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Popular women's clothing brands in india

India’s clothing manufacturing industry is one of the world’s oldest, and women’s clothing brands have performed a major role in it for decades. However, just a few brands have made it to the pinnacle of the global rankings by continuously delivering exceptional products and setting up new patterns. These brands are considered to be among the various best garb brands for women in the country because of the recognition they have earned for producing products that are both fashionable and on-trend.

These top clothing brands for women have everything you need, whether you’re looking for a traditional saree or a trendy outfit in the Western style. Their offerings cover all tastes, whether you like less costly regular wear or premium luxury brands. Don’t pass up the chance to browse our selection of the top girl dress brands and upgrade your wardrobe. In this blog, we will talk about the most popular women’s clothing brands in India. So, read on to learn more about women’s clothing brands.

Top Clothing Brands in India for Ladies

1. Madame

Madame women’s clothing brands in india

Established in 1993, Madame is the best clothing brand for women. The brand is known for its fashionable clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories. Due to its long history in the country and dedicated consumer base, the brand is now recognised throughout all of India. It features the most latest fashions and a wide selection of outfits for every occasion.

Madame attracts over 2.5 million women each week through its network of 600 multi-brand stores and 150 exclusive branded stores. In order to draw in more customers, the company carefully places its stores in posh neighbourhoods. Additionally, it frequently upgrades and renovations its locations to improve the in-store experience. On top of that, Madame has expanded her web presence by opening a specialised online store.

2. Biba

Biba women’s clothing brands in india

A well-known women’s clothing brand with a significant influence on the fashion industry is known as Biba. Biba has been around since the 1960s, and its unique patterns and signature style are still well-praised today. In order to satisfy a variety of interests and preferences, Biba provides a wide selection of clothing alternatives, including dresses, tops, skirts, and ethnic wear. The brand has built a solid reputation for its high quality, creative designs, and dedication to giving women the confidence they deserve via their clothing.

Biba’s signature style is classic items that are seamlessly updated with modern details and trends. By prioritising high-quality fabrics, Biba ensures that any woman can shop with complete confidence. Biba has a wide range of options for your wardrobe, from everyday wear to special occasions.

3. H&M

H&m women’s clothing brands in india

Since its founding by Erling Persson in 1947, the international clothing brand H&M, one of the top brands for women, has won over the hearts of fashion-conscious people all over the world. With its luxury clothing for women of all ages, H&M has become a well-known brand all over the world. H&M has a wide selection of apparel items to suit all tastes and occasions. The collections from this brand are recognized for their contemporary design, excellent craftsmanship, and determination to staying on pinnacle of the latest fashions. H&M is a great store to shop at if you’re on a budget but still want to look fashionable. 

H&M is still a favourite of trend-conscious women everywhere because of its wide selection of premium clothing at reasonable prices, numerous retail locations, and robust online presence.

4. Zara

Zara women’s clothing brands in india

When we talk about top brands for women, Zara is the one. The Spanish company Zara has stores all around the world. Amancio Ortega launched it in 1975. Zara is an international retailer that focuses on affordable and trendy clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty products, perfumes, and casual wear. It is also one of the top women’s clothing brands. This brand has always been a favourite among women for both casual and formal wear. If you’re looking for something fashionable that won’t break your budget, a visit to Zara is an excellent option. 


Only women’s clothing brands in india

In the realm of girls’ clothing brands, there is one label that stands out above the rest: ONLY. It is a leading European denim brand that has gained international recognition as an apparel brand for young women. The brand has a large selection of women’s clothing at reasonable prices in India, including crop tops, jeans, denim, jackets, skirts, and more. Only has established itself as the brand of choice for young women who are willing to upgrade their closets with desirable attire thanks to the large and on-trend selection that they offer.

6. Levi’s

Levi’s women’s clothing brands in india

Established in 1853 by Levi Strauss, a Bavarian immigrant, Levi’s has garnered a global reputation as a beloved brand among fashion enthusiasts, firmly establishing itself as a household name. It is one of the best clothing brands for women, it gives clients various adaptable and stylish solutions. It’s a popular California brand with a huge range of options for both normal and special events. 

The brand is well-known for its unique style and excellent craftsmanship. Women prefer Levi’s jeans due to the fact they are well-made, trendy, and snug. The clothing collection offers a variety of designs. The fabrics used to make Levi’s products are soft and airy, so you may move freely and comfortably in them. The brand’s commitment to using superior fabrics and precise construction ensures that these clothes will last for many washes. 

7. Mango

Mango women clothing brands in india

Mango, based in Barcelona, Spain, is a clothing design and production brand that was founded by the Andic brothers Isak and Nahman. It designs, manufactures, and supplies clothing, footwear, and accessories for both women and men. Mango is a brand where you can reliably find fashionable jeans, smart jackets, dresses, and jewellery that has a designer vibe. 

