How to Style Oversized Tshirt?

Gone are the days when fitted clothes were in trend. Today, people are adopting such styles that will look stylish and at the same time provide comfort. Oversized t-shirts are in! These loose baggy pieces are perfect for summer as well as for winter layering. No matter whether you are a guy or a girl you can style and have a cool look with an oversized t-shirt. Do you know how to style oversized tshirt? We are here with a handful of ideas to wear oversized t-shirts and obtain a perfect everyday look!

7 Ideas to style Oversized tshirts

Ideas to style oversized tshirts

Are you tired of styling your streetwear looks with oversized t-shirts? If you are such a person who is wondering how to style oversized tshirts and looking for new ideas then this blog is for you. Stop and read it completely. You will definitely find a huge number of ideas for styling your favourite oversized t-shirts.  

1. Tuck the Oversized t-shirt 

All those who have been wondering how to wear oversized tshirts can try this idea. Tuck your oversized t-shirt into your trousers or pants Tucking is the inevitable option that enables you to look stylish effortlessly. Many people believe that tucking in is out of fashion. But it’s still in and in fact, it will always remain in trend. 

2. Half Tuck the Oversized t-shirt

Another way to style the oversized t-shirt is to half-tuck it into the trouser. These days it is one of the most fashionable ways to style t-shirts, especially oversized ones. If you are looking for oversized tshirt styling techniques and also don’t want to try the tradition of tucking in the t-shirt you can easily follow the half-tuck style. 

3. Layer an oversized t-shirt with a long-sleeved t-shirt

Wear the oversized t-shirt over a long-sleeved t-shirt. This will offer you a cool and edgy look. At the same time, it tends to add a formal structure to the outfit. If you have long-sleeved t-shirts and have been wondering how to style oversized tshirts then this is the perfect styling idea for you. While layering it’s important to ensure that you pair two different elements of these t-shirts. Use different colours of t-shirts and if possible different fabrics too. If you don’t want to experiment much with colours then stick to the monochromatic looks. It includes black and white tones or grey and black colours. 

4. Pair an oversized t-shirt with striped trousers

Another option to style an oversized t-shirt is to pair it with striped trousers. Striped outfits look quite attractive and hence draw eyes towards you when you have correctly paired them with contrasting colours. Pairing oversized t-shirts with striped trousers will offer an attractive look. Also, make sure you are using slightly loose t-shirts for a chic look. Going further to finish the overall look, fold your trousers at their hem. The fold should not be neat, it should be a careless nonchalant fold. 

5. Pair Oversized Hiscraves t-shirts with shorts

An oversized t-shirt is a casual piece that can be effortlessly styled with fitted shorts. You can opt for oversized t-shirts from a brand like Hiscraves that have a collection of attractive colours and designs. This option is more suitable when you are planning a casual outing with friends. Even though you are wearing a baggy t-shirt, ensure that the short is not baggy. Shorts should be of good fitting. You can style your overall look with a ball cap and a pair of sandals or flip-flops and accessories that blends well with the look.

6. Combine a fashionable sling bag with an oversized t-shirt

For some people, oversized t-shirts don’t compliment their looks as they appear to be ill-fitting. If this problem occurs with you and you wonder how to style oversized tshirts then try to combine them with a fashionable slinging bag. With a bag all the oversized details get hidden and it will not appear awkward or ill-fitted on you. Give it a try and note the difference. While using the bag make sure you don’t use any random piece of the bag rather stick to only casual bags. 

7. Layer oversized t-shirts with sweater vests or jackets

Sweater vests are not that popular but if you have one lying in your wardrobe then it can complement your oversized t-shirts to provide a perfect look. On your style preference, you can opt to pair an aesthetic oversized tshirt and jeans outfit with a vest sweater or a bomber jacket. You can opt for loosely fitted jeans as that will enable you to create a fashionable yet coordinating look. Moreover, loosely fitted jeans will also match the size of the upper wear. If you intend to obtain a large fit look then you can opt for a normal fit long-sleeved t-shirt with an oversized t-shirt. 

