Top 10 Kanjeevaram Saree Style Ideas By Hiscraves

Kanjeevaram saree style

Kanjivaram or Kanchipuram silk sarees are known for their beautiful texture, elaborate motifs, and brilliant colours. To capture the beauty and elegance of this beautiful item of clothing, proper styling is essential. We should know how to style our beautiful saree to look more stunning. Ladies now is the moment to take notes if you want to glam up your South Indian wedding style. For the upcoming wedding season, we’re going to show you some unique Kanjeevaram saree style ideas by Hiscraves. By draping your Kanjivaram Sarees in different ways, you may make a statement. 

The Kanjivaram sarees originated from the Kanchipuram region in Tamil Nadu. The saree’s beautiful silk fabric, weaved from pure mulberry silk from Kanchipuram and Zari from Gujarat, defines it from other silk sarees. So, find these 10 ways to style Kanjivaram sarees by Hiscraves. 

Unique Kanjeevaram Saree Style Ideas 

The gorgeous nine-yard silk Kanjivaram saree is worn by a lot of South Indian women on their wedding day. You may also modernize classic attire in any way you choose by adding your unique touches. 

1. Kanjivaram Saree Style: Open Pallu

The open pallu is a traditional way to wear a Kanjivaram saree. Leave the pallu hanging open in front of you rather than draped over the shoulder. All you have to do to wear an open pallu is drape your saree over your shoulder and allow the pallu to fall at your front. The end of the pallu can then be tied off or tucked into your blouse.

2. Kanjivaram Saree Style with a Contrast Blouse

Another way to style a Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram saree is to wear it with a blouse that has a contrasting border. This will create a more eye-catching look. You can choose a blouse with a border in a different colour or pattern, or you can choose a blouse with a border that is made from a different fabric.

3. Kanjivaram Saree Style: Layered Look

A layered look is an excellent way to give your Kanjivaram saree a more beautiful look. To achieve a more layered effect, you can add a dupatta, jacket, or blouse over the saree. Wear a sheer jacket or cape over your Kanjivaram sari to give the traditional outfit an updated look. This may give you a regal and royal look. 

4. Kanjivaram Saree Style with a Dupatta

Ladies, you’re going to love this if you enjoy using your wardrobe to break up the routine. A good way to bring some colour and flair to a Kanjivaram saree is with a dupatta. You can choose a dupatta that is made from the same fabric as the saree, or you can choose a dupatta that is made from a different fabric.

5. Half Sari Style

To create this look, drape the pallu over one shoulder and pleat it at the back. By uniquely arranging the pleats, you may also add some personality. For example, you could create a fanned-out shape or a zigzag pattern. For a semi-formal or casual occasion, this look is ideal. This Kanjivaram saree styling is an awesome way to highlight your saree’s beautiful design.

6. Kanjivaram Saree Style with Statement Jewelry

Kanjivaram sarees are known for their intricate and beautiful designs, so it’s important to choose statement jewellery that will complement the saree, rather than compete with it. Choose statement jewellery that highlights the regal beauty of the saree including chokers, jhumkas, or elegant necklaces. Jewellery made of gold or antiques suits the classic style nicely. 

7. Kanjivaram Saree Wearing Style with Classic Drape 

Draping your traditional saree in new ways is a perfect way to update your look. The Nivi style, in which the pallu is elegantly pleated and draped over the shoulder, is the usual way to drape a Kanjivaram sari. This way to style Kanjivaram sarees is a classic and elegant style that is perfect for any occasion. To add style and flair, you can also wear a dupatta or jacket over the sari. Try draping the pallu in various ways to get a unique look.

8. Kanchipuram Saree Style with Belted Saree

Adorn your saree with a beautiful belt to give it a more modern touch. Your waistline will be highlighted, and your silhouette will look sharper. A Kanchipuram saree with a striking, detailed pattern is what you should choose. You might combine it with a bracelet, necklace, and earrings. The other option would be to dress in sandals or heels. Wearing a Kanchipuram saree belted will give you a fashionable and refined look with less effort.

9. Kanjivaram Saree Blouse Style

Your wedding is the day to shine, and your blouse is an important part of your look. You can easily update your wedding style with a plethora of gorgeous blouse patterns. All you need to do is choose between a chic sleeveless blouse and a modern embroidered blouse! No matter what your style, you’re sure to find a stunning blouse design to elevate your wedding look.

10. Style with a Saree Dress

A sari dress is a great way to wear a Kanjivaram saree in a more modern setting. You can choose a sari dress that is made from the same fabric as the saree, or you can choose a sari dress that is made from a different fabric.

The Kanjivaram Silk saree is considered a royal and rich saree among other types of Silk sarees in India. It is typically worn as a bridal saree in South Indian weddings or on special occasions. Try these above mentioned ways to style your Kanjivaram saree. 

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