Top 10 Most Gorgeous South Indian Bridal Look On Your Wedding Day

South indian wedding look

Every woman wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. When discussing the South Indian Bridal Look, there is no other look more gorgeous than this one. Enjoy the charm of a South Indian bridal look, wherein opulent silk sarees and dazzling gold jewellery combine in a stunning show of grace. Here you can see the most stunning South Indian bridal look, and you will be amazed by the most beautiful South Indian brides. 

On your wedding day, these traditional South Indian bridal looks could provide a unique impact and look wonderful. So why wait? Try out the Top 10 South Indian Bridal Look For Your Wedding Day. 

10 Beautiful South Indian Bridal Look

1. Kanchipuram Saree South Indian Bridal Look

Kanchipuram saree south indian bridal look

The Kanchipuram saree is a good choice for special occasions like festivals and weddings. This saree gives an ideal South Indian bridal look. Kanchipuram sarees are known for their fine silk and beautiful embroidery. The saree is usually embellished with detailed motifs and both silver and gold threadwork. It usually goes with a blouse in the same colour and some jewellery. 

A Kanchipuram saree traditional and classy choice for the South Indian bride. A South Indian bridal look can be created by choosing a Kanchipuram saree in a colour that complements your skin tone. 

2. Kanjeevaram Saree Wedding Look

Kanjeevaram saree wedding look

When we thought about South Indian look or sarees, a beautiful Kanjeevaram silk saree instantly came to mind. The question is, “Why not?” Women love to wear the Kanjeevaram saree because it is the most fashionable and traditional South Indian bridal look in the latest bridal look. 

Typically, these come in bright hues like red, orange, yellow, and gold. Kanjeevaram sarees, crafted from the finest silk, are a classic fashion choice. It will be the perfect South Indian bridal look for a marriage ceremony if you choose to pair it with temple jewellery or Indian classic jewellery. You will certainly look beautiful on that special day if you wear this south look. 

3. Chennai Silk Saree South Indian Wedding Look

Chennai silk saree south indian wedding look

A sleek and elegant Chennai silk saree can be styled for a traditional south Indian look by wearing it with a silky blouse that matches, ethnic makeup, classic jewellery, and shiny bangles. Lots of colours and both silver and gold zari work can be found on Chennai sarees.  The Chennai saree is the finest South Indian look for weddings because of its superior silks, beautiful colours, intricate motifs, and ornate borders. It also maintains your bridal look at the highest level.

4. Chettinad Saree South Indian Wedding Look

Chettinad saree south indian wedding

Chettinad sarees are also given as gifts from South India. For added comfort, they are made of cotton. The sarees in this collection are all hand-woven and expertly crafted. There are a lot of bold, straight lines and check designs on this kind of South Indian saree. Chettinad sarees are unique by their special, contrasting borders. Brides who select to wear vibrant hues and patterns will look stunning in Chettinad sarees. This Chettinad Saree will give you a perfect South Indian bridal look. To make your south Indian look more graceful wear gold jewellery and bangles. 

5. Grand Uppada Saree South Wedding Look

Grand uppada saree wedding

If you enjoy wearing silk sarees, you are surely aware of the value of a stunning Grand Uppada saree in a South Indian look. This south Indian wedding dress features a thick golden border and beautiful pattern that can help you ace your wedding bridal look. You may polish your South Indian look with simple makeup and classic gold jewellery. A bright lip colour completes the look, creating an attractive, attention-grabbing look. 

6. Elegant Pattu Saree Bridal Look

Elegant pattu saree bridal look

For a beautiful and traditional South Indian bridal look for your wedding day, pattu sarees are popular. The Pattu sarees are famous for their silky fabrics, soft material, and bright colour patterns. Adding golden zari work and classic embellishments to a Puttu saree can make it a more beautiful choice for a South Indian bridal look.  These sarees usually go well with silk blouses that match the colour of the saree and temple jewellery. 

South Indian bridal look can be created with a Pattu saree by experimenting with different drapes and colours.  However, they are usually adorned with bold jewellery like earrings, temple necklaces, and bangles and are worn in a more traditional manner. It is a classic option for South Indian brides because of its range of colours, from vivid to subdued pastels.

7. Pochampally Saree Bridal Look

Pochampally saree bridal look

When we talk about the South Indian look, you can easily create this look by wearing this gorgeous pochampally saree. Telangana is the region from which Pochampally sarees are made. The Pochampally sarees are available in cotton, silk, or a combination of the two. These sarees feature geometric designs dyed in an Ikat way. Additionally, some sarees feature tiny peacock, elephants, and floral designs to create a South Indian bridal look. Numerous colours are available for these sarees. Pochampally Sarees are suitable for any occasion. 

8. Mysore Silk Saree Wedding Bridal Look

Mysore silk saree wedding bridal look

Indian brides usually pick Mysore silk sarees for their South Indian wedding look. Wearing a Mysore saree and simple jewellery would make you seem stunning. Premium quality silk, luxurious textures, and brilliant classic colours are used in their creation. Vibrant to soft pastel colours of the South Indian Mysore saree are available, and they can be accessorised with jewellery and silk blouses that match the saree. Mysore sarees are a classic and the best choice for brides for South Indian look.

9. Samudrika Pattu Saree Indian Bridal Look

Samudrika pattu saree indian bridal look

Do want a perfect South Indian bridal look for your wedding day? Try the Samudarika Pattu saree, one of the most stunning and elegant sarees. For a South Indian look with a Samudrika Pattu saree, choose a traditional way to drape it, wear rich gold jewellery, go for subtle makeup, keep your hair in a bun, and wear gold Juttis. You will look absolutely stunning on your wedding day in this elegant South Indian look.

10. South Indian lehenga look

South indian lehenga look

A classic Indian bridal look to rock your wedding day will be a gorgeous and fashionable lehenga. Traditionally popular in northern India, designer lehengas are now popular for the South Indian lehenga look. All designer bridal lehengas include matching tops and dupattas. A designer lehenga can create a South Indian look for a traditional day. 

A chic designer lehenga for the bride is a fashion statement that fuses elegance to make an attractive and unforgettable wedding look. Usually, the lehenga skirt is made from opulent materials like velvet, brocade, or silk and embellished with intricate embroidery. The traditional colours for a South Indian bridal look are red, golden, maroon, and green. You can complete your South Indian look with jewellery and makeup. 

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