12 Simple Nail Art Designs to Try out at Home for Beginners

Nail art designs

Nowadays, nail art designs are extremely popular. Every woman wants to get nail art whether she prefers simple nail art designs or easy nail art. Simple nail art designs can make you look like a stunning person. In the same manner that you need hairstyling and makeovers, you can create some artistic nail art designs. If you are looking for Nail Art Designs to try out at Home, but you are a beginner and not sure where to start? Don’t worry! Here is the list of 12 Simple Nail Art Designs. 

The Nail Art Designs listed below you can try at home even if you are a child. Now is the perfect moment to experiment and apply colourful nail paint designs to look stunning. Let’s explore simple nail art designs.

List of the Easy Nail Art Designs

1. Painted Tip Easy Nail Art Designs

One of the latest nail art designs is this. To get this easy simple nail art design, just you need to make sure your nails are the proper length. Simply apply the colour you like to the tips of the nails. Apply a thick layer of transparent paint when it dries. Among the easy nail art designs is this. No doubt, your nails would appear painted in a beautiful shade. 

2. Smokey Simple Nail Art Designs

As an expression of your creativity, having compliments on your nail art design makes you feel awesome. This simple nail art is for your smokey nails, not your eyes. Blend glitter and dark grey or black nail colour for an easy nail art design, then leave it. After applying it and letting it dry on your nails, you can apply two coats. This nail paint design is perfect to look stunning at your party event. 

3. Shade Splash Easy Nail Art Designs

Try this one of the very simple nail art designs to show off your love of colour on your nails. Simply apply a thin layer of white nail paint and allow it to dry. Use your thumb and a pointed dry brush to apply your favourite colours onto your nails. Once it dries, set it with another coat of transparent nail paint. Say hi, to your beautiful nails! 

4. Orange and White Flames Simple Nail Art Designs

One of the new nail art designs is this. The combination of colours is fantastic and can be styled to create the perfect summertime nail. If you want a different look, you may also use another collection of nail colours. All you need to do is make sure you have nail art strips and the colours orange and white. For the base, use two layers of white nail polish. When it’s completed, put the strips across one another diagonally and paint your nails yellow. Set another strip vertically in the middle, and paint one side of it orange. To finish the look, apply one coat of transparent polish. 

5. Pastel Colours Simple Nail Art Designs

Among the simple nail art designs is this that you will ever see. As such, all you need to do is colour your nails with many different pastel colours that go well together. Yes, this will look perfect on your nails. If you’d like, you are free to add a second layer. This simple nail art design is not only beautiful but also easy for beginners. 

6. Polka Dot Easy Nail Art Designs

An easy and quick way to give your nails a funny touch is by applying polka dots. They may be designed to fit your style and are simple nail art designs. All you have to do is choose 2 of your favourite colours and apply them to contrast on your nails. Once the first nail paint shade has dried, use a brush to create circles with another colour. You may now rock your vintage style with this.

7. Easy Floral Simple Nail Art Designs

You can try more elegant and easy nail art designs like this if you wish to make your nails beautiful. You can apply two coats of light nail paint, like the colours cream or white base. Once it dries, you can use a fine brush to create two-toned flowers. To make it look more glossy and bright after it dries, apply a clear nail polish.

8. Colourful Cloudy Simple Nail Art Designs

As its name implies, this simple nail art design is very colourful and makes you more stunning. Pick one of the contrasting shades and apply a dark colour to the full nail’s base. When it dries, use just one stroke to apply another coat to half of the nails. Apply the final coat using the same method as the previous coat once it has dried. To complete this nail art design apply a transparent coat. 

9. Plastic wrap Simple Nail Art Designs

Among all the simple nail art designs, this one is the most interesting. For this nail art design, you just need your favourite colour and plastic wrap. Choose two nail paint colours that contrast together to create this nail art design. After painting your nails with one coat of nail polish, let it dry. Next, apply another colour’s coat of nail polish, and you may apply the plastic wrap to the colour before it dries.

10. Cute Pink Easy Nail Art Designs

For those who believe the nails are the canvas, this could be one of the simple nail art designs. You can go for any nail colour. As the name implies, choose two shades of pink such as light and dark pink, blend them, and apply nail colour to the nails. Easily create a beautiful look by dabbing your nails with the sponge. 

11. Two-Toned Simple Nail Art Designs

Are you sick of the same old boring colours? With this easy nail art design, you can make your nails more beautiful. Choose two different shades of rust, such as light rust and dark rust. To paint your nails, apply the first coat diagonally, then the second coat in a circular pattern. Now, say hello to your beautiful nails.  

12. Diagonal Easy Nail Art Designs

This is an awesome, simple nail art design if want to get more creative with your nails. Choose three different colours in contrast. Now, with the one nail paint apply the layer of base colour. Next, paint another coat in a diagonal pattern using the second colour, and continue for one final coat in the reverse way of the second colour.

Well, these are the 12 Simple Nail Art Designs that you can try at your home. One of the best ways to create a style statement is to get an expert in simple nail art designs. 

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