10+ Gujarat Traditional Dresses for Male & Female

Gujarat traditional dresses

Gujarat, a state in the western lands of India, is well-known for its rich cultural heritage, bright burst of colours, delicious food, and exquisite creative work. It is also known for its colourful festivals, beautiful embroideries, prints, and definitely for traditional dresses. The traditional dresses of Gujarat for men and women are very colourful and unique. Gujarati dresses have a great variety of styles, each expressing the unique cultural history of its respective community. 

The best time to observe the glamour of Gujarati costumes is around the state’s festivals, such as Navaratri, Dussehra, and Janmashtami. In a variety of gorgeous traditional dresses, the state’s citizens enjoy themselves to the fullest during the festive seasons. Gujarati people’s overall look is made more aesthetically pleasing by the combination of Gujarati clothes, traditional jewellery, and other accessories. Let’s take a look at the Gujarat Traditional Dresses to find out more about the Gujarat dressing style. 

Essential Factors Related to Gujarat Traditional Dresses

  • Gujarati customs are sometimes adorned with finely embroidered patches that are sewn onto the clothing. 
  • Different embroidery techniques, such as Banni, Bavalia, and Rabari, highlight different motifs and skills.
  • Clothing from this area is full of colour, echoing the rich cultural fabric.
  • Bandhani or Bandhej, a traditional technique, uses tied fabric to make intricate designs. 
  • Stunning patterns and designs are made by the skilful weaving of golden and silver zari threads.
  • A fine touch is added to the clothing by the fine embellishments like stonework, beadwork, and mirrorwork.
  • From floral to geometric designs, the Gujarati getup is full of dazzling patterns that showcase the state’s rich traditions.

Gujarat Traditional Dresses for Women

1. Odhani 

The long dupatta known as Odhani gives traditional Gujarati attire its dignity and elegance. It goes by other names as well, such as “Chunni” and “Chunari.” The Odhani can be worn as a stole or over a head. The women wear it in a diagonal pattern. Generally, Gujarati Odhani is adorned with bandhani work or sparkling stonework. Mini paintings show several types of odhani, which let us understand how women wore them in past centuries. To finish the Gujarati look, it is worn with the Chaniya-Choli. 

2. Chaniyo

When dressing traditionally, Gujarati women usually wear Chaniyo or Chaniya, the flared long skirt that is an essential part of their attire. Ghagra is another name for Chaniyo. It is usually worn with a blouse known as Choli. The Chaniyo is a well-known traditional clothing and you can find it in different colours and attacking patterns. Moreover, On the Chaniyo, beautiful stones, mirrorwork, and beadwork are typically found. Women usually wear the Chaniyo during festive occasions like Navratri. 

3. Choli

Gujarati women pair the choli with the chaniyo. Polku is another name for Choli. Usually, the upper body bodice-like blouse is found short to flaunt a midriff. There are several styles and varieties of cholis, from cropped to longer lengths, and from sleeveless to full sleeves. While maintaining the outfit’s traditional spirit, some modern variations may incorporate fashionable cuts or necklines. Moreover, choli is usually embroidered with beautiful embroidery. 

4. Kedia Set

In the list of Gujarati dress for females, here’s another colourful and cheerful kedia set with lovely embroidery. Usually, a Kedia Set consists of two pieces. The Kedia is a short, loose-fitting blouse, and the Dhoti or Pyjama is the lower clothing. If you want a traditional garba outfit for the festive look then go for the kedia set with handcrafted tassel hangings. On the other hand, you can choose the colourful kedia set with detailing. 

5. Traditional Gharchola Saree

For Indian ladies, sarees are among the most well-known clothing items. Gujarati brides often wear Gharchola sarees, which are usually coloured red or green. The gorgeous Gharchola saree has good symbols and gold zari checks or grids. This traditional wedding saree from Gujarat looks stunning!

6. Patola Saree

Gujarat is well-known for its extravagant and vibrant Patola sarees, which are made in Patan. Traditionally worn on special occasions, these sarees are a popular choice among brides for their pre-wedding festivities. This beautiful bridal saree has an elegant, royal style, exquisite border, and artistic embroidery.  

7. Panetar Saree

In terms of traditional Gujarati wedding attire, nothing can match the appeal and elegance of a panetar saree. Panetar sarees are elegant and simple, frequently including zari checks or stripes to give the outfit a hint of golden colour. 

