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Beard styles for men

Today, fashion is no longer limited only to clothes and other accessories. For men, hairstyles and beard styles add to their personalities. Grooming of the beard gets equal weightage like wearing different clothes for different occasions. Every man has a unique style and their beard styles decide their overall look. The best part is that you can actually make changes to your beard styles daily and brag about the smart choices. If you’re someone who wants to try new stylish beard styles then you’re at the right place! Here we’ve compiled new beard styles for men that will enhance your overall appearance. 

In 2023, you can give a try to the new beard styles for men mentioned in this blog and get into an entirely different look. Whether you prefer a long beard, short beard, or medium beard, these styles are designed considering different men’s face shapes and sizes. So, they are suitable for every man. You can break the stereotypes and showcase a cool personality with these styles for men. Browse the blog completely to check out 15 new beard styles for men. 

List of Latest Beard Styles for Men

1. Evergreen Short Beard Styles for men

Short beard styles for men

Many men love to keep short beards as it is easy to style and maintain. During summer short beard styles are best. It not only offers men a dynamic and clean look but also makes you feel comfortable as the weather is hot and humid and long beard styles can be uncomfortable. You can keep an equal volume of beard on your cheek and chin and you will have a soothing and finely trimmed style. 

2. New Trim Beard Style for men

New trim beard style for men

One of the best beard styles for men is the trim style. Men can quickly get this beard style and appear stylish and cool. In fact, you can look classy by neatly trimming the sideburns of your beard. Maintain a subtle thickness on the cheek and chin and that will allow you to appear fabulous. This beard style is common and is considered perfect for workplaces and other formal occasions. If you are looking for unique beard styles but don’t want to experiment much then opt for trim beard style. 

3. Long Beard Style for men

Long beard style for men

These days you might have noticed lots of men with long beard styles. Many claim that long beards are back in trend but the fact is they were never out of trend. In ancient days, men were known to have long beard styles and that was considered normal. Abraham Lincoln to James Harden looks classy and elegant in their look even with long beards. So, if you want an elegant or edgy look where you want to express your personality then you should opt for this new long beard style also known as the hipster beard style for men. 

4. Precise French Beard Styles for Men

Precise french beard styles for men

French beard styles are one of the most popular beard styles for men. In fact, these are the most appreciated styles. There are so many style options available but the French beard is one such option that is suitable for every man. Indeed, it enables you to showcase your subtleness so it is also considered suitable for the occasions where you need to appear elegant. Moreover, this beard style is considered the best for the millennial. You will appear classy and make the head turn towards you. For a hot and charming look, opt for a French-cut beard. 

5. Goatee Beard Style for men

Goatee beard style for men

One of the new beard styles in 2023 is the Goatee beard or chin beard style. It is one such option that stands out in the crowd. Many may call it chin beard style as it has the beard only on the chin area. This smart choice of beard style is suitable for any teenage guy who doesn’t have too much beard hair. With even less amount of hair, you can easily get this style and appear modern and classy. Various trimming methods can be used to create this style but surely you are going to look decent in this. 

6. Unique Balbo Beard Style for men

Balbo beard style for men

A completely new style for men is the Balbo Beard style. This is a style of beard for men that don’t have sideburns but has a trimmed floating moustache. Some men also prefer to have clean-shaved cheeks, stylish hairstyles, and a floating moustache. Tony Stark aka Iron Man has kept this Balbo beard style and since then it is quite popular among men. You can try this cut to look modern and classy. 

7. Trending White Beard Style for men

Trending white beard style for men

Today, greying a beard is a common problem for most men. If you want to take out the positive aspect of this problem then try out white beard style for men. Indian beard styles have risen up from the typical styles and today modern men fearlessly try white beard styles. Among other new styles, this is one of the trending ones on social media too. You can opt for a moustache with this style and gain all the attention of the crowd. 

8. Carefree Bald Beard Style for men

Carefree bald beard style for men

Often men opt for stylish hairstyles with a beard but what if you don’t have too much hair left on your head? It can be disappointing for many. But instead of getting disappointed, you can try one of the new beard styles that are too much in trend these days. It’s a bald beard style where you bald the head and opt for any of the beard styles that are suitable for you. Opting for dense beard styles is considered an appropriate approach as that will blend well with the bald look. 

