Styling Tips for Women to Wear a Basic T-Shirt

A t-shirt is a staple piece of garment present in every wardrobe. Every modern woman has one or other type of t-shirt lying in their closet. Some women prefer to wear t-shirts to sleep while some wear them to the gym. Even though these t-shirts are used so much by women, they fail to acquire the position that other fashion clothes have. Can a basic t-shirt be styled in a fashionable way? Yes, of course! This blog is all about that. Here some of the styling tips are mentioned that will enable women to wear a basic tee in a fashionable way.  

Tips to style a basic t-shirt for women 

 1. Add professional elements 

Often women wonder whether they can wear basic t-shirts to their workplaces. If you have the desire to wear t-shirts for a business trip or an office day, just add a few professional elements to the basic t-shirt and get into the desired elegant look. Choose neutral colour t-shirts like white, black or blue colours for office wear. The neckline shouldn’t be too low and preferably it should be either a round neck or a polo neck. Tuck in the t-shirts into fitted jeans or trousers and pair it with black pumps and a decent blazer.  

2. Layer jackets or blazers with t-shirts

Sometimes basic t-shirts may seem to be so boring. You can easily make it an interesting and unique piece of your wardrobe by layering it with jackets or blazers. Layering always spices up simple-looking t-shirts. A jacket or blazer can cover up the simple look of the basic tee and add a bit of intrigue to the look. These days different lengths of jackets are available. You can experiment with different lengths and fits of jackets and obtain a unique and stylish look.  

3. Use t-shirts as a base 

Many outfits need a strong base and a basic t-shirt has the ability to provide that base. A t-shirt may not be the focal point of the outfit but it will probably add to your look and make you feel comfortable in any outfit. So, don’t be afraid of adding interesting elements to your basic t-shirts for obtaining a complete look.   

4. Add statement accessories

Simple statement accessories or a piece of jewellery can make all the difference in the finished look even if you wear a basic t-shirt. A solid colour t-shirt can appear extraordinary when you add a long statement necklace with it. Such outfits are the best for a casual outing with friends or a coffee date with your favourite person. Similarly, if you have a low V neckline t-shirt then try to pair it with a chunky pendant for an extraordinarily charming look.    

5. Go Oversized

Probably, oversized t-shirts are the most versatile pieces of clothing that are present in any women’s wardrobe. You can opt for oversized t-shirts for all casual occasions and style them in a unique way. They are eye-catching as well as trendy than regular fitted t-shirts. Pair it with leggings or pants by layering it with your favourite t-shirt. If it reaches mid-thigh then wear it as a trendy t-shirt dress. A waistband over graphics oversized t-shirts will offer a casual yet chic finish.   

6. Pair t-shirts with Skirts

 It’s not that you have to always pair t-shirts with pants or trousers. Skirts look great with a basic t-shirt, especially in the summer. Whether you want to obtain a day look or a night look, pair a skirt with basic tees. With this outfit combine flats for day time look and heels for an evening party look. Long pencil skirts also blend well with basic t-shirts. Add statement accessories with it like ruffles, tassels, and embroideries.

7. Basic t-shirts with denim 

Most women consider their favourite combination of basic t-shirts is with denims. It takes no time to dress in this and you can look stylish even in a simple and chic outfit. There are so many options of denim that you can choose from to pair with t-shirts. It offers an instantly stylish look and glamour to the women wearing it. Some of the trending jeans types are skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, ripped jeans, and a lot more. Just pick the one that suits your body type and personality and you will be ready for your everyday stylish look effortlessly. 

8. Layer with shirts

With cool basic t-shirts, layer a bold solid colour shirt and you can instantly look cool and smart. Layering a shirt over a basic t-shirt will provide an elegant yet chic look. This outfit is suitable for office hours, weekend get-togethers, or parties. You can also opt for graphic t-shirts or oversized t-shirts for a relaxed look. Plaid, florals, stripes, or even vibrant solid colour tees are appropriate for this type of look.

Just remember that if you have selected shirts in bright and loud colours then choose subtle coloured t-shirts. Experiment with your look with different colours and find out what goes well with your personality. When you layer shirts you can opt for denim, shorts, or skirts. 

These are some of the styling tips for women who want to wear a basic t-shirt and remain comfortable yet look trendy. Comfort and trend go hand in hand if you follow some simple styling tips. Usually, women consider t-shirts as sloppy and boring. Basic tees can be converted into trendy and stylish outfits with ease.

Explore varieties of collections and experiment with different types of t-shirts and pair them with perfect accessories. The versatile and comfortable basic tees will allow you to look trendy effortlessly. 

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