25 Indo Western Outfit Ideas for Men for Stylish Look

Indo western outfit ideas for men

Indo western dress for men has become popular in recent years. Every man wants to look stylish by wearing an Indo western. No matter the occasion, Indo western dress for men is a mix of things from Indian culture and the Western world of clothing. Indo western wear for men can be easily dressed for many events. The best feature of an Indo-Western dress for men is how easily it can be styled. 

Indo western for men is versatile and comfortable, making it a great choice for guys looking classy and stylish without giving up comfort. Are you looking for Indo Western outfits for men? There are many options available. It all depends upon the event and the individual’s unique style and personality. Now let’s find out Indo Western Outfit Ideas for Men and choose which one suits your style!

List of Indo Western Outfit Ideas for Men

1. Asymmetrical Achkan

Indo western dress must be light and aesthetically beautiful to be the ideal choice for summer. An asymmetrical achkan usually comes in cotton and silk that you can pair with pants. This unique achkan set has a leaf embroidery with a front-open achkan. It will look stunning for any pre-wedding events when worn with a slim-fit linen satin shirt-style kurta. 

2. Indo Western Floral Waistcoat

In the past, we looked into many floral sherwanis. Still, in this situation, you can show off an ethnic waistcoat with floral designs, which is a classic Indo western for men. The multicoloured flowers embellished on the waistcoat complement the monochrome style. If you want to look more stylish try to wear brown leather boots with this Indo western dress for males. 

3. A Bespoke Indo Western Bandhgala Suit

One of the best Indo western dresses for men is this Bandhgala Suit. A modified form of the classic Jodhpuri coat pants is the Bandhgala suit, a holdover from our colonial past’s ancient Jodhpurs. With the Indian Angrakha, they combined in some places. Modernised variants of this Indo Western for men play around with necklines, fits, and length to create an Indo-Western outfit for men. You can wear this Indo western suit for a more casual event, such as the Sangeet ceremony, or a casual get-together. 

4. Jodhpuri Coat pants

Although these and Bandhgala outfits typically have the same look, there are small differences. The coat maintains the Jodhpur aesthetic, but the trousers or pants do not have the same broad thighs. For an elegant yet Indian look, have this Indo Western for men in your wardrobe. Depending on how polished your outfit looks, you can wear this look beautifully for a cocktail party, a marriage ceremony, or a celebration.

5. The Indian Coat

One of the traditional Indo western dresses for men is this Indian coat. This type of Indo-Western for men is a mix of Indian and Western designs. You can wear the Indian coat for formal as well as casual events. It is a good option for weddings, social events, and other special occasions. The Indian coat goes well for daily wear. 

6. Just Royal Indo Western

An expertly designed, well-fitted galabandh suit in a single colour worn with chic leather shoes is the epitome of regal, masculine, and class! One of the classic and royal Indo western dresses for men is this Galabandh suit. A galabandh suit is suitable for formal occasions like weddings, engagement parties, and other significant events. If your job has a formal dress code, you can also wear it there.

7. Nehru Jacket

Indian men’s fashion has evolved due to the addition of historical drama films to Bollywood. You can look elegant and stylish wearing Nehru jackets. When styling a Nehru jacket, you also have a variety of options. For a more casual appearance, you can wear it with a Pathani kurta, Jodhpuri pants, or a pair of jeans. 

8. Traditional Black Achkan

Black is the most popular colour when it comes to Indo western for men. Shahid Kapoor is often referred to as the charming boy of Bollywood. You’ve seen him wearing a black achkan with unique button detailing that goes well with a white churidar. Try wearing polished leather shoes to complete your Indo western outfit or to emulate Shahid Kapoor’s charm. 

9. Sherwani with Embroidered Trousers

Have you ever considered wearing trousers with a sherwani? Any groom can carry this Indo western dress for men with comfort. The trousers that go with it are embroidered to complement the lovely look of the sherwani. You can accessories this Indo western for men in a very smart way to offer some glitter in a vintage and slight way. When going wedding dress shopping, you can choose the same look for Indo western dresses for men. 

10. Indo Western Fusion 

Fusion fashion is the blending of two or more unique cultural outfits and styles for an overall look that accurately reflects each background. If you want to get a quick style of Indo western for men wear a kurta with a pair of jeans. This Indo western fusion is a perfect way to find the unique Indo western for boys. You can also wear a waistcoat or a jacket to the outfit to dress it up.

11. All Black Indo Western for Men

Another Indo western dress for boys is a stylish black kurta that you can wear with black pants as an all-black Indo Western for men. It is good to choose a kurta asymmetrical hem and free-fall design with a unique neckline. When a groom attends events like a sangeet or roka ceremony, this appearance works extremely well.

12. A Sufi Kurta with a Banarasi Jacket

This one-of-a-kind fusion clothing is unique! It’s easy to combine classic and modern trends by wearing a Sufi kurta with a Banarasi jacket. For a wedding, this Indo western for men is a perfect option because it is both classy and traditional. You can also wear this banarasi jacket and kurta to formal parties, festivals, and events. To complete this Indo western kurta for men try to wear suitable jewellery. 