9. Van Dyke Beard Style For Men

Van dyke beard style for men

This beard shape is not only new but this is also one of the stylish options for young boys. In this beard look, a full goatee with a detached moustache is present. Men having round faces can opt for Van Dyke style and appear elegant and classy. Many well-known celebrities are seen following this style and now it has become a quite popular celebrity beard style. 

10. Classy Bushy Beard style for men

Classy bushy beard style for men

 If you are a beard freak teenage boy then this beard style for boys is the perfect choice. There’s no doubt that this beard look will flaunt your overall personality and make you appear attractive. Although young boys prefer this style the most, even if you are a middle-aged man and want to try a different yet attractive look then try this beard look. This is a beard style that is simple as well as versatile and you can even give a try to this style if you have a black or white beard. 

11. Viking beard Style for men

Viking beard style for men

One of the imperative and inevitable beard styles that are quite intimidating for your boys is the viking beard style. This is not an average beard look and is applicable only to those who love to keep long beards. This long beard style is sometimes even braided or decorated with beads. Purposely many men grow long facial hair for this style. It is a sign of commitment as it may take months and even years to grow thick and full facial hair to opt for this style. You will have an illusion of warriors in this and appear cool in this. 

12. Biker Beard Style for men 

Biker beard style for men 

One of the best beard styles for boys who call themselves bikers. The biker beard style is associated with a big tuft of hair that may appear messy. For a modern look, add some beard braids and you get into the stereotypical bearded biker look. This is a long beard style in which the beard grows long and goes well past the chin. There are many variations of the biker look, you can opt for the one that suits your personality. Boys who are independent of haircut can get full-length growth of beard hair from the chin area and you are all set for this amazing look. 

13. Short-boxed beard style for men

Short-boxed beard style for men

A short boxed beard is one of the popular new beard styles for modern men. This beard look is quite similar to a full beard but it has thin, neatly trimmed sides. You can easily achieve a trending look in this style. Choosing the right beard style can be a little tricky especially when you have a round face. Choose this style and you can kick your styling game up a notch. This will not only make your face appear slimmer but with an angled shave along your cheekbones you can easily look appealing. 

14. Anchor Beard Style for Men

Anchor beard style for men

The pointed beard style that traces the jawline is popularly known as the Anchor Beard style. Often it is paired with a moustache. Men can easily opt for this look but you must trim the beard hair carefully for obtaining this look. Beards enable men to obtain a slimmer face look and when it is accompanied by a moustache then no doubt it enhances the personality. If you want to opt for this beard style then make sure to have a full growth of facial hair. This style is suitable for round faces, so if you have a round face try this new beard style. 

15. Scruffy Beard Styles for Men

Scruffy beard styles for men

Also known as the stubble beard style, the scruff look is one of the new beard styles for modern men. Without growing a full beard if you want a manly rugged style then opt for this one. It will make you appear well-groomed and elegant. There are numerous beard styles for men but the scruffy style is not the complicated one. You can easily trim down the beard and get a decent-looking scruffy beard style. 

How to choose the right beard style for men?

Choose the right beard style

Beards have grown so popular recently, it’s probable that you either know a pogonophile (someone who adores beards) or that you’ve developed an interest in beard styles yourself. Despite assertions to the contrary, facial hair continues to be a popular feature and is set to stay. The question of “whether” to grow a beard has given way to “how” as beards are now a standard component of men’s facial features. Beard styles don’t fit everyone the same way not all haircuts do. To ensure you select a flattering style, it’s crucial to brush up on your knowledge of different beard styles, including long beard styles and the newest trends in new beard styles. 

1. Beard Style Suits an Oval Face

An oval face length is longer than the cheekbone width, and the forehead is wider than the jawline. The jaw’s angle is not acute but rounded. If your face is more oval, you have more choices when it comes to beard styles or small beard styles. Having both square and round qualities allows you to be adaptable in a variety of situations without the need for constant rebalancing. 

Your beard’s appearance is all that needs your attention. Your ideal beard has a squared-off jawline, smooth cheekbones, is clipped underneath, and is shorter on the sides. This style incorporates the majority of a full beard with sharpness.

2. Beard Style Suits a Rectangle Face

The rectangle face’s greatest factor is the length of the face. The jawline, cheeks, and forehead are all of comparable width. A longer face forms a rectangle. You won’t benefit from having a long, triangular, or sharp chin beard style. A wider jaw can be created by growing out a beard’s cheeks, which can also divert attention away from the length of the face. You should be careful not to overdo the form you’ve already got. So make it wider, and if you can, grow your beard up higher on your cheeks as well. 

