt under a loose shirt. You can also layer a solid-coloured shirt with a t-shirt in a contrasting colour. This will give you a bright and attractive look. T-shirts are an amazing article to show one’s uniqueness. You can also try a v-neck t-shirt under a button-down shirt with a collar. This shirt style is an ideal way to achieve a more casual look.

5. Style Short shirts for Women with a Skirt

One of the simple and cool ways to style a shirt is paired with a skirt. Play around with print and patterns when styling short shirts for women. Pick up a solid shirt and combine it with a long printed or patterned skirt for a fun style that will stand out instantly. If you want to look more elegant try to wear a white shirt. Don’t forget to wear a simple pair of earrings that can enhance your shirt style instantly. 

6. Enjoy the Shirt Style with a Jacket 

A regular jacket and shirt combo is difficult to overlook. For a casual look, pair a denim jacket with a graphic t-shirt and sneakers. If you want to look more professional for work, you can’t go wrong with white short shirts for women and a jacket. Any outfit can be quickly made elegant by adding a jacket, and there are many choices to choose from.

7. Knot a Loose Shirt

Oversized shirts tucked in are very attractive and casual. If you wondering how to style a loose shirt for girl, you can try tying it into a high-waisted skirt or pants or pairing it with a belt to cinch your waist. Additionally, for a more casual look, you can put it over a tank top or camisole. One of the best style shirts for girls is this one for creating casual vibes.  

8. Try a Hoodie with a Women’s Shirts

In the list of girl shirt styles another shirt style is with hoodie. It’s easy to keep warm and well a casually stylish look by layering a hoodie over a shirt. An excellent option for a smart, casual look for the day is an oversized hoodie paired with a simple shirt. Dress up your women’s shirt styles by layering a hoodie, or fitted jacket over a checked overlap shirt and complete your outfit with sneakers. 

9. Simple Shirts for Girls with Jeans

When it comes to bottom wear to style a shirt we can try jeans with a women’s shirt. The simplest bottoms to pair with a button-down shirt are jeans for women. They are quite comfortable, provide full coverage of your legs, and are always in style. Straight-leg, wide-leg, or loose-fit jeans and a shirt are basic wardrobe essentials. You can add statement jewellery and wear a pair of flats or heels depending on your personal style. 

10. Style Shirts for Girls with Formal Pants

Shirts and trousers for ladies are usually worn at formal events. A pair of classic bottoms like formal pants can dress up any shirt style. For an elegant professional look, pair a tailored blazer with fitted pants and a shirt in a solid colour. To enhance your shirt style add a bold necklace or a chic pair of earrings. Remember that the basis of a dapper and professional outfit is a well-fitted shirt.

11. Put on the Coolest Shorts for Shirt style

Another way to style a shirt is paired with women’s shorts which are an excellent alternative to pants for a cute summer style. Short shirts for women and shorts are a go-to outfit choice for any weather. For a casual daytime look, denim shorts are fantastic, as well as tailored high-waisted shorts are a good way to style a shirt. Your outfit will have a chic summer feel by wearing sneakers and a beautiful handbag. 

12. A Shirt Style: Layer with a Dress

If you want to try a unique look and get bored of wearing a shirt with pants, try layering it under your beautiful sleeveless dress for a casual preppy look that’s ideal for the office. When choosing a shirt try to buy a shirt that is long enough to cover your midriff. If you want to dress up the shirt style for more warmth, you may also add a cardigan or blazer.

13. Simple Boho Shirt Style

Fashion shirts for girls are a perfect clothing item for creating casual boho-chic outfits if you have a preference for the bohemian look. To create this shirt style always choose a flowy or loose shirt for girls in neutral colours or bright patterns. Wear it with flared jeans, maxi skirts, or wide-leg pants to create a cool and casual style. You can complete this shirt style with oversized sunglasses, a floppy hat, and boho necklaces. This tip to style shirt is inspired by the beauty and creative flair of expressing your inner bohemian queen. 

14. Accessorise Your Shirt style

Fashion shirts for girls are basic wardrobe items that you can simply accessorise. Even the most basic outfits may look stylish and gorgeous when accessorised with the best women’s shirt accessories. There is a wide range of jewellery, including necklaces and earrings, that makes a strong statement. A belt can highlight your waist while a scarf can provide a dash of colour and texture. Both a chic handbag and a pair of sunglasses can create a polished, glamorous look. Enjoy experimenting with various styles and picking out accessories that complement your shirt style. 

15. Girl Shirt Styles with Shoes

The perfect shoes to style a women’s shirt are flats or sneakers. Sneakers are a wonderful option for a comfy, casual look, whereas an elegant pair of sandals can add a chic, breezy style. Mules and pumps are stylish and comfortable shoes that are perfect for women who want to look good without losing comfort. In addition, loafers can give you a more sleek and elegant look while heels can brighten up a dress and make your shirt style more attractive. Consider the occasion you’ll be attending while choosing a pair of shoes to style women’s shirts that enhance your look. 

We hope that you have found the answer to your question about what to wear with women’s shirts. The options for styling a woman’s shirt are countless. You can style shirts in your own way from classic t-shirts to trendy denim, pants, shorts, skirts, accessories, and comfortable sneakers. Even simple shirts for girls can turn into a stunning outfit with the right bottoms, sandals, and a final touch that can go well for any event. Don’t forget to try out these girl shirt styles if you want to look your best.

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