13. All-white Sherwani with Pants

In the list of Indo western dresses for men, this unique ensemble is fully ethnic because of the sherwani kurta’s style, which has pleats and a flared skirt-like look. However, it is a masterpiece of an Indo western for boys. Add a white collar jacket to this Indo western kurta for men. In fact, according to certain fashion influencers, the flared sherwani style is similar to the skirts which will look good when worn on special occasions. 

14. Printed Waistcoats

A large vertical opening at the front of a waistcoat is covered with buttons. They offer an elegant combination of traditional and Western styles. The tones, beige, pastel blue, and mild pink, are not particularly Indian in colour. The prints on the waistcoat make them stylish and unique! This Indo western for men is a fantastic alternative for groom costumes for Indian weddings. 

15. The Blazer Sherwani

This unique blazer sherwani in the Indo-Western style is appropriate for men. It is clearly quite ethnic because of the cut, the matte gold work, etc. But the suit’s length and collared style give it an almost blazer-like look. Due to the asymmetrical hem, tapered pants, and black shoes, the appearance is really “Indo western”.

16. Long Black Indo Western Dress for Men

The best instance of Indo western dress for men is a Jodhpuri suit. However, in this instance, the fashion has been a little bit stretched! A Jodhpur-style coat comes in a variety of designs, including those with a beautiful collar, a button line, and a pocket square. The length is the only variation. You can wear this Indo western for men for formal occasions like weddings, engagement parties, and other significant events.

17. Indo-Western Sherwani

This is a traditional outfit as a groom in a sherwani is always a good choice. You can wear a kurta with churidar pants for an Indo-Western sherwani or you can opt for cigarette pants, which are thin at the bottom. An asymmetrical kurta or one with slits will look unique as well as help you stand out if you’re going for cigarette pants. 

18. Kurtas with Denim Jeans

One of the most popular Indo western outfits for men is a kurta with denim jeans. By wearing a kurta with jeans you can show off the traditional look with casual jeans. A common and simple style is this particular one. It is stylish yet classy. You can wear practically any colour of kurta with a pair of black or darker-coloured blue jeans.

19. The Angrakha-Jacket Combo

Jodhpuri suits resemble Western suits in many ways. It has swiftly evolved into another preferred outfit for the groom due to its narrow sleeves, mandarin collar, and shirt details. Choose a tailored Jodhpuri Indo-Western outfit with contrast narrow-bottom trousers and full-length sleeves. Many grooms favour them over regular or Indo-Western sherwani. The grooms who choose casual attire will like the comfort it provides. One of the most beautiful Indo western dresses for men is this. 

20. Off Blazer with Dhoti

Although difficult to carry, this outfit enhances the idea of Indo western for men to new heights. In this instance, a Jodhpuri coat in a double-buttoned design can be worn over a long kurta. If you will wear this with pants this style will look simple. Try to wear this with a silk dhoti that will completely change the style. 

21. Asymmetrical Angrakha

An Angrakha has appeared on the screen several times. However, designing it with an asymmetrical cut, it is given a fresh look that makes it appealing for Indo-western outfits for men. In this dapper clothing, any groom will definitely appear attractive. In addition, this Indo western dress for men does not call for a dupatta, you can wear it as casual. 

22. Long Coat & Pyjama

Men who wish to be fashionable and at ease at the same time might consider an Indo western coat pant combination. You can choose an Indo western coat pant combination that matches your preferences among the numerous designs and colours that are offered. For formal occasions like weddings and parties, you can wear this Indo western dress for boys. 

23. Shirts with Dhoti pants

Dhoti pants, that pair with shirts, are a more classy and fashionable form of the dhoti. This is a unique approach to combining traditional clothing with the rest of the culture. You may try pairing a dhoti with shirts, or if you’re feeling especially bold, you could try it with coats. Brooches and sunglasses are both fantastic accessories to go with this Indo western for men.

24. Royal Sherwani

Indian weddings are known for their culture, glamour, and royalty. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion where the bride and groom are treated like royalty. So the groom might choose a royal sherwani to make that image come to reality. It consists of a heavy dupatta, Angarkha or kurta with rich embroidery, and a churidar salwar. This Indo western for men suits every groom perfectly.

25. Achkan Kurta Jacket

For any ethnic occasion, an Achkan-style floral kurta looks chic and elegant. This Indo Western dress for men of silk fabric gives it a glossy, gorgeous look and makes it pleasant to wear. To look more elegant add a pocket square. This Indo Western dress for boys is usually worn for special events like weddings and festivals.

Well! You have got the most stunning and dapper 25 Indo Western Outfits for Men. These Indo Western dresses for men will help you find the best look for weddings, special events, and other parties. So, rock the party with these 25 Indo Western Outfits for Men for dapper dudes. 

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