The pricing here is a little higher than the other brands, but the products are of far better quality. Spending extra money on better fabrics and professionally tailored apparel is money well spent. With 29 locations, India is the second most well-served country in Asia by the fashion label Mango. In India, Myntra is in charge of the sales and distribution of Mango products.

8. Westside

Westside women clothing brands in india

Trent Limited, the retail part of Tata Group headquartered in Mumbai, runs the apparel brand Westside. Every woman dreams of having a closet full of stylish options suitable for any event. Festival attire, western dresses including tops, jeans shirts, cocktail outfits, and more items are available here. The Westside is the place you go to find the best fascinating prints. In addition to selling fashionable clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children, it also sells home furnishings and decor. Westside had almost two hundred stores in 82 major cities in India. 

9. Aurelia

Aurelia women clothing brands in india

The Indian fashion brand Aurelia was established in 2009 in the city of New Delhi. TCNS Clothing Co. Limited owns and operates this division. The brand aimed to improve traditional Indian apparel for modern women by making it attractive, and selective. The brand is successful everywhere, not just in India. Whether you’re looking for something formal, casual, or festive, Aurelia has you covered with its extensive collection of women’s ethnic apparel in a variety of colours and styles. Aurelia has revolutionised Indian fashion for modern women with its eye-catching designs and relaxed silhouettes.

10. Forever 21

Forever 21 women clothing brands in india

Founded in 1984, Forever 21 is an American clothing company with headquarters in Los Angeles. The brand’s products include on-trend clothing and accessories sold at reasonable prices. It has become the most well-known clothing brand in India for women. In July 2016, the e-commerce and retail operations of Forever 21 were purchased by Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited. The newest and most fashionable items for women can be found there. More than 550 Forever 21 stores may be found in twenty-seven different countries. You can get clothes for men and women, as well as items, here.

11. Berrylush

Berrylush women clothing brands in india

Women’s clothing brand Berrylush is aimed at the modern young woman who cares about her appearance and wants to express herself via her clothes. With a focus on allowing Indian women to look and feel beautiful, confident, and on-trend, it provides the best designs available. Berrylush has a large selection of women’s clothing in a wide range of styles, including cocktail dresses, maxi dresses, western wear, one-piece dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, and more. The brand sells its products directly to customers through a variety of online outlets, including Myntra, Ajio, the company’s official website, and others.

12. Vero Moda

Vero moda women clothing brands in india

The women’s clothing brand Vero Moda is well-loved for its chic and contemporary designs. Dresses, tops, denim, and more can all be found at Vero Moda, an apparel retailer that specialises in elegant styles. With Vero Moda, women can shop for the latest trends at their very own pace and get exactly what they’re looking for without breaking their budget. Their range is made for the modern woman, with stylish options that can be worn anywhere.

13. Fabindia

Fabindia women clothing brands in india

In 1960, John Bissell established the Indian brand Fabindia. It specialises in unique Indian traditional customs and offers a large collection of apparel. Along with clothing, Fabindia acts as a platform for rural manufacturers to connect with metropolitan consumers. More than 40 nations across five continents have received FabIndia exports so far. The company sells value-priced items as well as traditional clothing made by hand for both men and women. They offer a variety of consumer products along with clothing and other accessories. 

14. W for Woman

W for woman clothing brands in india

Founded in 2001, W for Women is the top brand for women. The company is a subset of TCNS Clothing Co. Limited. The costume was a fusion of Western and traditional Indian attire. W for Woman’s famed Indo-Western look is a reflection of the brand’s individuality. In 2016 and 2017, the brand successfully opened outlets in Sri Lanka, Mauritius, and Kathmandu, extending its global reach. W for Woman is a successful fashion retailer with over 400 stores in India and other countries.

15. Allen Solly

Allen solly women’s clothing brands in india

A very popular brand that has a global standing was introduced in India in 1993. Allen Solly is a popular brand in India that produces stylish apparel for both men and women. Different e-commerce sites provide outfits from this brand, so you have options when it comes to online clothing purchasing. Here, women can find any kind of clothing item, including skirts, shirts, jeans, trousers, jumpsuits, and more.

 One of the many benefits of buying online is the ability to browse a wider variety of products at a variety of prices and read customer reviews before making a purchase. Allen Solly also makes dresses and other formal wear for women. The brand’s selection of basic shirts in a variety of colours makes it a great choice for women who like to try new styles.

The above-mentioned women’s clothing brands are the top 15 most popular women’s clothing brands in India. These brands have a large variety of styles, designs, colours, and price ranges. So what are you waiting for? Look through these women’s clothing brands and pick the one that’s right for you.

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