10 Red Shirt Matching Pant Ideas for Men

Red shirt matching pant

The shirt-pant combination for men is a classic outfit choice and Red shirts always exude a fashionable and confident look. Men who want a bold and charming appearance can opt for a red shirt matching pant combination. Several studies have also found that red depicts a sense of power. Indeed, when you opt for this combination your overall look will be undeniably striking. 

Often men face difficulty in finding the right matching pants. Whenever you have trouble determining the perfect pair or you have already tried the common combinations then you can always experiment with patterns. This will add a touch of your personality to your outfit. To ease out this trouble here we’re with a list of 10 red shirt-matching pants ideas that will help you to obtain the perfect striking look.

List of 10 Red Shirt Matching Pant Combination Ideas for Men

1. Red Check Shirt Combination with Pants: A Sense of Versatility

Red check shirt combination with pants

If you often face problems like what type of pants to wear with a red shirt then instead of finding some other matching pants you can try some patterns in the red shirt itself. A red check shirt combination with any colour pants or jeans will offer you an extraordinary appearance. If you are dressing up for a formal occasion then keep the checks small. Similarly, you can opt for large block checks if you want to try this combination for a date night or a casual get-out, or even for an informal client meeting. 

2. Red Shirt Black Pant Combination: A popular choice

Red shirt black pant combination

A classic and stylish combination that every man should try once is the red shirt black pant combination. This is such a combination that is perfectly suitable for any casual or formal occasion. When we say black pants that don’t always resemble black formal pants, you can also opt for casual pants like chinos. The red colour shirt that you opt for can be a red dress shirt as that tends to offer a more sophisticated appearance and create a more relaxed vibe. The sleek black colour with vibrant red will offer a versatile look however you will appear more confident.  

3. Dark Red Shirt Combination with Khaki Pants: Timeless Outfit

Dark red shirt combination with khaki pants

Khaki pants are a unique yet classic pant colour choice for many men. You can choose a dark red shirt combination with khaki pants for a timeless and refined look. Both these colours have warm tones that tend to complement each other and the overall output that it exudes will be amazing. So, if you are looking ahead to create a balanced and sophisticated outfit then opt for this combination. Combining red with khaki will be suitable for both semi-formal as well as casual occasions. Often men find styling in this outfit so comfortable and versatile that they make it a go-to choice and get in a polished and stylish look. Irrespective of the fact that you choose a vibrant red shirt or muted tone, Khaki pants complement them well for a neutral and stylish outfit of the day. 

4. Red Shirt White Pant Combination Idea: Versatile & Charming

Red shirt white pant combination idea

Many men are fond of white pants whereas many may not opt for it as maintaining them can be an altogether tough task. However, if you are searching for a perfect red shirt combination idea then white pants are the best choice. This outfit will not only offer a cheerful and approachable look but add to your personality and radiate confidence. If you are someone who is comfortable in your masculinity then you should surely try the red shirt-white pants combination at least once. This is a perfect pick for any daytime events, lunch dates, or outdoor events. If you are on your beach vacation or just want to spend some romantic time with your partner then try this combination. It will offer an overall vibrant and casually romantic appearance. 

5. Red Shirt and Brown Pants: An elegant combination

Red shirt and brown pants

Brown pants are always considered for a warm and sophisticated look. Combining a dark red shirt with brown pants will elevate the earthy tones in both colours and you will get an overall rich and timeless look. Although many men may feel this combination is not perfect, give it a try once and you will be surprised by its versatility. Dark brown pants complement the red shirts and thus it creates a balanced and harmonious outfit. This combination is best if you want to dress up for any semi-formal occasion. However, you can easily try them for any casual outing or function. Definitely, it will add a touch of elegance to your overall look. 

6. Red Shirt Grey Pants: A touch of Style

Red shirt grey pants

Whenever you search for red shirt matching pants ideas, surely you might have crossed this idea. Grey pants are such a versatile and timeless choice that you tend to pair them with every single colour shirt that you have in your wardrobe. However, the combination of red and grey will offer a modern feeling and make you appear stylish. The shade of grey you choose should depend upon the shade of red shirt you selected. For a bold contrast try bright red shirts with light grey pants. If you need a more vintage look then opt for darker shades of grey pants. The tone of colours you choose will determine the suitability of your outfit. 

7. Red shirt green pants combination: Unique & Casual

Red shirt green pants

At times you might get bored with the typical colour combination. Usually, many men don’t prefer experimenting much especially with their pant’s colours, and usually restrict themselves to colours like black, grey, blue, and white. If you want to look unique yet get a casual look then try the red shirt-green pant combination. This will not only create a modern funky appearance but you can appear sleek and stylish. While selecting green pants if you don’t want to look too different but remain unique then choose olive green pants or dark green pants. Surely, this combination will exude confidence and will enable you to make a fashion statement. 

8. Red shirt-blue jeans: A sleek and edgy combination

Red shirt blue jeans

Typically red and blue colours don’t go well together. Still, most men have blue jeans in their wardrobe. So, if you are one of them then don’t worry you can actually create an edgy look with a red shirt blue jeans combination. If you are looking for red shirt matching pant ideas for men then pair it with blue jeans. Choosing the right tones and cuts of both shirt and pants will allow you to create a perfect look. This is the best fit for a relaxed and fun outfit. You can also try the combination with light blue jeans for any casual outing in the spring and summer seasons. 

9. Red shirt and cream pant combination: Vibrant and Versatile

Red shirt and cream pant combination

For all those men who are looking for red shirt matching pant ideas for men can opt for a red shirt and cream pant combination. This will allow you to create a sophisticated and elegant appearance, Soft cream colour pants when combined with a vibrant red shirt creates a beautiful contrast. Such a combination is ideal for both casual as well as semi-formal occasions. You can add a touch of refinement to your overall personality. Button-up shirts as well as casual shirts in red can be selected for creating a stylish and confident appearance. 

10. Red shirt Blue Pants combination: Redefine Personality

Red shirt blue pants

In the red shirt combinations with jeans, you may select either blue jeans or black jeans. Similarly, just like black pants, you can even combine blue pants with red shirts as a go-to option that will never disappoint you to obtain an impressive look. The dark blue pants complement the red shirt. You can choose the combination for any casual occasion but they are more suitable for any casual outings with your partner or any nighttime event. 

Whenever we dress up in a shirt-pant combination we always try to get the best impressive look. Well, this blog has offered you the 10 best red shirt-matching pant options. Whether you choose a red shirt black pants combination or blue jeans combination, you should always pick the right shade according to your personality and the occasion. This will allow you to create a style statement. Red may not be a versatile colour but you can try different red shirt combination pants options and even experiment with the colour options to create a style statement. Make sure whatever option you choose that should embrace your personality!

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