Outfit Essentials for men on a Beach Vacation

Have you planned a beach vacation? Excited about it, but worried about what to wear on beaches. No worries! we’re here with beach outfit essentials, ideas as well as do’s and don’ts while selecting your beach outfits for men.

The beach is the most appealing place to spend a vacation. Throughout the year lots of people visit beaches. The majority of blogs talk about women’s beach outfit ideas but very few of them mention men’s fashion. So, all the boys out there, check out this blog and you will be able to look cool and trendy on this beach holiday. 

Outfit Essentials for a beach 

Outfit essentials for men on a beach

Not many people speak about men’s fashion doesn’t mean men don’t have lots of options. Today, thousands of options are available for men. In fact, so many options create more confusion. That’s why we have pointed out some outfit essentials for a beach vacation that will make your selection easier. Apart from the clothes you will need some accessories too. These accessories include sunglasses, footwear, beach bags, swimwear, headwear, and sunglasses. Although you need to match these accessories according to the outfits that you choose. Check out the outfit essentials to consider for selecting the best beach attire for men:

  • Keep Striped Outfits: Whenever you are packing for a beach vacation keep some striped outfits with you. Usually, stripes are associated with nautical style and can be commonly found in cruise and yacht festivities. It’s suitable for these situations but rarely worn on the beach. 
  • Opt for cotton shorts: To wear on the beach, cotton is the best fabric material for all types of clothes. Along with cotton, you can also opt for poly-cotton blend fabric. That’s because these fabrics tend to absorb more moisture than any other fabric. So, beach clothes for men should be either of cotton or poly cotton fabric. 
  • Don’t forget the Swimwear: Flaunt your body on a beach in swimwear. Those tights help you to present yourself in a better way. In case you don’t like to wear swimwear, then try to get some swimming trunks that would serve the purpose well. 
  • Have a nice pair of flip-flops: For footwear on the beach, the most ideal pick is a flip-flop. Although you can go barefoot on a beach and leave your footprints there, at times the sand is too hot to burn you. So, it’s better to have nice flip-flops or sandals with you. 

Beach outfit ideas for men

1. Tie-Dye Outfits: For going with the latest trend you have to choose tie-dye outfits. Basically, these are the clothes that can create the perfect beach look for men. All you need to do is pick tie-dye tees and combine them with denim shorts. It is not only funky but it offers a party vibe. For adding a more fun element to the look, pair it with ripped shorts. Add colour flip-flops with it and you are beach ready. 

2. Printed outfits: In men’s beach vacation clothes, printed outfits are quite common. You can look cool with printed shorts and half sleeve colour t-shirts. Some men prefer plain shorts with printed t-shirts while some opt for solid plain t-shirts and pair them with floral printed shorts. In both cases, bold vibrant colours will make you look beach ready. These combinations will surely make you appear cool and trendy. However, make sure the prints and colours are in contrast.

3. Sleeveless outfits: There’s really no man out there who doesn’t enjoy sleeveless outfits while relaxing at home. When you are going on a beach vacation you can actually try these sleeveless tees. It is an ideal beach outfit for men who want to enjoy sea waters or want to have a comfortable and cosy dinner on the beach. Make sure the shorts that you combine with sleeveless t-shirts are in a monotone so that when combined together they offer you cool beach vibes. 

4. Linen shirt outfit: Men’s white linen beach outfit is one piece that will never go out of fashion. Whether you are on a solo holiday or on vacation with friends or a partner, a white linen shirt with grey or black chinos is a perfect combination. If you are such a person who doesn’t like lots of prints then this is the one that you should choose. Striped or textured shirts can also be selected but also opt for plain, bold coloured chinos. 

5. Outfits with vests: One of the best beach attire for men, when you have the urge to dive in seawater, is a combination of vests with shorts. All you need is to combine contrasting colour vests with shorts and you are good to dive in the waters. However, when you choose printed and bright colour vests, keep the shorts plain. You can also add swimwear under it to remain comfortable and slip out easily from your shorts and enjoy the sea. This outfit is also popular among people who visit a beach in the evenings for snacks. 

6. Cool T-shirt outfits: One of the common pieces of a garment, when it is beach outfits for men, is a cool t-shirt. Your vacation will be incomplete without packing some colourful tees with you. The best thing about cool printed t-shirts is that they can be paired with anything and everything. You can wear them with chinos or trousers when you are going sightseeing or pair them with shorts when you are on the beach. Moreover, layer denim jackets or sleeveless jackets with them for a party look. 

7. Textured Shirt Outfit: Textured shirts are quite popular these days among young men who are on a beach vacation. Just like men’s linen beach outfits, you can opt for a textured shirt outfit for beach parties. The fact is that you don’t have to always opt for chinos or trousers to pair with shirts. In the case of textured shirts, denim shorts can be the perfect pick. Moreover, you can combine denim shorts with shirts of different colours in textured form. A beach sandal will complete your look and make you ready for an evening beach party.  

Tips to choose the right Beach outfit for men

  • Plan beforehand: Whenever you are planning a trip to a beach make sure to plan your outfits beforehand. The crucial part of a beach outfit for males is to decide what will go well with which combination. You can try different combinations from your wardrobe and pick the one that is suitable for beach wear. 
  • Pick bright colours: Remember, you are going on holiday, not for meetings. Bright colours of the clothes will instantly make your beach ready. Commonly, yellow and oranges are in men’s collections for beaches. However, white shirts are also considered perfect for men’s casual beach attire. 
  • Keep long sleeves clothes: In case you don’t want to get wet then keep long sleeve t-shirts with you. No doubt, they add to the style but along with that they will protect you from sunburns. So, having a few long-sleeved cotton t-shirts or shirts handy is important. 
  • Always have some extra dry clothes: No matter whether you have plans to get into water or not, you should always bring extra dry clothes with you. Often you may have the urge to get into the water seeing others on the beach. In that case, you will have those extra clothes handy. Moreover, in summer your clothes may get wet with sweat so you need to change them. 
  • Pack some other essentials: Some of the crucial essentials that you need to keep with you are good Spf sunscreen and deodorant. Beach fashion for men is not only about clothes but you need to smell good as well. That’s why keep a good deodorant with you. Along with that, take  care of your skin by applying sunscreen frequently. 
  • Choose printed clothes: Men’s wear for the beach should have lots of prints on them. For joyful beach vibes, you must look for such outfits that have prints like floral, motifs, multi-color elements, etc. These days tie-dye and stripes are quite in-trend and look interesting too. So, if you want to look cool and trendy then try tie-dye outfits. 
  • Avoid all-black outfits: Most men feel that they look cool in all-black outfits. But when you are on a beach on a hot day, it’s inappropriate to wear a black outfit. A beach is a fun place and you are there to enjoy it. Vibrant colours will make you appear lively and you will look trendy in them too. 

Hopefully, after reading this blog, you have a complete idea of outfits essential for men who are going on a beach vacation. Along with that, you know some of the beach outfits for men that will offer you a cool and trendy look. Whether you opt for shirts or t-shirt outfits, you must always have a few more extra clothes handy. Beach sandals and flip-flops are must-haves in your bags along with good sunscreen and deodorant. 

Pack your bags and be ready to enjoy your beach vacation!

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