Top 15 Mens Underwear Brands In India

Mens underwear brands

Whenever it’s about our appearance, we tend to give all importance to suits, jeans, jackets, shirts, and t-shirts. But often we tend to forget about our undergarments. Mostly underwear is underrated and men don’t give much importance to underwear brands. With time, men have also become conscious about their undergarments and today there is a huge range of mens underwear brands available in the market. To make your selection easier, we’ve compiled here the top 15 men’s underwear brands in India. You can choose from any of these brands and select the right underwear to remain comfortable throughout!

The clothes that you wear define your personality and also offer your comfort and confidence. Your overall appearance remains incomplete without comfortable underwear. If you are still using cheap and improper underwear thinking it won’t be visible, then wait! It can turn your day into a disaster. Apart from feeling comfortable, using good underwear has a lot of health benefits. It will keep your private parts in a comfortable position as well as cool throughout the day. Check out the best underwear for men from the brands mentioned below and pick the one that is suitable for you. 

Top 15 Mens Underwear Brands in India 2023

In India, today you can find numerous men’s underwear brands. Below listed are the ones that are known across the country for their amazing quality and comfortability. The brands mentioned here are not in any specific order so you can select any of them for buying your comfortable underwear. 

1. Rupa

Rupa undergarments for men

The age-old brand Rupa is one of the top underwear brands in India. The underwear from this brand is total value for money. It was established in 1968 by the Agarwala family, later it was diversified. Today, there are many other brands and products under Roopa. Some of them include Macroman and Roopa Frontline. You can understand how big this brand is by the fact that it holds a position in the Limca Book of Records as ‘ The largest innerwear producer in India’. Apart from this prestigious award, Roopa was also awarded ‘Best Corporate Brand’ in 2015. If you are in search of the best underwear for men in India then your search ends here. Its underwear is of super quality and most importantly very affordable. 

2. Calvin Klein

Calvin klein undergarments for men

Founded by Calvin Klein and Barry Schwartz in 1968, Calvin Klein is another top men’s underwear brand in India. This brand is one of the biggest designer brands in the world. Across 110 countries, it has been featured in many music videos, songs, and movies. Calvin Klein is one of the businesses owned by the fashion giant PVH Corp.(Phillips Van Heusen Corporation). In India, this is one of the best men’s underwear brands which is perceived as one of the ultimate luxury brands for underwear. Although it is quite expensive, in fact among the most expensive ones, it is still the most sought-after brand because of its luxurious quality. 

3. Jockey

Jockey undergarments for men

In 2023, if you think about which underwear brand is best for men, the definite name of Jockey will surely cross your mind. One of the main reasons is its wide aspect of promotion. Jockey is an American company that was founded in 1876, almost 150 years ago which makes it one of the oldest companies on the list too. Samuel T Cooper founded Jockey for lumberjacks in the USA. This is the brand that has completely redefined the concept of underwear for the Indian markets. Apart from underwear, it is known as a premium clothing company selling products across 140 countries. Its products include clothes for men, women, and children of all ages in the best designs and premium quality.  

4. Dollar Big Boss

Dollar big boss undergarments for men

Among the best underwear brands in India, Dollar Big Boss is one of the popular names. You might have come across the popular ad of Salman Khan for Dollar Big Boss who also happens to be the brand ambassador of this brand. Just like Rupa, it is also one of the favourite brands of Indian men because of its budget-friendly innerwear. If you are looking for the best underwear brands in India that comes even on a tight budget then Dollar Big Boss is worth considering. This is a brand that is able to deliver comfort at an affordable price without compromising the quality. Its combo packs are the best, you can opt for that and you’re sorted for months.  

5. Chromozome

Chromozome undergarments for men

Another best underwear brand for men in India is Chromozome. This is an Indian brand established in January 2001 by Huechem Textiles Pvt. Ltd. Based in Mumbai, this brand became popular for its excellent quality innerwear for men in India. Whenever any men needed fashionable innerwear then Chromozome was their first preference. Again, this is the brand that offers you comfortable underwear at an affordable price range. If you are searching for the best underwear brand for men then you can give this brand a try. Their comfort and quality will never disappoint you. 

6. Van Heusen

Van heusen undergarments for men

Often people think that Van Heusen is an Indian brand but in reality, it is the brand that was founded by Moses Philips, Dramin Jones, and John Van Huesuen in 1881 in the USA. Today, it is a fashion conglomerate with more than USD 7 Billion and also owns some of the big brands in the fashion industry. Although it deals with almost all sections of garments, it is among the top 10 underwear brands in India. Along with premium men’s wear, the company is known for its high-quality underwear for them. They use high-quality materials for their garments and that’s the reason you can feel ultimate comfort in them. 