Every individual is different and so are their ways of styling. Some styles may look great on one person and the same styles may not work for others. Whether you are a man or a woman, these 7 styling ideas are useful for both. Apart from offering ideas about how to style oversized tshirts, these ideas make sure that you feel comfortable in your outfit. 

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Oversized tshirts styling tips for men

Oversized tshirts styling tips for men

Over the years, oversized dresses have been considered mainstream fashion wear. Oversized t-shirts for girls as well as boys come under the streetwear category. However, it offers a chic and edgy look when styled according to the body type. Usually, men find oversized t-shirts more versatile, adaptable, and comfortable. But at times it may become overwhelming for them to style a plain boring t-shirt and look edgy. Below mentioned are some styling tips for men that they can follow and easily obtain a perfect look with an oversized t-shirt:

  • Pair oversized t-shirt with a plain t-shirt: If you are someone who is looking for tips on how to style oversized t-shirt but want to come up with a simple yet trendy look, this look is for you. Pair up a simple plain t-shirt with an oversized plain t-shirt. With additional layering, there will be a pop-up of colour. For bottoms, you can pair them with light blue washed jeans or simple ripped jeans. 
  • Use a chequered shirt as a layer: Apart from layering an oversized t-shirt with a simple t-shirt, it can also be layered with a chequered shirt. This is quite a simple combination but it will upgrade the overall look. For a classier look, pair it with skinny jeans, sunglasses, and high-top sneakers. You can opt for this oversized t-shirt style for school parties or weekend outings with friends. 
  • Use Denim Jackets as Layers: Another loose t-shirt style is to layer it with denim jackets. A classic denim jacket offers structure to the baggy t-shirt yet it helps in retaining the hipster look. It is suitable for more formal occasions. In fact, you can also tuck in the white oversized t-shirt and then pair it with the denim jacket. A white tee with a denim jacket makes the perfect combination. 
  • Opt for plain and simple oversized Hiscraves t-shirts: If you are someone who has already tried other styling ideas and wondering how to style oversized tshirts in other ways then opt for plain and simple oversized Hiscraves t-shirts. If you want to reach out to the simple causal look then this is the best idea. Moreover, you can add a cap or beanie for completing the entire look. 
  • Pair with Striped Bottoms: When it is about going simple that doesn’t imply that you can’t wear bold colours or patterns. You can easily play around with different colours of oversized t-shirts and create a different look. If you want to know how to wear an oversized t-shirt with a perfect bottom then try striped bottoms. It adds another dimension to the look. These striped trousers are much in trend so you can pair up black and white striped trousers with graphic printed oversized t-shirts and you are good to go.  
  • Layer with Striped long-sleeved shirts: Often, you want to style in a cool and edgy style. So, what to wear with an oversized t-shirt so that it appears cool and at the same time adds a more formal look? The long-sleeved shirt should be in dark colour preferably black. If you want to find out how to style oversized t-shirt in a dark colour, then pair it with either ripped black slim-fit jeans or slacks or simple trousers. To add accessories to the bold outfit you can add a fanny pack or hip sack.  
  • Tie and Dye are in trend: These days tie and dye are highly in fashion. If you want to style an oversized t-shirt with a tie and dye theme then of course you can opt for a tie and dye t-shirt. These types of oversized t-shirts can be paired with plain slim-fit jeans or shorts. Moreover, accessories like a cap or a bucket hat complete the look. Sandals or slip-on slippers go well with this fashion style. 
  • Pair with a coat: Another styling tip for those who are still wondering how to style an oversized t-shirt is to pair it with a coat. Among various types of layering options already available, this style is suitable for cold weather. You can opt for an oversized tee with a hoodie and then layer it with an oversized coat. This will offer you an amazing look especially when you wear slim-fit jeans with it.  

Have you ever thought there were so many options to style a simple oversized t-shirt? Earlier numerous men didn’t prefer streetwear for styling. Now, with the change in trend not only men are moving toward this fashion but even global brands are collaborating with streetwear brands. 

