10 Most Common Women Outfits problems to avoid in summer

Summer Outfits are quite special for every woman. They are not only special but also provide comfort to cope with hot weather. In women’s closets, mostly summer clothes are present in different cuts, designs, and materials. They are used as everyday wear and that’s why it’s essential to pick the right summer outfits. At times there are certain pervasive most Common Women Outfits problems for women. This blog is all about that. It mentions the most pervasive problems that women face in their outfits. 

Problems in Summer Outfits Problems for women |

1. Fake Pockets:

Many manufacturers incorporate fake pockets in women’s clothing. It seems to be present in almost all types of designs. The most important problem of summer outfits for women is these fake pockets. They keep bothering you while there is no useful aspect of them. While men use the advantage of their pockets, women have to suffer from the inconvenience of not having pockets and have to drag their purses wherever they go.  

The solution for this is that designers can actually include real pockets in place of fake ones and increase the usability of the trousers. Mostly summer wear for women becomes inconvenient because of the absence of pockets. Upon including the pockets girls can also enjoy its usability even after dressing in classy and elegant dresses.  

2. See through Fabrics

Usually, summer outfits for women are made of very thin fabric. At times it can become a see-through material. Some of the blouses and shirts may get through even with such materials but many others may seem completely inappropriate. Often you have to wear a camisole under to wear such summer clothes. This could be disgusting when you are already coping with a hot summer.

Besides that, there is no point in buying see-through clothes when you have to wear something else with them. These days lots of designers are opting for see-through fabrics. It is a serious problem in summer outfits for women and needs to be addressed. Manufacturers can use a bit thicker material so that women wouldn’t have to layer something else and dress up elegantly and comfortably in summer clothes.  

3. One size for all

In recent times, lots of brands have started manufacturing one size for all. But the fact is one size is not meant for all. All of us are differently shaped so there is no one single size in which all of us can fit. These days the trend of oversized clothes is popular among girls. So, lots of brands are manufacturing oversized clothes for all.

It makes no sense and some girls would end up looking poorly dressed in the wrong sizes. Even in cases of oversized dresses, the size should be only one or two sizes larger than the regular size. That’s the reason brands should manufacture ladies’ summer dresses a bit loose and flowy but not one size for all. 

4. Arbitrary sizes

Often women’s sizes are completely meaningless and arbitrary in comparison to men’s clothing sizes. Usually, men’s sizes are determined on the basis of inseam and waist size. Whereas the sizes of women’s clothes are determined in various ways,  there’s no particular way to do so. That’s the reason different brands have their own sizes and often women have to struggle to find the one that is of their size.

Women are always excited about fashion and when it is summer outfits for women then they become extra careful while selecting them. Hence, it becomes necessary that the brands follow a standard size and process their manufacturing accordingly. This will allow women to select their favourite summer dresses in the right size. 

5. Too Revealing clothes

Summer outfits for women are made of thin fabrics and often women make the common fashion mistake of choosing highly revealing clothes. Short shorts, thin cotton tops, and crop tops may be very tempting in scorching hot weather. These clothes may be the right fit for certain places like a beach party or a casual party but they may not be proper for formal or semi-formal events.

Many women prefer to reveal tops with too much cleavage or sheer fabric with an opaque camisole. This can make you feel even hotter. It’s better to opt for lightweight clothes but you should ensure that they are not too revealing. 

Even in the case of bottoms like leggings shouldn’t be too thin as that can expose your curves and inner wear lines. Besides that, also make sure that the waist is not too low to reveal your underwear when you bend. If you have already purchased low waistline bottom wear then pair it with longer tops for preventing this situation.

While selecting the right top and bottom set outfit you can choose mini skirts with tops, crop tops with high-waist pants, V-backs with low-waist pants, and a lot more. Always opt for such pieces that are in trend but not too revealing. 

6. Wrong Fabric material

There’s a wrong perception that summer outfits for girls should be made up of cotton fabric only. Cotton fabric is definitely the best material for your summer clothes but some other fabrics can also make summers bearable for you. Besides that, the amount of fabric used in the clothes is also an important element to consider as both too much fabric and too slouch outfits may make you appear out of size.

You should always try to choose balanced summer outfits for women. For example, if you opt for an oversized top then pair it with skinny jeans to balance it out. The clothes you choose should show off your best parts and hide the critical spots and make you appear appealing. 

7. Creased or Discoloured Outfits

Usually, summers in certain places are too hot, and when you wash clothes and leave them to dry they may get discoloured. So, while buying summer outfits for women make sure to choose from good brands and dry them in shades. Apart from these natural problems these days faded and frayed tees and jeans are highly in trend.

They offer you a cool look when you wear them for an outdoor concert or at the beach. But if your stockings, cardigans or t-shirt is creased, torn or discoloured it won’t look trendy. In fact, that would offer you a shabby look. Often women opt for faded shades of black which is not at all recommended for ladies’ summer dresses. You should always opt for crispy ironed colourful dresses for summer days. 

8. Animal prints

These days lots of summer outfits for women are available in animal prints, especially leopard print. Lots of people have already considered it as abuse in fashion. However, if you love animal prints, it’s better to wear their accessories rather than entire clothing. Some summer suits for ladies are available in mixed animal prints.

That offers you a weird look instead you can opt for a unique and tasteful print of a single animal that is just the natural hues of the animal. Many new brands are coming up with aquatic inspiration prints like tortoiseshell and croc grain which add to the summery vibes when styled in the right way. 

9. Logos of the brands

Big fancy brands have the trend of printing the brand’s logo on your clothes. In recent times monogram fashion items are largely preferred. If you have big logos printed on your outfit then you appear as a walking advertisement. No matter how big a brand’s clothes you are wearing, they will not make you appear classy. Instead of a logo opt for other graphics and prints. Lots of brands have already introduced unique and trendy designs and patterns.

Women should expand their horizons and opt for them instead of outfits with brand logos. If you’re a young student and you have the urge to flaunt your outfits from certain brands then you can go for a few of them. But majorly your motto should be towards appearing classy and elegant rather than showcasing your brand. 

10. Over layering

Often women try to hide their extra pounds with layering. These days layering has become a common dressing style for girls. While layering your summer outfits you need to be careful. At times over-layering can make you look too heavy instead of hiding the extra pounds. Suppose you are wearing a structured jacket then avoid wearing a massive scarf over it. It will make you look bulky and neckless.

For appearing slim on the upper body, opt for off-shoulder tops that have adjustable straps. This will show your clavicles. A belted tab-sleeve shirt dresses are also great ways to cover the extra fats and define your waist. 

The latest fashion of women includes pairing accessories with the outfit. The accessories like caps, hats, gloves, and scarves also have a purpose other than the style. While including accessories in your outfit, especially during summer you need to remain extra careful. Suppose you have a beautiful scarf that will go well with the colours of your outfit that you are wearing.

But if you are outdoors in summer then a scarf may make you feel hotter. However many girls may use it to get protection from the sun tan and at the same time make you appear stylish. 


These mentioned points are some of the common pervasive problems in summer outfits for women. If you want to escape from these problems then choose your dresses wisely. Most importantly the outfits should align with the latest trends but they should also be according to your body type. Only when you take care of these mistakes and choose your summer clothes wisely, you can dress up in the most elegant and classy look confidently. 

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