10 Haldi Function Dress For Men: What To Wear for Haldi Ceremony

Haldi function dress for men

In Indian weddings, the Haldi ceremony is a happy and colourful pre-wedding celebration. Traditional Indian weddings, which are filled with lovely rituals, joyful celebrations, and cherished traditions, are not complete without a haldi ceremony. Among these rituals choosing the perfect haldi dress for men is one of the most challenging yet major tasks. Like women, men also want to look their best during the haldi function. The topic of what men should wear to the Haldi ceremony has become more and more important in recent years. On this special occasion, men’s haldi outfits have to be really bright.

Haldi function dress for men comes in a wide range of styles, from stylish designs with a dash of modern flair to traditional Haldi outfits for men rooted in cultural traditions. If you are looking for the haldi outfit for groom this blog is for you. Let’s take a look at these haldi dresses for men.

Haldi Function Dress For Men

The wedding season offers plenty of chances to have fun and dress up as there are lots of occasions. The Haldi ceremony is one of the most important traditions during the wedding festivities. When it comes to what to wear for the special ceremony, there are many options available for Haldi ceremony dresses for men. 

1. Get The Traditional Look in Yellow Haldi Kurta for Groom

If you want a traditional touch on your special day go for the yellow kurta. It is believed that the groom would be lucky if he dressed in a yellow kurta at his Haldi ceremony. Vibrant yellow creates a perfect atmosphere for a traditional wedding celebration. The kurta, adorned with a delicate shimmer of small sequins, casts a radiant glow upon the groom on his big day. At wedding occasions, a simple yet stylish Haldi function dress for men always makes a statement. A popular choice for the groom’s special day is the yellow kurta.

2. A Yellow Pathani Suit

An Indian groom will look good in pathani kurtas with collar necklines. The suit consists of a long, baggy tunic known as a kurta worn with slim-fitting churidar pants. This style of simple yet elegant kurta makes you feel like a king and highlights the groom’s elegance. In addition to being a happy sign, yellow is also said to wish the groom luck at the ceremony. Wearing a turban, classic jewellery, and shoes will give the perfect finishing touch to your Pathani suit. Also, the bandhani design might also look stunning during a wedding ceremony.

3. Strike a Pose with Yellow Mirror Kurta

Who said only brides could go all out for their Haldi look? The groom can radiate just as brightly, especially if he’s wearing a kurta with elaborate mirror embroidery. With this dazzling Haldi dress for men, the groom stands out among the lively celebrations and attracts attention while also radiating a regal appeal. With each shimmering mirror reflecting the happiness of the occasion, this attire ensures that the groom will look stunning during his special ceremony. To keep the groom’s look ethnic, pair this shining outfit with a contrasting churidar. 

4. Go Trendy with a Yellow Nehru Jacket

To look modern for your special day, how about pairing a plain kurta with a yellow Nehru jacket? It is a trendy and stylish version of the classic Indian kurta, which is usually paired with jeans or chinos for a comfortable look. One of the gorgeous outfits is this and of course popular because of its elegance and simplicity. The Nehru jacket makes a statement for the event by giving the entire outfit a casual, fashionable edge. 

Add jutti shoes and a pocket square to complete the outfit for a classy yet comfortable style. This particular style of haldi wedding dress for the groom is sure to be the climax of the occasion. 

5. A Yellow Cowl Kurta for the Stylish Groom

You simply can’t take your gaze from the groom wearing a yellow cowl kurta for his haldi, who becomes a source of outfit inspiration for everyone planning their special day. A yellow cowl kurta is a good option if you wish to give your Haldi outfit a spice of drama and uniqueness. This unique outfit not only has a bright hue that is appropriate for the celebrations, but its cowl neck style also gives off a vibe of modern elegance. Wear it with dhoti or churidar pants for a striking contrast. 

When it comes to making a strong fashion statement and creating a memorable impression at D-day, the cowl tunic is perfect for grooms. Although the bright yellow colour implies happiness and good fortune, the soft drape of the fabric provides an impression of class. 

6. Nail Your Haldi Look with Yellow Short Kurta

Searching for a bright touch for your special event? Why not opt for a Yellow Short Kurta? This wedding haldi dress offers a burst of colour while also ensuring comfort and style on your special day. The style of this tunic is perfect for an easy yet stylish haldi look for men. For an extra punch of style, you might also think about wearing a contrasting yellow stole. You’ll be comfy for the entire ceremony with this dress as it strikes the ideal mix between stylish and casual.

On top of that, the groom may make his outfit look better by matching it with his partner’s outfit and wearing a stole that goes well with both of their attire.

7. The Unmatched Elegance of Floral Kurta

For all those grooms who like to keep things colourful yet cheerful, take a clue from the bright world of florals. The fashionable impact of floral prints on your personality is remarkable. Among the best Haldi dresses for men that capture everyone’s heart are kurtas with floral prints. The most beautiful way to wear the lovely floral tunic is to pair it with a striking Nehru jacket. To look like a stylish groom in the wedding pictures, wear contrasting pairs of churidar pants.

8. For Summer Wedding, An Off-White Kurta

Why limit yourself to the traditional shade of yellow when you can give your haldi outfit a unique style? An Off-White Kurta is the best option if you want to stand out and avoid the conventional colours. For a breezy look, add a lightweight linen or cotton fabric to the off-white kurta outfit. This option is perfect for ceremonies like the Haldi ceremony usually occurs during the day as well as for summer weddings. 

So it is preferable to dress in light colours to stay cool during the intense summer heat. The groom’s all-white outfit is a unique fashion statement. This option not only improves comfort but also oozes casual style. 

9. Traditional Look in Dhoti & Kurta

The groom might look more charming by dressing in a traditional haldi costume like a dhoti kurta. In a white kurta and dhoti, a dashing groom may make an impression. In the wedding portrait, the off-white dhoti kurta looks stunning. Numerous customization choices, such as luxurious materials, detailed embroidery, and different colours, can be chosen for the dhoti and kurta combo. In keeping with tradition, this outfit ensures that anyone may show their special style. Whether accessorised with traditional accessories or combined with modern jewellery, this traditional outfit radiates an image of elegance and culture.

10. Yellow Bandi Jacket- A Style You Should Consider

Who said only brides had to steal the spotlight? Modern grooms are equally fashion-conscious and ready to shine. With the set of kurta and bandi jacket, grooms can get a trendy look while staying true to tradition. For haldi/mehendi rituals, traditional ceremonies, and other rituals, the bandi jacket and kurta are perfect. The outfit features a sea green, full-sleeved silk kurta with floral design and a traditional Mandarin neck to highlight your fine features. This multicoloured printed kurta looks great paired with contrasting cream pants crafted from soft blended silk. 

A simple yellow bandi jacket with embroidery adds a lovely touch to the set. An expertly adorned fabric button on the bandi jacket and hand embroidery in a variety of colours featuring a floral pattern complete the set for a festive look. You can choose cream suede jutties, which look good with this outfit.

The Haldi ceremony is a day of festive celebrations, tradition, and endless love. It’s up to you as the groom-to-be to make an unfading impression on this cherished occasion by dressing to impress. Your Haldi outfit should showcase your style, whether you choose to wear a Nehru jacket for modern elegance or a yellow kurta for the traditional style. With our carefully chosen list of haldi dresses for men, you can easily choose the haldi ceremony dress for men to match your style and personality. 

Well! the purpose is to celebrate the love and create unforgettable moments surrounded by your closest loved ones. So, enjoy the moment, choose the outfit that suits your style, and enjoy the Haldi celebration!

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