5 Long Coat Styles That are Trending Right Now

Long coat styles that are trending right now

Winter is here and a list of winter outfits could not be complete without the long coat styles. A warm and comfortable long coat will make your look perfect for any event. A plethora of winter coat styles may be used to create a stylish look for the colder months. Winter coats are essential pieces of clothing that always make an outfit appear stylish and luxurious. There are various types of long coat styles apart from trench coats or puffer coats that would give you a completely different style this winter as well as trending right now. Here are 5 long coat styles that are trending right now.

List of the Long Coat Styles

1. Shearling Coat

For a while now, the shearling style has been gaining popularity. You can feel the elegance, warmth, and style in this long coat style. The shearling outfit, which gives a feeling of luxury and celebrity, became popular after the release of the popular stylish series “Emily in Paris.” Shearling coats come in a variety of styles, from short and cropped to long and luxurious. Luxurious shearling coats with attractive heels provide just the right level of elegance needed for the winter. One of the best options is the shearling coat if you’re seeking a warm and fashionable winter coat. 

2. Trench Coat

For many reasons, trench coats are an essential piece of French fashion as well as a perfect long coat. When it comes to classic and durable clothing, a trench coat has always been at the peak of the list. Wearing a coat as a dress is a classic fashion statement. It keeps you cosy and stylish on a crisp winter evening and a chilly winter morning. Wear it on with high boots for a style that will turn heads. For an extra feminine style, pair your trench coat with stiletto heels, long bell-bottom pants that reach the base of your feet, and a belted waist. 

Moreover, it can be worn layered with sweaters as well as other winter attire. When it comes to the colours of the trench coat you can go for red, black yellow, and white which will give you a perfect look. Try to add a tote bag with this long coat style. 

3. Shell Coat

In recent years, quilted shelled coats and shell jackets have grown in popularity as they look elegant and stylish. The fabric used to make shelled coats, a style of long coat, is often nylon or polyester, which is waterproof or water-resistant. It’s lightweight and functional, covering you like a waterproof blanket long coat with premium quilted layers and sturdy puffers. This long coat style is perfect for layering, and for an elegant look, wear it paired with a turtleneck sweater. 

4. Robe Coat

The fur robe coats look similar to a bathroom robe, which is elegant, stylish, and fashionable. The Robe long coat keeps you warm during the season. If you paired with short midi skirts and high heels boots, these long coats provide a fitted silhouette and a casual vibe. On the other hand, with a bodycon dress and high heeled boots, robe coats will make you more stylish for any event. Such long coat styles are perfect for both formal and casual parties as well as casual outings. The best thing about a robe coat is that you can wear this long coat if you want to relax and chill. 

5. Floor Sweeping Coat

Last but not least, this long coat style has been making stylish waves in the fashion industry. Floor-sweeping long coats, which wrap you like a cosy blanket and look amazing with high-rise boots, continue to be one of the best coats of the season. It may be worn with comfort to dinner parties and shopping because of its full body coverage and perfect fit, which provide an elegant silhouette with less work. Although designer brands serve looks best with bodycon dresses, maxi dresses also work well with these long coat styles. 

Well, we’ve mentioned the best long coat styles that are trending right now. Everybody may find a long coat style that suits them, whether they want something warm and comfy to wear during the winter. So, don’t wait! Try these long coat styles to get a perfect look for any occasion.

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