Top 10 Sportswear Brands in India: Style Meets Fitness

Sportswear brands in india

Sportswears are clothes that are basically designed for performing different types of sports and physical activities. These clothes are made in a way that can offer you comfort and style for performing sports activities. Typically, they are made of lightweight, breathable materials so that you remain cool and dry. Today, there are many sports brands in India that specialise in making a variety of performance sportswear, fashionable sports apparel, sneakers, and yoga apparel. In recent years many brands have joined the industry and many of these brands have continued their dominance through decades. In this blog let’s take a look at the top sportswear brand in India that offers both style and wellness. 

List of Top 10 Sportswear Brands in India

India is a country where sports is a popular activity that people love to do and so people are fond of sportswear. That’s the reason the best sportswear brands in the world are India-based. Athletes who want to appear in fashionable sportswear prefer sports brands in India that can cater to their requirements. Check out the top 10 sports brands in India:

1. Reebok


Rebook is one of the best sports brands in India that specialises in making sports clothing, shoes, and fitness gear. Reebok International Limited is a company that makes shoes and clothes that are appropriate for running, playing sports, and performing other physical activities. In fact, it was the official sponsor of CrossFit games however, they now sponsor the Spartan Race. Most Reebok shoes are quite popular among people. These shoes have unique features like a cushioned footbed and soft outsole which makes them perfect for performing any type of sports. Reebok is among the top sports brands in India and its shoes are available in different colours and patterns and so they are so popular among people. 

2. Nike


Nike is an American brand that is a popular gym and sportswear brand in the world. It’s quite popular in India too, especially among gym enthusiasts and athletes. Both for men and women it designs the best quality sportswear. Some of its popular products include t-shirts, shoes, sports accessories, sandals, and track pants. In 1964 it was founded and later in 1971, it was renamed Nike after the Greek goddess of victory. Nike is a popular sportswear brand in India that is perfect for both sports and everyday activities products. Nike’s apparel are lightweight and usually made of natural mesh nylon that’s why they are comfortable and breathable. Along with that, they are machine washable. 

3. Adidas


Adidas is among the popular sports brands and is the second-largest manufacturer of sportswear. It started its journey as a shoe-designing company and gradually it became popular for gym wear and sportswear. It has got all its popularity because of the special fabric that it uses in its sportswear. The fabric is breathable so you don’t feel sweaty even after physical activities. Adidas has a huge range of products that includes sweatshirts, tracksuits, sneakers, sports shoes, t-shirts, and even headbands and caps. Basically, Adidas AG is a German company that is among the biggest sports companies in Europe. With its good quality products, it has become a top sportswear brand in India too. 

4. Under Armour

Under armour

In the list of best sports brands, Under Armour is one of the popular names. This company is known for its super cool sportswear and shoes. Started in 1996, this American company has served as a super popular brand ever since. Even in India, it has gained popularity as all the sports gear by Under Armour is of excellent quality. If you are looking for quality sportswear then check out this brand’s products. 

5. Puma


A German Sports company, Puma is another best sports brand in India. It is known for its gym wear and within a very short period it has established its recognition in the sports industry. Over time it has sponsored many sports teams like football, golf, and even cricket. Some of its products include t-shirts, training kits, shoes, digital watches, and other accessories. The dry cell technology used in its clothes enables you to remain dry and comfortable. That’s why it is one of the most preferred sports clothing brands. 

6. HRX


In the list of sports clothing brands, HRX has acquired a reputable position in a very short span of time. Led by famous actor Hrithik Roshan, the brand makes all types of clothes, and sportswear clothing is one of its specialisations. People love its sportswear collection. It is an Indian-based sports apparel brand that is popularly known for its products like shorts, jackets, caps, tracks, shoes, and more. Apart from being sports clothing brands in India it also manufactures products like gym equipment, nutrition supplements, bicycles, and other physical activities accessories. 

7. Kappa


Although Kappa is an Italian Sportswear company, it is one of the best sports brands in India. It is known for its cool shoes for sports like Skiing, Rugby, volleyball, and Football. These days Kappa shoes are available in a variety of bright colours. The laces of the shoes add a style element to your look. Even without sports activities, you can combine Kappa shoes with jeans and other comfortable clothes. These sports shoes are perfect for any casual occasion. Because of its quality, it’s one of the top brands in the sports brand list. 

8. Lotto


Usually, sportswear brands are quite expensive but Lotto is one of the famous sports brands that is known to manufacture fashionable sportswear. However, their products are fashionable yet cheaper compared to other popular sports clothing brands in India like Nike and Adidas. Lotto is a brand that manufactures sports wear for both men and women and ensures they are available at reasonable prices. The clothes of this brand are lightweight so it is appropriate for running and performing any sports activities. Moreover, their collections have cool and stylish products. 

9. Ajile

Ajile, a brand by Pantaloons is a popular sports apparel brand that has a collection of t-shirts, shirts, jackets, denim, and a lot more. All its apparel is specially designed for the youth and those who are young at heart. They have a cool and stylish collection of apparel that is perfect for performing any type of physical activity. The products are available in a variety of colours and sizes and as they are made of lightweight fabric so they are of high quality. Even if you get sweaty the fabric won’t stick to your skin. Apart from the excellent quality and style, maintaining the clothes from Agile is quite easy. That’s what makes Agile one of the best sportswear brands in India. 

10. Fila


Fila is a top sportswear brand that was founded by Fila’s brother in 1909. It is known for its cool and comfy sportswear that it has been manufacturing for almost a century. Apart from sportswear and footwear, today it makes different types of products for a variety of sports activities. In fact, you can find casual wear here for people of all ages. Fila is one of the best sports clothing brands that is present in over 80 countries. It is known for its stylish and comfortable clothes that are super affordable too. 

These are top sportswear brands in India that are known for the amalgamation of style and comfort. When you are performing any physical activity your biggest concern is the comfort of your sportswear. Whether you are playing cricket, running, or exercising you need the clothes from the sportswear brands that can help you feel comfortable and allow you to give your best. 

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