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In this busy life taking care of hair may become difficult, especially for men. Hair is the most essential component of your look. Don’t you want to style your hair and look your best? Wondering how to care for your hair? Read this blog at hiscraves to find a Hair care routine for men which will not only enable you to enhance your appearance but will also aid in keeping your hair healthy. 

Essential facts about Hair care routine 

Today, hair care products are no longer confined only to women. Men equally take their hair care routine seriously. These days there are a number of tips and products available that enable even men to achieve the best hair. If you are still pondering about your hair care routine then continue reading this blog. It will impart a thorough idea about the routine that you need to follow for having the perfect hair. Below mentioned are some essential facts:

  • First of all, make sure you are aware of your hair type. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, oily, or curly hair you have to follow a particular hair care routine accordingly. 
  • Use shampoos and conditioners according to your hair type. Often you may apply a good quality shampoo but that is not according to your hair type then it can harm the quality of your hair growth. 
  • Make sure to apply the hair mask at a fixed duration and gradually make it a part of a routine. Usually, men’s hair care routine doesn’t have to apply a hair mask as a step but including it will provide extra moisture to your hair. 
  • In case you are dealing with a dandruff problem or your scalp is extra dry then for that you must follow a defined hair care routine for men. It will not only help in getting rid of dandruff but aid in hair growth.  

How to build a perfect hair care routine for men?

How to build a perfect hair care routine

Before creating a perfect hair care routine for men, you should understand your hair texture and requirements. Only when you are aware of your hair type and needs, you can build the best regime for healthy hair. Consider all hair care tips for men and customise your routine accordingly. 

1. Regularly Oil your Hair

If you are wondering how to take care of men’s hair then your first step should be oiling your hair. It’s not necessary to oil and keep it for hours or overnight but at least oil an hour before washing your hair. Use any natural oil for oiling or you can also add some natural ingredients to enhance overall hair quality. If you oil your hair regularly then it will definitely help you in improving the weak strands of hair and repair them. Besides that, it also aids in smoothening the strands and sealing down the cuticles. 

2. Use anti-hair fall shampoo 

If you suffer from excessive hair fall then you need a shampoo that can prevent your hair from falling. Using a good quality anti-hair fall shampoo will help you to prevent hair loss issues. Besides that, it helps in repairing hair and builds a healthy scalp. While applying shampoo, massage your hair gently which will promote blood circulation. According to hair types of men, one needs to select the types of shampoo that can properly nourish the scalp and roots of the hair. 

3. Use therapeutic Conditioner 

After applying shampoo and washing your hair properly, you need to apply a therapeutic conditioner. It is one of the essential steps of the hair care routine for men. Usually, men skip this step but this is among the most essential steps to growing healthy hair. Conditioning the hair with a good quality therapeutic conditioner will enable you to achieve smooth and strong hair easily. Moreover, conditioners also aid in preventing hair damage and further repairing it for better results. If you want strong and shiny hair then you must condition it regularly. 

4. Apply a good hair mask

Apart from a regular hair care routine, men should make it a habit to apply a good hair mask. Using hair masks will aid in soothing dry and damaged hair. Besides that, it provides nourishment to the hair from roots to tips. If you apply a good hair mask at regular intervals then it will revive and repair your hair quite effectively. Usually, hair masks have such ingredients that make your hair strong. 

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Tips to follow an effective hair care routine for men

Tips to follow an effective hair care routine

An effective hair care routine has the ability to aid in healthy hair growth. So, if you have the desire to have healthy hair that continues growing then you must follow the perfect hair care routine for men. Healthy and shining hair is vital for looking good. Many men have premature hair loss due to an increase in pollution levels. If the hair loss is genetic then there’s not much that can be done. Often men do not care about their hair as women do.

That’s one of the main reasons for premature hair loss. If you are someone who is undergoing such a situation then you should follow the tips mentioned below and build an effective hair care routine:

  • Protect hair from chlorine: These days lots of hair care products are available in the market. Most of the products are full of chemicals. If you don’t want to harm your hair further then it is wise to use chlorine-free products. Even swimming pools have chlorines that are very harmful to hair and make it dry and brittle. To reduce the harmful effects of chlorine, you must wash your hair with clean water and apply a conditioner before getting in the pool. Also, you can wear a swimming cap for protecting your hair. 
  • Keep your hair tangle free: Often we find that the right men’s hair care products are not used so the hair tends to get tangled. Usually, it becomes unmanageable and complicated to handle such hair. Further, it results in hair fall. Commonly men prefer short hair still they tend to form tangles which lead to breakage. 
  • Use lukewarm water to shower: If you are used to cold showers then stop it immediately. Cold water tends to block the blood capillaries in the head. These capillaries have essential nutrients so they must remain active for the best effect. But that doesn’t imply that you have to wash your hair with hot water. The best thing that must be included in the hair care routine for men is to wash the hair with lukewarm water.  
  • Carefully handle the wet hair: Naturally, hair is quite strong. However, when hair is wet it tends to break. So, you must take care while handling wet hair. Each hair root is protected with a cuticle. When the cuticle is wet, hair becomes weak and fragile. That’s why it may degenerate and cause hair breakage. That’s the reason, the hair growth tips for men include handling wet hair delicately. Most importantly after hair wash, make sure to use wide tooth combs for combing the hair. 
  • Avoid washing hair daily: As men tend to have short hair so they make the common mistake of washing their hair daily. If you want healthy and strong hair then limit hair washing to two or three times a week. It will not only ensure that your hair remains healthy but it will also prevent the loss of essential oils from the scalp. 

A proper hair care routine for men will surely promote healthy hair growth. If you have followed a good hair care routine then you can remain assured that you will have healthy hair growth. It is quite essential to appear and feel good. Following an effective hair care routine for men will also prevent premature hair loss. Many men tend to have premature hair loss which affects their mental health. Ultimately it may affect their self-confidence and lead to stress and antisocial behaviour.

This can be easily avoided by having a consistent hair care routine. When you have smooth and strong hair you can easily style it as per the occasion and requirement. This blog has surely guided you to get the best hair care routine. Now just follow this routine religiously to have strong and beautiful hair. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the minimum time to keep oil in hair?

One-two hours should be enough to keep oil in the hair. 

2. Which hairstyle is a daily use hairstyle for men?

The side part hairstyle is perfect for daily use for men. 

3. How can men grow long hair?

Men can grow long and healthy hair by following a proper hair care routine. 

4. How can men use conditioners on their hair?

Firstly men should apply shampoo and wash their hair in the shower. Further, take a small amount of conditioner preferably the amount mentioned on the bottle. Spread it on the ends of the hair and leave it for a few minutes then again wash the hair thoroughly.

5. How to take care of hair men?

Men should follow the routine properly. Firstly, they should oil their hair and wash it using high-quality shampoo and then condition it with a conditioner. Besides daily routine, a man should also follow certain tips related to hair care to keep their hair healthy and strong.

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