The Best Accessories for Men to Suit Every Occasion – A Comprehensive Guide

The best accessories for men to suit every occasion – a comprehensive guide —

Often men prefer to dress up according to the occasion. Mostly, it is believed that accessories are meant only for women. The hidden fact is that there are numerous accessories for men too. A few accessories can dramatically change the entire look of a man. Yes, it’s true! You can add a few accessories and enhance your simple look. 

Are you excited to know about those pieces? Take a tour through this blog and find out about those accessories! 

What do accessories for men mean?

Before we proceed further to understand different types of accessories for men, let’s put an eye on what accessories for men actually imply. Earlier the world for accessories for men was restricted to just rings and wallets. Times have changed and there are a lot of things that can be added to the list.

 All these things have the ability to make you appear stylish. For example, brooches and chains can be used as accessories with your festive wear, cufflinks, and lapel pins go well with your suits and formal wear. Similarly, to enhance the casual style a simple pair of sunglasses or a cap elevates your look. Some other accessories for men include bags, bow ties, gloves, hats, neckties, pocket squares, suspenders, wallets, watches, and a lot more. 

List of top 10 must-have men’s accessories

Men must have a few accessories that they can add to their regular daily wear and enhance the charm of their look. Accessories are not always for style; at times there are useful things to include. For instance, a watch will not only finish the look of your outfit but also enhance the overall style. Below mentioned are the top 10 must-have accessories for men:

1. Watches:

A good fashion move is adding a stylish watch to your attire. It is a great way to add some elements of sophistication to your look. Your personality will enhance if you opt for the right watches for the occasion. A classic leather strap or a modern metal band complements your casual or semi-formal attire and offers a touch of elegance. This is such a piece of accessory that not only makes an impactful style statement but you will appear a lot more professional, sophisticated, and polished. These days smartwatches are also quite popular so you can choose them for everyday style. However, to look stylish it is essential to pick the watch that is ideal for the occasion, your attire type, and overall personality. 

2. Bracelets: 

Bracelets for men? Yes, Bracelets are the favourite piece of a modern man. If you want to appear modern and chic and also want to include a piece of jewellery in your look of the day then there’s nothing better than a piece of elegant bracelet. The best thing about bracelets is that they are versatile and blend well in almost all types of styles. You can either select colourful beaded braided ones or classic ones like a cuff bracelet. Usually, men prefer cuff bracelets for an everyday look and colourful ones for a party look. 

3. Belts:

A belt is not only a style statement but it enables you to keep your trousers pants up. A stylish belt will add some visual elements to your overall outfit. You should opt for such belts that match well with the colour and style of your shoes. Apart from the colour of the belt, the style of the buckle is quite an essential part of your attire. So, make sure it compliments your outfit. The buckle should complement your rings, watch, or other jewellery that you have worn. Mostly they are made of leather or canvas and their main purpose is to keep the pants or jeans up. 

4. Bags:

A good bag is not just one of the men’s accessories but it is a vital part of a men’s everyday look. You must opt for bags that are functional as well as stylish. As it is a vital part of your look it should be such that it complements your overall outfit. Usually, men prefer to carry their laptops or other essential things in the bag. While selecting the bag your focus should be on its functionality. However, style statements shouldn’t be completely neglected. You must choose the bags according to your personal styles and the ones that complement your outfit. Some men may prefer a classic leather briefcase whereas some may opt for a modern backpack.  

5. Ties:

The most common types of ties are neckties and bow ties. These are one of the essential components of men’s accessories. Men choose to wear a tie with their outfits when they are dressing up on a formal occasion or on such occasions where they want to enhance their personality. A right necktie or a bow tie when included in an outfit can do wonders for your overall look. Choose the one that goes well with the colour and pattern of your shirt or suit. 

6. Sunglasses:

Another popular men’s accessory that is a must-have is a sunglass. For decades, sunglasses have been a part of men’s fashion. It not only protects your eyes from the sun but at the same time, they add a cool element to the overall appearance. You must choose the sunglasses according to the shape of your face. If you choose the right shape of sunglasses then they will be one of the perfect fashion accessories and will upgrade your outfit. Many men think that sunglasses are only for summer but they can be used all year round to look sophisticated. 