7. Da Mensch

Damensch undergarments for men

By seeing the name Da Mensch, many people may think that this is an international brand. But it is an Indian men’s brand founded by Anurag Sahoo and Gaurav Pushkar. Although they are a new player, they have gained a lot of momentum and have recently become one of the top underwear brands. The products by this company are always of premium quality and so is its men’s underwear. You can stay comfortable in them throughout the day. By bringing in innovation, this brand has introduced excellent designs and materials for underwear in the market. Due to its unique designs, it is able to stand out among the best underwear brands in India.


Fcuk undergarments for men

When it comes to boy’s underwear brands we can’t miss out FCUK. Popularly known as FCUK (French Connection United Kingdom) is among the top 10 underwear brands in India. Although it is completely an international fashion brand it offers luxurious underwear for men in India. In 1970, Stephen Marks founded the company and after that, it became famous across the world because of its bold advertising and brand positioning. Whenever it is about luxury clothing then FCUK is one of the popular brand names Indians opt for and its men’s underwear collection is the most loved one. Although it is one of the expensive ones, its excellent quality makes it worth it.


Xyxx men's undergarments

If you are in search of one of the best underwear for men then your search ends at XYXX. This is one of the top brands that has completely changed the Indian market of innerwear. It is known for its bold and quirky designs and most importantly Indian customers have embraced them wholeheartedly. Be it neon colours or funky prints, you can get anything and everything that you are looking for in fashionable underwear for men. Apart from amazing designs, it is the brand that is known for its top-notch fabric technology. They make use of Supima cotton and Micromodal fabric so you can remain assured about comfort and breathability when you purchase their underwear.

10. Adidas

Adidas men's undergarments

When you hear the name Adidas most of us get an image of sports shoes or any footwear, Adidas has come beyond that and today it is also known as one of the best underwear brands in India. Along with innovative designs it uses advanced technology that allows them to make the best quality underwear in India. They use moisture-wicking materials which ensures you feel comfortable throughout. Even during intense workouts, their underwear will render comfort. Whether you are looking for classic stripes or bold prints you get all types of men’s underwear. That’s the reason it is one of the best men’s underwear brands in India.

11. Marks & Spencer

Marks & spencer men's undergarments

Popularly known for its use of luxurious fabrics, Marks & Spencer is a brand name that is not new for any Indian men. If you want to buy your underwear from one of the top Indian underwear brands then this is the one that you must opt for. Today, it has become a go-to brand because of its wide range of collections of men’s underwear. Be it comfy boxers or classic prints you can find all types of underwear in this brand. The part of Marks & Spencer men’s underwear is that they are made of breathable and premium quality fabric material. 

12. Under Armour

Under armour men's undergarments

Most brands of underwear in India offer comfort and breathability but their comfort level doesn’t sustain heavy workouts or sports activities. But Under Armour is one of the top boy’s underwear brands in India that offer high-quality underwear that are perfect for any activity. Beyond the quality, they also offer high-performance designs that render essential support while performing any activity. Now, you can focus completely on your workout and remain comfortable. The ergonomic designs of the underwear for men are not only comfortable but fashionable too.

13. US Polo

Us polo men's undergarments

US Polo is one of the popular fashion brands known for its stylish clothing ranges. Apart from its fashionable clothes, it is also among the top undergarment brands in India. If you are wondering which type of underwear is the best for males then also prefer the best quality branded underwear. In that case, US polo men’s underwear is the best choice. You get a wide range of stylish and comfortable designs that are perfect for all types of Indian wear. The premium quality fabrics and minute detailing in their undergarment designs make it comfortable as well as durable. Apart from underwear, you can find a huge variety of classic briefs and trendy trunks.

14. Levis

Levi's men's undergarments

The name Levis is favourite for denim lovers. Very few men are aware that Levis is one of the best underwear brands in India. If you are in search of the best quality underwear in India, then opt for Levis. Their premium quality fabric material and stylish designs make their underwear comfortable as well as fashionable. The stretch spandex and breathable cotton fabric will render maximum comfort even when you wear them for long hours. Their bold branding adds a touch of style and that’s the reason many young boys love to flaunt it. Apart from men’s underwear, you can find an exclusive range of briefs, boxers, and trunks at Levis. 

15. Euro

Euro men's undergarments

Among the top underwear in India, Euro men’s underwear is the most popular one. It is a brand from Rupa which was established in 2001. This brand especially targets Indian men’s innerwear requirements. Within budget, you can get a range of underwear that are more than just comfortable. As per its advertisements, it claims to be a fashionable innerwear brand made in India. Coming out of classic colours and designs it has launched myriad colours and designs. Many Indians prefer the Euro brand’s underwear over others because of their easy availability and premium quality at an affordable price. 

Well, now you are well aware of the top 15 men’s underwear brands in India in 2023. Whenever you need to make a purchase choose any one of them according to your budget and you can easily get comfortable underwear. Each brand has a unique style and design and is available at different price ranges. So, check out your requirements and make an informed purchase to stay comfortable in your undergarments!

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