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Kitty party themes

Nowadays, themed kitty parties are very popular. The woman kitty party dress code themes add an enjoyable vibe of excitement to the event’s introduction. A boring party can be spiced up with the stunning dress code for the event. This blog has some creative kitty party themes if you’re looking for some ideas! Here are plenty of creative dress themes for kitty parties, that cover the traditional kitty party dress code themes to winter theme kitty party dress code. Every theme has its unique style, whether you’re dressing elegantly in sarees and kurta in ethnic detail or wrapped up in warm layers for a chilly celebration. Let’s take a look at dressing themes for parties. 

SummerKitty Party Dress Code Themes

1. Women’s Day

For your summer party, consider a women’s day theme. Let your buddies wear anything they like. Send out invitations such as a quote about women or a photo of a joyful celebration. Adorn some fresh flowers and scented candles to the place. For the food, it’s also worthwhile to include fast food items like spaghetti, pizza, cutlets, burgers, and sandwiches.

2. Summer Theme

Summertime is the perfect season for evening poolside gatherings. Bathing suits must be worn if you want to host a party by the pool. Otherwise, the outfit can be anything casual and stylish. In terms of venue decoration, a poolside celebration might include a snack and a drinks counter positioned conveniently beside the pool.

3. April Fool Theme

One theme for a kitty party in April could be April Fools. You can advise your pals to wear casual attire because April is a hot month. Place balloons with amusing or joyful faces all over the place to decorate it. Anything on the menu that makes you hungry can serve as a good start for meals.

4. Spring Theme

In May, go for a spring theme. Wearing vibrantly coloured floral outfits and accessorising with a fresh flower tiara is appropriate attire. Decorate the celebration space with fragrant floating candles in crystal vases and fresh flowers. Serve fruit beers or mocktails, as well as starters and a sweet dessert made with springtime fruits, to your guests as food ideas.

Winter – Kitty Party Dress Code Themes

5. Bonfire Theme

For November and December, the bonfire concept is among the best kitty settings. Wear anything warm that can be enjoyed outside on a cold winter’s evening. Make a bonfire pit in your garden for the venue’s decor. Serve hot dogs, sausages, and other barbecue foods along with hot cocoa or coffee for a bonfire-themed celebration.

6. White and Black

The winter season is the best time for setting up a black-and-white theme as the days are usually gloomy and the snow is white. As the name implies, black and white is the appropriate attire. Decorate the space with black and white drapes, chairs, tablecloths, flowers, and other accessories. A theme-appropriate menu should include appetisers, oreo shakes, and black forest cake.

7. Christmas Theme Kitty Party Dress Code

A Christmas kitty-themed party is the best way to spread cheer. Use Christmas trees, snowman, Santa cutouts, and balloons in the colours red, and white to decorate your place. Food starters for the Christmas concept event are pizzas, burgers, and grape juice. 

8. Lohri Theme

The best time for a Lohri-themed kitty party is January. The vibe of Lohri is set by a Patiala suit, parandas, and jootis. In the garden, build a bonfire and set up mats for sitting. Carry dhol and more musical instruments for dancing and singing around the fire. Sweets and other food items might be arranged in a buffet.

9. Republic Day Theme

Plan an enjoyable event with a Republic Day vibe. You may wear any national costume. Organise for the venue to be adorned with rangoli flowers or photographs of the independence warriors. You can have any type of Indian food. 

Creative Kitty Party Dress Code Themes

10. Bollywood

It is among the most well-liked and creative themes for kitty gatherings. The vibe can be set by dressing like a specific character, such as Mastani from “Bajirao Mastani,” Geet from “Jab We Met,” or a Bollywood heroine you like inspiring. Hang movie posters on the walls and decorate the area with images of Bollywood celebrities. Serving nachos with popcorn, momos, pizzas, etc would be delicious.

11. Friendship Day

In August, plan a friendship day theme. For a kitty party theme that is based on Friendship Day, any fun, casual attire is appropriate. Smileys, bright balloons, lovely phrases, etc. can be used to beautify the place. There can be fast food options such as pizza, pasta, burgers, momos, and coke or cola.

