How to Wear Saree in Different Styles for Perfect Look | Trendy Saree Draping Style

How to wear saree in different styles for perfect look

Sarees have always been a favourite traditional Indian outfit that shows grace, femininity, and beauty. However, the process of wearing a saree can seem overwhelming, especially for those unfamiliar with this beautiful attire. In this post, we will guide you through everything you need to know about how to wear a saree, how to tie a saree, and how to wear saree in different styles, including how to wear saree in modern style. With our guidance and tricks, you’ll love sarees and have the confidence how to wear saree in different styles.

The question of how to wear saree may arise in a person’s mind when they have an upcoming occasion or event where they want to wear a traditional Indian outfit. It could also be as they are interested in fashion and want to try different ways to wear saree. 

To look your best, you need to know how to wear saree perfectly. Wearing a saree isn’t as hard as it looks. The process is to wrap the saree around your body, making pleats, and tucking them into your waistband. Depending on the type of saree and the occasion, you can try out different ways to drape it to create a unique look. Saree can be worn for casual and formal events, making them an essential part of every woman’s closet. This blog will guide you on how to wear saree and we’ll also discuss different saree wearing styles and how to wear saree step by step.

How to Wear Saree: Step by Step Process 

When learning a saree style, It’s important to know how to drape it. Even though it may not be as easy as putting on a casual outfit, with regular practice, it can be easier than it seems. Rest assured that the work will be worth it when you see how beautiful you will look as an Indian beauty. So let’s look at how to wear a saree step by step.

  1. Gather all the necessary items before starting – saree, blouse, petticoat, safety pins, accessories, and footwear like heels. It’s the basic things that matter when learning how to wear a saree perfectly.
  2. Put on the blouse and petticoat or underskirt, and make sure that the colour of the petticoat fits the colour of the saree. One of the best ways to wear a saree is to remember this. 
  3. Tie the petticoat tightly so that it doesn’t get in the way when you’re tucking in the saree. Wear your heels and drape the saree around your waist, tucking it into the petticoat or underskirt as you go. 
  4. Create pleats with the remaining fabric, ensuring that they are neat and even. Tuck the pleats into the petticoat on the right side of your navel and fix them with a pin.
  5. Drape the rest of the saree around your waist, taking it from left to right. Bring it over your shoulder and adjust the pallu’s size so that it reaches the back of your knee. Use a safety pin to secure the pallu on your shoulder.
  6. Arrange the pleats of the pallu according to your preference, either leaving them open or pleating them like the rest of the saree.
  7. Complete your look by wearing your makeup, accessories, and doing your hair.
  8. Congratulations, you’re ready to flaunt your saree and you now know the solution to your question, about how to wear a saree.

Different Styles of Wearing Saree

Knowing the right way how to wear a saree is essential to look good. For instance, you probably shouldn’t wear a basic cotton saree for a wedding, and you probably shouldn’t wear a Telugu style saree to the office on a casual day. In the same way, it’s important to choose the right fabric and draping style that suits the event and your personal style.

There are different ways to wear a saree for different events. For example, the Maharashtra saree style, traditional saree draping styles, or the Gujarati saree look might be perfect for a cultural event, while georgette saree draping styles might be more appropriate for a formal occasion. 

Learn how to wear saree step by step with these easy-to-follow instructions for how to wear saree in different styles.

Gujarati Style Saree

The traditional draping styles of sarees vary across different regions of India. For example, in the state of Gujarat, the pallu is brought to the front of the saree in a unique way. This Gujarati saree wearing style is commonly referred to as the sidha pallu drape. In the same way, this style is also popular in other Indian states.

How To Wear Gujarati Saree

  1. Start by wrapping the saree over your left shoulder and tucking it into the middle of your petticoat.
  2. Take the end section of the saree and make pleats, starting with the top border as the first pleat. Gather them firmly.
  3. Vertically hold the pleats and wrap them around your waist from the left side to the top right of your back shoulder.
  4. From the right shoulder, bring the pleats back to the front, allowing them to open towards the left-hand side. Tuck the pleats at the shoulder point with a pin to secure them.
  5. Lastly, bring the first border edge across your left side and tuck it in under your left armhole. Tuck it in to complete the draping process.

Marathi Style Saree

Looking to learn the traditional way of draping a saree in Maharashtra? Check out our step-by-step guide on how to wear Maharashtrian saree or Maharashtra saree style.

How To Wear Marathi Style Saree

  1. Begin by taking one metre of fabric and tying the bordered edges securely at the waist, leaving the rest of the length on your right side.
  2. Wrap the pallu around your front, then set it over your left shoulder, as you would with any traditional saree.
  3. To manage the loose length of fabric, start pleating it into 4-inch pleats, settling on 8 to 9 pleats. Bring them into the abdomen.
  4. Simply pull the pleats from between your legs and fold them into the back, creating a double borderline.
  5. Bring the pallu smoothly over your shoulder from the back.
  6. Fix the pallu at the waist on your left side in a strategic manner.
  7. Lastly, adjust the pleats and the pallu to ensure a neat and elegant look.

South Indian Style Saree

Achieve a gorgeous and elegant look by wearing sarees in the enchanting South Indian style. To drape a traditional South Indian saree, follow the step-by-step process of South Indian style saree draping.