Gujarat Traditional Dresses For Men

Gujarati dress is truly vibrant and festive. The outfits have intricate embroidery and are somewhat heavy. Famous for its bandhani or bandhej designs, the garments are adorned with zari and gold-thread embroidery and jewellery, which completes the overall look. Here are some Gujarat traditional dress males. 

8. Kediyu

The kediyu is an outfit worn by men. This is an elegant, traditional Gujarati kurta that has frills. The kurta, commonly known as the Angrakha, is a flowing style of Kurta. Usually, the kediyu is a mid-length, frock-like outfit with long sleeves that is ruffled at the chest and falls to the waist. To complete the traditional style, the Kedia Set is usually accessorised with traditional pieces like a waistband, turban, and ethnic footwear like juttis or mojaris. In Gujarat, people wear it mostly on festive occasions like Navratri, Garba, and other festivals.

9. Chorno

This wide pants style is very comfy and beautifully sewn in the dhoti style. Gujaratis men wear it on festive occasions and it is made of soft fabric. Chorno is often fitted with elastic or has a string that can be tied around the waist. For the extreme summer temperatures that the state faces, Chorno is perfect.  The trouser is loosely knotted around the ankles. The Gujarat dress name, especially the chorno is actually influenced by Iraqi fashions that were brought to Gujarat by traders who arrived there in the seventh century.

10. Kurta

As the name implies, the kurta is one of the common outfits. This type of upper-body attire is typical for Indian men. Kurta is a regular outfit for the Gujarati men. They dress in silk kurtas with exquisite patterns for major celebrations. Cotton is typically used to make kurtas for daily wear. 

11. Dhoti

Gujarati dress code commonly consists of dhotis, a type of waistcloth worn to cover the legs. It is a very comfortable cotton outfit. Sometimes it can be difficult to wear and carry the dhoti properly, Gujarati men are particularly skilled at it. To wear a dhoti, one must wrap it around their waist and tuck it in by allowing it to fall between their legs. For daily wear, Gujarati men wear dhotis in white or light coloured.

12. Phento

Gujarati men usually wear phento, a type of turban. Phento is commonly seen wearing especially in rural areas of Gujarat. Normally, Bandhani fabric is used to make it. The Phento is styled in a traditional layered manner. 

13. Safa

Gujarati men can also have colourful, delicately wrapped headpieces known as Safas, instead of turbans. Safas give an extra festive touch to the traditional Gujarati look and are very popular for weddings and other festive occasions.

Gujarati Kutch Region Outfits

As we all know Gujarat’s Kutch region is known for its unique and different dressing style. The two main items of clothing worn by Kutch’s women are Kanjari and Abha. Kanjari is an elaborately embroidered long blouse. Abha is a beautiful choli embellished with mirror work. The men of the Kutch region wear embroidered jackets, long sleeves, and silky dhoti.

Traditional Gujarati Wedding Outfits

One of the major aspects of Gujarati wedding customs is dressing in ethnic outfits. Two styles of wedding sarees worn by Gujarati brides are the Gharchola and the Panetar. The brilliant red bandhej saree known as the Gharchola saree is beautifully crisscrossed with golden squares or checks. Green or maroon hues are also options for this saree. The bride-to-be’s mother-in-law presents her with a Gharchola saree. According to custom, during the vidaai, the bride is expected to wear a Gharchola saree. 

While the Panetar bridal saree is a blend of white and red. These sarees usually have red borders featuring bandhej embroidery. The woman’s bridal look is completed with the wearing of heavy gold jewellery. 

At their wedding ceremonies, Gujarati brides wear bridal lehenga choli. Additionally, wearing an embroidered panetar-style lehenga choli to a wedding is very trendy. The bride chose a stunning lehenga choli with elaborate embroidery to stay true to the panetar motif of red and white. This option is best for brides who want to follow tradition but still choose a stylish bridal dress. 

The Gujarati grooms wear a dhoti-kurta for the wedding ceremony. Their clothing is coloured in shades of white, lemon yellow, and beige. To complete the Gujarati look, the groom also wears a turban, a gold chain, and a gold ring. 

Well! We’ve discussed the detailed list of Gujarat Traditional Dress, showing its bright colours, exquisite embroidery, and traditional grace. If you’re planning a trip to Gujarat, you can experience the region’s spirit by dressing in traditional Gujarati costumes at least once!

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