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Best handbag brands in india

The most wanted accessories for every woman are handbags. Branded handbags not only help us carry our belongings, but they can also raise our status and personality. No matter what we’re wearing, carrying the best handbag brands from top bag brands in India boosts our confidence. However, there are lots of best handbag brands in India that provide designer handbags at reasonable prices. So, even if you’re not prepared to buy a Gucci or a Louis Vuitton, you may still choose the handbag brands for yourself by exploring top bag brands from these the best handbag brands in India for women.

Different kinds of handbags—like sling bags, bucket bags, backpacks, and tote bags have become more popular in recent years. Now let’s explore the top 12 best handbag brands in India. 

List of the Best Handbag Brands in India

1. Lavie

Founded in 2010, as one of the best bag brands in India, Lavie specializes in creating stylish yet affordable women’s handbags. Lavie, the handbag brand is renowned for its modern designs and premium fabrics, and the range it offers consists of handbags, wallets, sling bags, clutches, and totes. Established to satisfy the Indian market’s need for affordable, luxurious handbags, Lavie the bag brand in India is well-known. Nowadays, it’s renowned for producing stylish and useful handbags with premium materials at a price range that starts at just Rs. 2000.

2. Lino Perros Bags

Popular and regarded as one of the best handbag brands in India, Lino Perros specializes in creating a broad variety of fashion accessories for men and women. One of the top bag brands in India Lino Perros has a variety of products consisting of belts, wallets, cufflinks, ties, and other fashion accessories along with handbags. Lino Perros bags are popular for their quality. Handbags by Lino Perros come in a range of materials, such as canvas, suede, and leather. You’ll find a handbag or purse for everyone, with designs ranging from flower prints to snake prints. What’s wonderful is that all of the designs appear costly, yet they are quite reasonably priced. 

3. Hidesign

Founded in India, Hidesign is a renowned international brand that produces leather handbags. Dilip Kapur, the brand’s founder, set out to produce a luxury range of handbags for both men and women that would differentiate itself from a multitude of mass-produced imitation leather products. Hidesign uses a very ancient method of leather dyeing known as vegetable-tanned leather, which gives the leather a wonderful antique look. Each item produced by this brand has the highest quality craftsmanship and careful attention to detail. With outlets around the world, Hidesign is popular among people who value fine craftsmanship and environmentally friendly business methods.

4. Esbeda

Founded by Intouch Leather House Indian Pvt. Ltd., Esbeda is a luxurious handbag brand in India. For Indian consumers, a handbag brand, Esbeda specializes in producing stylish and luxurious handbags at affordable prices. In line with global standards, Esbeda handbags are available in a variety of styles and colours to suit every occasion. One of the best bag brands, Esbeda maintains production facilities all over multiple countries, including Taiwan, China, Korea, and India, to stay up to date with global fashion trends. Functionality and utility are prioritized in their stylish and attractive designs. 

5. Da Milano

Surprisingly, Da Milano is an Indian premium leather handbag brand that is “Made in India.” It is difficult to imagine that the brand is Indian, however, given its high cost and elegant Italian designs. Da Milano was established in 1989 for individuals who had a deep passion for real leather items. Each item produced by this brand has elegant designs and superb craftsmanship that meet or exceed international standards. One of the top bag brands in India is Da Milano which creates trendy, sleek, and stylish designs for both formal and casual events. 

6. Zouk

Handbag brand Zouk, which is true “Made in India,” blends modern feels with an anti-cruelty objective. Disha Singh, the founder of the brand, recognized there was an essential need for fashionable, elegant-looking Indian handbags. Soon after, Disha launched Zouk to produce fashionable and useful handbags that highlight the vibrant hues and patterns of India. Wallets, handbags, laptop bags, shoulder bags, sling bags, totes, and many other things are available at Zouk. The brand’s pricing range begins at Rs. 1500.

7. Caprese

Owned by the renowned luggage brand VIP, Caprese is one of the most affordable luxurious handbag brands in India. Italian elegant simplicity is the source of inspiration for Caprese handbag designs. Caprese provides a variety of handbags that can meet any need, including party bags, satchels, and totes and it is also one of the best handbag brands in India, It is loved by Indian women because it uses excellent fabrics, stylish colours, and perfect production methods. The brand’s focus on low prices starting at Rs. 2000 contributes to its increased popularity.

8. Baggit

Another handbag brand, Baggit, is renowned for its stylish non-leather bags. Baggit’s dedication to ecology is one of the main features that distinguish it from other fashion brands. One of the highest-selling homegrown handbag brands right now is Baggit, which is renowned for its imaginative designs, chic colour schemes, and affordable prices. To suit any taste, baggit bag brands in India are available in a variety of textures and styles, with prices starting at Rs. 1000. In addition to using a variety of environmentally friendly materials like faux leather, recycled textiles, and plastic bottles the brand also supports neighbourhood communities by obtaining its products from small-scale vendors. 

9. Peperone

Peperone is a renowned Indian handbag brand that attracts young women and teenagers. One of the top handbag brands in India, Peperone offers a variety of fashionable styles, colours, and designs that capture a youthful attitude. Not only is it among the few accessory brands that refuse to use celebrities as its ambassadors, but it also wants to use real women as its ambassadors. Rs. 1500 is the starting pricing range of this brand. One of the handbag brands that have grown the fastest in the nation is Peperone, due to its excellent quality materials, unique designs, and reasonable price range. 

10. Anekaant

Founded in 2012, the fashion brand Anekaant is committed to producing sustainable apparel for women. One of the fine handbag brands is this that appears in its several unique styles, which combine modern and classic features. You will love their handbags. You’ll have a variety of options available, ranging from embroidered clutches that complement your elegant lehenga to the sparkling mosaic option that looks great with both ethnic dress and pants. A wide variety of clothing and accessories, such as dresses, tops, coats, jeans, skirts, and handbags, are available at Anekaant. The designs of the brand, which feature bright colours and intricate designs, are inspired by Indian culture, art, and craft. 

11. The House of Tara

Based in Delhi, The House of Tara is a handbag brand that mostly focuses on young ladies and students. The brand is renowned for its luxurious, top-notch handbags and accessories. Handbags from House of Tara are created in Italy using the best leathers and materials. Totes, satchels, crossbody bags, and clutches are among the varieties available from the brand. The House of Tara is renowned for its unique styles and soft materials such as canvas and PU leather. This brand is mostly influenced by Indian and bohemian styles. The starting price range is Rs. 700. 

12. Cathy London

Last but not least, Cathy London is a renowned brand that launched in 2013. Offering a variety of spring as well as fall collections that flawlessly capture all feelings, the brand seeks to motivate all of its customers. Cathay London’s products will cheer you up with their bright hues. There are several different types of handbags available from the company, such as clutches, satchels, crossbody bags, and totes. In addition, it is one of the few bag brands in India of eco-friendly handbags that actively works to protect the environment because of its “No Cruelty” policy. It comes as unsurprising that the brand is extremely popular among ecological and others as well.

Handbags are women’s best partners as they join them everywhere they go. These 12 best handbag brands in India are leading the Indian market, based on popularity and quality. These brands’ success derives from their dedication to providing premium quality products and paying attention to their customer’s needs. By exploring these above-mentioned best handbag brands, tell us which of these handbag brands is your favourite.

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