How To Wear South Indian Style Saree

  1. To drape this style, you will need a traditional Indian saree. Tie a knot with the one-metre length of fabric at the centre of your waist to secure the saree in place.
  2. Make pleats with a shorter length of fabric, tucking one edge at the back and bringing the rest to the left side, tucking the last pleat at the front. 
  3. Bring the front of the saree to the back between your legs, tucking in the border edge at the back. 
  4. Secure the pallu on your left shoulder with a pin and bring it across the front from the right, tucking it at the waist.
  5. Make sure the borders on both sides of the saree are of equal length. You can also wear traditional jewellery and complete the look.

How to Wear Saree in Modern Style?

Indo Western Saree Draping

One of the most trendy fancy saree wearing styles is the Indo western saree draping. It is the perfect way to change up your traditional Indian look by pairing your saree with Western attire and draping it in a modern way. From young teenagers to women who love to attend parties and want to know how to wear saree in different styles for parties, this is the popular saree style that every female can wear. 

If you’re looking for how to wear saree in Western style, an Indo-western style could be a perfect choice. Here are some tips to wear indo western saree draping

  1. Pairing your saree with a shirt blouse can create a professional and polished look, especially if you opt for a striped shirt with a smart collar. 
  2. For a more casual vibe, consider wearing a crop top with your saree.
  3. You can create an Indo western look by experimenting with different draping styles. Try draping the pallu to the side or around the neck, or drape it from the back to fall vertically on the blouse. This will give you a stylish look while still maintaining the elegance of a traditional saree. 
  4. To complete your Indo western saree look, don’t forget to add some stylish accessories. You could opt for a pair of statement earrings, a bold bracelet, or a trendy necklace to give that perfect finishing touch to your ensemble.

Fish Cut Saree Style

The fish cut saree style is defined by its unique petticoat, which adds a touch of elegance to the whole look. This petticoat is snug at the waist and flares out at the bottom, accentuating your curves. The fish cut style is ideal for wearing with a flowy chiffon saree as the petticoat is kept simple with a drawstring that can be tightened or loosened.

The petticoat is the focal point of fish cut saree style, and it is usually made from a luxury fabric like silk, satin, or cotton. The end result is a mesmerising look that resembles a beautiful mermaid.

Tips on How to Wear Saree Perfectly to Look Slim

Looking slim and elegant in a saree is not just for those with ideal bodies. With the right way to drape a saree and the right fabrics, anyone can get this look. Learning how to wear a saree perfectly to look slim is not just about losing weight, it’s about choosing the right fabric and style that flatters your body. 

From the right pleats to the right way to drape the saree, there are many tips and tricks that can help you look slim in a saree. You, too, can look amazing in a saree with just a little bit of practice. Read about how to wear saree perfectly to look slim-

  1. Choose a fabric that is easy to manage and won’t add unnecessary volume to your look.
  2. Tuck the saree properly at the waist to avoid any bulkiness.
  3. Avoid too many pleats as they can add excess bulk to your appearance.
  4. Drape the saree tightly all over, to find the slim look and keep the pallu open and falling from your shoulders. This will hide any excess curves and give an elegant appearance.
  5. Experiment with different styles such as putting the pallu on the front, or wearing an all-black saree, and you can choose the option of draping the saree in a mermaid style, or with a double-layered pallu.

How to Wear Saree for Different Occasions?

1. A Guide to Wedding Saree Draping Styles

A wedding is a special day for every girl, and choosing the right saree and draping it beautifully can make all the difference in your look. Whether you’re wearing a traditional saree draping style or a beautiful saree wearing style, you should learn how to wear different types of saree for the wedding event. 

There are different saree styles to wear from silk saree wearing style to the trendy saree draping style. So, if you’re getting ready for a wedding, take some time to explore the different wedding saree draping styles and find the one that looks best on you.

2. Different Saree Wearing Styles for Parties

Looking for stylish party wear? Wear a saree, as it may be draped in many different styles of wearing saree. Here are some tips and ideas for saree wearing styles for parties-

  • When it comes to parties, don’t be worried to try something new with your saree. Try out different ways to drape your clothes to show off your inner diva and make an impact. If you’re wondering how to wear saree in different styles for a party, there are plenty of options to choose from.
  • Experiment with the gorgeous mermaid saree style by choosing a saree with a subtle shimmer instead of loud colours. Think about using a net fabric for a more translucent effect.
  • For a unique look, consider pairing an off-shoulder padded blouse with a diaphanous saree draped across your shoulder. The combo is sure to attract attention at any party! This style lets you show some skin while still keeping things classy. 
  • If you’re looking to stand out at your next event, you could wear fancy saree wearing styles.
  • For evening events, experiment with smokey eye makeup! The sultry, dramatic effect of your dark eyes would go well with how boldly you wear your fancy saree, making you the centre of attention.

3. Saree Wearing Style for Wedding Reception- Ideas to Look Gorgeous

The saree is an attire that most women choose to wear to the wedding reception. Learn these tips and ideas for saree wearing style for wedding reception- 

  1. For a wedding reception, you don’t need to outshine the bride, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress to impress. Opt for rich wedding wear with intricate details, like a sequined blouse, to make your look stand out.
  2. To add some flair, try draping the free pallu saree style or draping the pallu of your saree in a free flowing style. You could also put it on your shoulder lengthwise to show off the blouse. 
  3. You can add a touch of sparkle to your saree look with a jewelled belt around your waist.

With these tips and ideas for different saree wearing styles, you have got the answer to how to wear saree that will make you stand out at any party or event. Now, it’s time to try these styles of saree and create your own unique look. Feel free to try out different ways to wear saree, a variety of fabrics, colours, and draping methods to find the perfect saree style.

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