Don’t put on that serious expression. Particularly when you think about the fact that a rectangular face shape gives you a chance to experiment with your facial hair to discover what it can do for you.

3. Beard Style Suits a Triangular Face

The triangular face has a jawline that is larger than the cheekbones, which are bigger than the forehead. It is intended to draw attention away from a more prominent chin with a triangular facial shape, which is basically a reverse of a “heart” form. The cheekbones and chin of a triangular face are broad. This face shape can appear best with a long, thick beard, like Olde English. To give the appearance of a larger chin, let the beard grow out below it. If your jawline is already wide, the hybrid style might make it look even wider if the cheeks are overly big and thick. 

4. Beard Style Suits a Round Face

The length of the round face is proportional to the cheekbones. They’re far greater than the similarly sized forehead and jawline. The jawline is softer and less sharply defined.

 The triangular-shaped design looks good on a rounded facial shape. If you want to appear your best, go for a beard that is shorter around the cheeks and longer at the chin. A goatee, in combination with a beard on the cheeks, can make the chin appear longer and thicker. This type of contemplative stroking is common in meetings.

5. Beard Style Suits a Heart Face

The heart face’s length of the forehead is greater than that of the cheekbones and jawline. One has a sharp chin. Never in a man’s life should a weak chin be pointed at him. Fortunately, there is an option for people with a heart-shaped face to add weight by growing a beard. 

A beard will simply accentuate the smaller appearance of your face because it has a smaller face shape. If you want a rugged appearance without hiding your features, stylish stubble on the sides is the way to go. Meanwhile, grow out your chin hair, and beard to emphasise the shape of your jaw.   

6. Beard Style Looks Good on Square Face

All the facial features of the square face are basically the same. The jaw has a sharp angle rather than a rounded one. If you have a wide jawline, a square beard with straight lines and sharp angles is not a good choice. The chin area needs to be rounded or triangular to complement this facial shape. 

A goatee beard can lengthen the chin and provide a chiselled appearance, making thick, wide jawbones look more refined. Along with allowing those vivid blues to stand out, this will draw attention to other facial features.

7. Beard Style Looks Good on Diamond Face

A diamond’s face has a longer length and the jawline is the smallest facial feature, followed by the forehead and the cheekbones. It has a pointy chin. The cheekbones of a diamond face are the broadest part of the face, with the forehead and jawline being relatively narrow and symmetrical in breadth. 

Therefore, it is always preferable to keep some hair on the chin to balance off the prominence of the cheekbones, so put away the razor. A classic full beard, a Garibaldi, a short boxed beard, or a Verdi are all the best beard styles for a diamond-shaped face.

Tips to Maintain Beard

Tips to maintain beard

For a healthy, attractive-looking beard you must not only opt for the perfect beard style according to your look but you must take proper care of the beard. Below mentioned are a few tips that will allow you to take proper care of your beard and also obtain the perfect beard man look:

1. Regularly clean your beard

The tip for having a happy and fuller-looking beard is to clean it regularly. Wash the beard with clean water to remove dust particles and dead skin. You must know that the hair on your head and beard is different so you must use dedicated products for beard maintenance. These days beard shampoo is available you can use it once or twice a week. 

2. Apply Beard Oil

In the daily beard maintenance regimen, beard oils are the most essential component. A good quality beard oil will supplement natural oils to your beard. Along with that, it moisturises the skin beneath the beard as well as your facial hair. Altogether, regular application of beard oil will make the beard grow healthily and you can easily get the desired style.

3. Trim beard from time to time

If you desire to keep your beard in style then trim it on a regular basis. Trimming is essential and it should be a part of your beard maintenance routine. Till now, if you haven’t trimmed the first cut it may appear hard but soon you can reshape your beard with ease if you continue to follow the beard maintenance steps properly.

4. Use Beard Brush

A separate beard brush is helpful as the bristles of this brush have a special texture that helps to keep away dust and grime when you brush in the right direction. Along with the beard, it’s important to brush your whiskers as well. It keeps your beard hair tame and helps in effective styling. Even natural oils and other grooming products will distribute naturally. 

Well, in this blog you came across new beard styles for men, beard styles as per your face shape, and how you can maintain your beard hair. Follow the tips mentioned to keep the beard healthy and taking proper care is the secret to the perfect beard look! 

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