Oversized t-shirts styling tips for women

Only men are not in the race of experimenting with oversized t-shirts but women are also styling oversized t-shirts for a cool, cosy, and comfortable look. Shall the girls style oversized t-shirts the same way as guys? All those girls who are looking for how to style oversized tshirts for a casual statement look can try out the below-mentioned tips. Surely some or other tips mentioned here will work for you:

  • Pair with a Blazer: Styling with an oversized t-shirt is sometimes difficult for girls. So, for them, layering is the best option. You can maintain an aesthetic look by pairing an oversized t-shirt with a blazer. The shade of the blazer can be a similar shade to that of the t-shirt or you can choose the colour from a similar colour palette. For a more stylish look, tuck the t-shirt and wear a tight belt around the waist. This women’s oversized t-shirt outfit is suitable for semi-formal occasions or events. It gives a smart and casual look with a formal vibe. 
  • Opt for Off-Shoulder oversized t-shirts: If you are in a dilemma how to style an oversized t-shirt then you can choose an off-shoulder t-shirt and obtain a super cool look. The off-shoulder t-shirts are the ones that are oversized and hang loosely below your shoulders. If you are a woman with a lean physique then you can pull this off effortlessly. In this look, your shoulders and collarbone will appear even more attractive. Although if you want to use some accessories to create some shape to your look then accessories it with a corset belt. 
  • Tuck in the oversized t-shirt: Just like males, the females styling oversized t-shirts can tuck in the t-shirt for a more appealing stylish look. The oversized t-shirt can be paired with denim shorts and this look will be suitable for a go-to outfit on a lazy day out or when you want to hang out with friends. This entire outfit is comfortable and easy to wear yet super trendy. 
  • Roll up the sleeves: One of the essential tips for girls who are looking ahead on how to style oversized t-shirt is simply to roll up the sleeves. Unlike men, the sleeves of oversized t-shirts look extremely shapeless for women. So, rolling them up can be a fashion statement and provide a casual vibe to the entire look. Apart from rolling up the sleeves, you can tie the front ends of the t-shirts to create a crop top-like look. 
  • Use a Belt: While wearing oversized t-shirts girls can choose belts as accessories as it will provide a shape to the waistline and make them look more attractive. Often girls prefer bold black belts on oversized t-shirts but you can also opt for colours like red to add a fun element to the entire look.   
  • Pair up with shorts: You may not have ever thought of pairing an oversized t-shirt with a short. If you are looking for a styling option and wondering how to wear a loose t-shirt and still appear attractive then pair it up with a short. For a bold fashion statement, you can pair them with blue, black, or even white denim shorts. Such an outfit is perfect for a brunch date or a casual day out with friends. It is comfortable, easy to wear, and at the same time stylish. 

Oversized t-shirts are everyone’s favourite because of their comfort. Now, you know how to style oversized tshirts and obtain an appealing look. These days different types of oversized t-shirts are available for different aged individuals, genders, and according to the style aesthetics. This is one piece of garment that must be present in your wardrobe. Style oversized t-shirts smartly and nail your look!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which type of t-shirt is known as oversized t-shirts?

An oversized t-shirt is one that falls loosely around your torso and is up to mid-length to your thighs. It is large but not baggy. A t-shirt that is 2-3 sizes bigger than your original size is known as an oversized t-shirt. 

2. Do oversized t-shirts look good on men?

Yes, oversized t-shirts look good on both men and women if you style them in a proper way. 

3. What is the best way to style an oversized t-shirt with jeans?

You should style an oversized t-shirt according to your liking. However, the coolest way to style an oversized t-shirt is to tuck it into your fitted jeans. 

4. Do oversized t-shirts make you appear bigger?

Yes, oversized t-shirts make your look appear bigger but you can style them in such a way that your best features get highlighted. 

5. What can be layered with an oversized t-shirt?

There are many ways you can layer oversized t-shirts. The most popular ones are layering with a plain casual shirt, blazer, and jacket. 

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