12. Retro Theme Kitty Party Dress

During the 90s, disco dancing was all the rage, with women styling bouffant hairdos and men wearing flared pants. It’ll be entertaining to plan a retro-themed celebration. A retro concept is the “hippie” style, which includes big, round spectacles, pendants with peace signs, bell-bottom pants, long skirts with floral prints, and winged eyeliner. 

13. Punjabi Theme Kitty Party Dress

At a Punjabi-themed celebration, Patiala suits would be a perfect option for the clothing. You may style your look with the braided hair and jootis. Instead of using chairs for decorating, use charpoys; you may even set up a Punjabi Dhaba. Serve kulcha, rajma chawal, fish Amritsari, and choley bhaturey with lassi as food items.

14. New Year

Celebrate the New Year with a New Year-themed gathering. Invite your friends to dress for the occasion in a black, or red dress. Use lights, balloons, and spinning disco balls to adorn the location. The perfect games for a New Year’s party concept are crazy ones like blowing up balloons.

15. Red Carpet

The red carpet scheme is perfect for those who enjoy a little sparkle and glitz. The attire ought to be opulent and fashionable, such as long, flowing gowns or luxurious saris. Set up a red carpet near the party hall entrance. Round tables with chairs and floral arrangements are set up inside the venue. Hire a photographer to create a look of a red carpet outside the party space.

16. Hawaiian Theme

A casual and fun theme party is a Hawaiian one. Invite your guests to dress in flowy, colourful gowns with blooming flower garlands over their necks and heads, along with flip-flops. To create the vibe of a beach, gather sand, sun umbrellas for lounge chairs, colourful tablecloths, fragrant candles, and other decorations. 

17. Fashion Show

If the women in your kitty club enjoy getting dressed up and showing off the newest styles, you may make your gathering a fashion show. To reward the winners, ensure that you have enough sashes and crowns. Plan a few questions to ask the guests, just like at a fashion show. Your friends may show their personality and confidence by catwalk on the ramp.  

18. Casino

It’s not necessary to travel to Vegas to spend an evening at the casino. For the event, you can now bring Vegas inside your house. Wear clothing in red, white, and black. Card games such as blackjack and poker can be included. 

19. DIY Celebration

Have a DIY event if your guests are interested in getting their palms dirty and creating something new. Add some beautiful things and craft supplies. Let them all do anything they want to do. A craft created by another event member can be given to each guest afterwards.

20. Valentine Theme

For this event concept, select cards in the shape of hearts for the invitation. If flowers, balloons, bands, or satin drapes are part of the motifs, red and white work with the best. You may create a perfect atmosphere with calm music, an exotic floral setup, and scented candles. Women have the option to team up and dress as either men or women.

Kitty Party Themes to Celebrate the Rainy Season

21. Festive Craze

The festive vibe and lots of fun is all about during the monsoon season. Women can be dressed in traditional costumes. The monsoon plate is made better by traditional treats including mouthwatering golgappas, samosas, and pakoras. 

22. Raindrops

Use the raindrops concept for your celebration to capture the natural beauty of raindrops. Using card paper, you may create adorable hanging mobiles that you can display in your home. For the final touch of the scene, add paper clouds and rainbows. Even though rain usually comes with a gloomy sky, you can add colour to the occasion by using raindrops of various hues.

23. Travel

Generally, travel is put on hold during rainy days. Plan a vacation-themed celebration to bring travel right to your house. Also, you can have a menu that features a range of dishes from around the world, as well. 

24. Green

As monsoon brings with it a lot of greenery, an all-green concept is a perfect choice to welcome in the season. You may request that everyone attending wear clothing in the same colour of green. Greenery can be placed within the venue, at the door, etc.


The monsoon season’s most vibrant theme is this one. When writing the invitation for the rainbow-themed gathering, use rainbow typefaces. Make everyone wear rainbow-coloured clothing. Try to include jellies and rainbow cupcakes on the menu.

Now, pick an appropriate theme, then host a fabulous kitty theme party to surprise your friends!

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