7. Brooches:

Usually, women are fond of jewellery and it is considered one of the essentials for dressing for them. But for a man brooch is one of the festive jewellery pieces that elevate your overall look in an ethnic style. Brooches are pieces of jewellery that are worn on the lapel of a coat jacket or at times added to the pocket of a jodhpuris or a kurta. When you want to add charm to your regular ethnic wear then select an artsy brooch that will instantly serve the purpose. These days a variety of brooches are available from intricately animal brooches, and military brooches to ones with embellishments in the shape of safety pins are on the list. However, you should choose eye-catching vintage styles if you want to add a touch of royalty to your style. 

8. Cufflinks:

Often you get bored with the common formal wear and to break up this monotonous look, you should choose cufflinks. If you are looking for an accessory that can instantly enhance your common look then cufflinks are the best pick. It can be combined with a shirt with French cuffs and you can easily obtain a classy and sophisticated look. Always choose the cufflinks according to the colour and style of your shirt and tie. However, if you are looking for something bolder then choose colourful cufflinks that complement the colour of the shirt. 

9. Wallet:

There was a time when wallets were considered an essential accessory for a man. Many men believe that they can’t be part of a fashion statement as they are not always visible. Although they are rarely visible whenever they do they should be perfect and classy. Often men may dress up quite sophisticated but own a shabby wallet. If by chance your wallet makes an appearance then it would look completely out of the place. So, you must have one of the perfect wallets. A rich leather men’s wallet is one of the best picks as it will easily blend with all types of clothes and occasions. 

10. Pocket Squares:

A clean pocket square is a perfect classy men’s accessory. It offers a touch of personality to your regular suit or blazer. Although a pocket square is suitable for the times when you are sporting a blazer or a suit. The main motive for using it is to include colour or pattern in your look. You should choose contrasting colours and patterns from the rest of your look to create an overall harmonious impression. A toned-down pocket square would look great with a strongly patterned suit. Similarly, a bold pocket square blends well with a solid neutral suit. 

How to style men’s accessories for a perfect look?

Today, men’s accessories are a vital part of men’s closets and are must-have components for a classy style. Below mentioned are the ways you can style different men’s accessories to obtain a perfect look.

  • Regular style: On a regular basis there are a few accessories that almost every man uses. More than style, these accessories are important for their functionality. Some of these accessories are a leather belt, wallet, watch, etc. For a regular style choose classic patterns and neutral colours. 
  • Party look: If you want to attend a party or you have plans to get out with friends then you must choose extremely versatile yet stylish pieces. A beaded bracelet, fashionable watches, baseball cap, beanie, pair of sneakers, or loafers are some of the common choices of accessories for creating a party look,
  • Edgy style: In case you want to obtain an edgier look then try leather accessories like a leather cuff bracelet, studded belt, combat boots, etc. When you choose bold designs or chunky chain necklaces as accessories then you can easily get into an edgy style. 
  • Formal style: The most commonly used style is the formal one. Often men stick to regular accessories whenever they want to dress up for a formal occasion. For a formal look, you should opt for solid colours, and subtle patterns. A pocket square in coordinating colour will be one of the best accessories to complement your formal look. 

Now, you know some of the men’s accessories that are must-haves in your closet. Whenever you want to select a stylish look, you should keep it simple and subtle. If you include too many accessories together then instead of complementing your outfit, it will overpower. 

Hence, make the selection of men’s accessories wisely for a classy and sophisticated appearance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which accessory is more functional than stylish?

A.A wallet is a necessary functional component that needs to be stylish too. 

2. What accessory you must include with a suit?

A.With a suit always includes a pocket square in a coordinated colour.

3. Which piece of jewellery men must have for a classy look?

A.Bracelet is a piece of jewellery that men can opt for a classy look.

4. What are two common types of ties?

A. Neckties and bow ties are two common types of ties. 

5. What is a cufflink?

A. A cufflink is a small object which is used instead of a button for fastening the shirt’s sleeves together. It is present on the wrist of the shirt. 

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