How to Tie a Turban Step-by-Step Guide – Different Types of Turban Styles

How to tie a turban - different types of turban styles

You are on this page as you are interested to find out how to tie a turban. Are you struggling with it? Here we are with a step-by-step guide to wearing a turban with ease. Whether you want to wear a turban as a marker of status, religion, or simply as a fashion choice this guide will be helpful for you. Apart from the steps to tie you can also explore different turban styles and colour combinations that match your attire. 

Traditionally, men in India wear headgear; termed a turban. Some other Asian countries also have the practice of wearing turbans. Different communities and religions have different turban styles. Predominantly, turbans were worn by different communities or regions to establish a difference between the two. Hence,turban meaning may change from region to region. Today, you can find both men and women opting for turbans styles to accentuate their outfits and appear trendy. However, many may remain unaware of how to tie a turban. Continue reading if you want to find it. 

What is a Turban? Step-by-step tutorial to tie a turban

How to tie a turban step-by-step guide

Basically, a turban can be defined as a long cloth that is wrapped around the head. Several countries consider a turban a mandatory custom for men. Whereas in some religions or sects, women wear turbans. Usually, those people follow wearing a turban as a part of customs and learn it from their childhood from their elders. That’s the reason they are able to follow the right way to tie it according to their custom. The meaning of turban may differ in different communities and religions. But its main purpose is to indicate unity and respect. Below mentioned is a step-by-step tutorial to tie a turban. This is the Sikh turban tutorial:

  • Take a thin and breathable fabric and fold it lengthwise four times. Once you complete folding, it should be 2 inches broad. 
  • Before tying the turban, you must tie your hair on the top of your head in the form of a bun. Be careful, don’t tie it too tight as that may hurt your head. 
  • Around your head tie a patkha; a type of fabric that is placed under a Sikh turban. A patkha creates a layer that makes tying the turban easier.  
  • Now, start wrapping the turban cloth prepared in the first step, diagonally across your head. Start from one side of your head and move over your ear to the other side. 
  • Once you have completed wrapping it three to four times around the head and now all you have to do is keep wrapping it to form layers on your head. 
  • When the cloth is almost wrapped around then either tuck the end to the back of your turban or you can open a parting at the centre of the turban and push the other end inside it. 
  • Finally, tuck in all the loose ends and you have tied the turban successfully on your head.   

These steps may sound simple but to tie a perfect turban you need to practise for years. Often people end up searching ‘how to tie a turban like Diljeet’, it takes time. Even if you find the turban looks imperfect after tying, keep trying, and after some practise you will be able to get that Stylish Diljit turban in no time. 

Different Types of Turban Styles

Different types of turban styles

Across communities and religions, there are many types of turban styles and so the ways to tie a turban differ from one region to another. Usually, the turban that is pointed on top and round around the edges is a Punjabi turban. Whereas the turbans (pagdi) that are overall rounded are Rajasthani turbans. 

Typically a Patiala Shahi turban has pleats around the side of the head and they are also pointed on the top. Similarly, the turbans that have loose pleats of cloth on the top of the head with some cloth hanging behind are the Maharashtrian turbans. However, the hanging cloth at the back is optional. The last one is a Maratha turban that looks just like a beanie. 

Apart from all the traditional turbans, many people want to tie a turban for fashion. These types of turbans are tied by wrapping them around the head from one side to another. Let’s have a look at these types one by one: 

Punjabi Turban: The Quintessential Turban (Pagdi)

Usually, in north India men are seen with a Punjabi turban. This particular style of turban is won by Sikhs. The styles of wearing it may change among different sects of Sikhs. For instance, the type of Punjabi turban worn by a Sikh Guru will differ from a Jatt Sikh. Not only among sects the style may become different from one village to another. Whenever you want to tie a Punjabi Padgi the steps to tie it will differ depending on the style you are opting for. The basic steps explained above are the steps on how to wear a Punjabi Turban. You can follow the basic steps and make slight alterations to obtain the Punjabi turban styles or Pagg styles that you want.

The Symbolic Rajasthani Turban 

Typically, a Rajasthani Turban sits around your head. In Rajasthan, lots of men prefer wearing these turbans as it is a tradition of their region. The custom of wearing turbans was introduced by the Rajput ruler before the independence of India. The turban is a culture of royal Rajasthan, hence it is still followed by its people. 

Even at weddings and other formal functions and events, it’s a tradition to wear a Rajasthani wedding turban. So, how to wear a Rajasthani pagri(turban)? To wear the Rajasthani turban, you need to hold one end of the cloth over your ear and start wrapping it around your head. You must wrap it by twisting and turning it around. Once you complete wrapping it around tuck in the other end into the turban and you are with the perfect Rajasthani turban on your head.

Imperial Patiala Shahi Turban-The Royal Turban

As the name mentions, this turban style is predominant in the city of Patiala in Punjab particularly. Many other adjoining cities also follow the same style of wearing a turban. Patiala was ruled by the Maharaja of Patiala who used to wear this style of turban. Often men wonder how to tie a Patiala Shahi Turban, and that’s where you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Basically, Patiala Shahi Turban is tied starting from one ear and then the folded cloth is taken across the head down to the other side. Further, it is again taken back to the starting side. In this way, pleats are created in a Patiala Shahi Turban. Although to get the perfect pleats, you have to keep patience and practice tying it. 

Iconic Sikh Turban: Symbolises Equality

There are numerous ways to tie a Sikh Turban and the turban style changes on the basis of community, region, and sect. Not only does the style of wearing the turban change but the size and length also varies with the community and region. Guru Gobind Singh Ji made wearing Sikh Turban an official policy. But many people question why Sikhs wear a turban and what is its significance.

 For Sikhs, it is a symbol of religion and culture. It is known as a symbol of equality that promotes Sikh identity. Not only men but in some sects even women wear turbans. If you want to know how to tie a turban for Sikh women then you must know that it differs from that of men.  

Maharashtrian Turban: Essential Component of Wedding Outfit

For every region and religion, the significance of the turban is different and so the turban styles also vary accordingly. In Maharashtra, a turban is considered an essential part of a wedding. At the Hindu Maharashtrian wedding a turban or ‘safa’ is worn. The purpose of wearing a turban at the wedding is to cover the face of the groom in the same way the bride’s face is covered. 

Turban Combinations with Shirts 

We’ve already discussed different turban styles and how to tie a turban, now let’s focus on different turban color combinations with shirts. Although a turban is connected with religion and culture, for a moment consider it as an accessory just like your belt or shoes. Whenever you try any outfit with a turban you will surely want to match the colour of the shirt and the turban so that the overall outfit appears together. If you are wondering how to wear a turban or which turban styles will be appropriate for you then check out the turban colour combinations with shirts discussed below:  

1. Blue turban: The trending, elegant Combination

In recent times blue is a trending colour option. You can choose light blue or royal blue turban combinations with shirts. Although the basic pastel shades are popular in summer, blue is one of the trending ones. When you choose royal blue turbans matching with a suit then it can be paired with blue jeans or white shirts for an elegant appearance. There are some particular sects of Sikhs who prefer to wear a royal blue turban and such sects can’t wear any other colour. Typically, Tarsem Jassar Turban is the one which is available in a bright shade of navy blue or royal blue. This summer opt for this turban colour combination and style with elegance. 

2. Try a Black Turban combination for a classy look

A black turban is one of the versatile options that match any shirt combination. With a basic white shirt and black pants, you can pair up a black turban. This will offer you a classy look yet make you appear unique. If you choose a multi coloured shirt and turban colour combination, choose options like stripes, florals, and paisleys. With all types of designs, patterns, and colours, black turbans look great. In case you opt for a graphic or printed shirt or t-shirt then try a plain black turban. Hence, this is one of the best wearable turban colours for men. 

3. Pink Turban: Cool & Cosy Vibes

Light pink turban

During summer when you want to appear cool and comfortable then opt for a pink turban colour matching a shirt. Baby pink turbans look classy when paired with any cream or beige kurta pyjama. At times you can pair a light pink turban with a black kurta pyjama and look trendy. In almost all Sikh men’s wardrobes, you will find a pink turban. Jaipur turban styles also use pink turbans as ‘safa’ in their Hindu weddings. 

4. White Turban: Get into professional, formal Avatar

Usually, saints or men who are with saintly vibes, prefer white turbans. Often Sikh gurus are seen in white turbans. However, there are many formal places where men are required to wear white turbans according to the dress code. Lawyers who want to tie turban prefer white turbans. A Punjabi pant shirt with turban combination in black, white, or any neutral colour is extremely popular.

5. Yellow Turban: Add the fun element

One of the fun turban colour options is yellow. Apart from other soothing colours for summer, yellow is vibrant and appropriate to add a fun element to your overall look. You can opt for a white kurta pyjama combination with yellow turbans for a cool and dashing look. The turban colours in the yellow shade can be either lemon yellow or bright yellow. Both are vibrant and make you appear fun-loving. 

Turban styles may vary from region to religion but its core values unite different cultures together. Today, not only from the point of view of cultures, lots of men prefer to wear a turban as a style statement too. In many Indian weddings, men appear in different turban styles with their outfits to look traditional with a touch of modern style.

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