20 Cute Tomboy Outfits for Girls – Dress Like a Tomboy

Tomboy outfits for girls

Tomboy outfits show an androgynous attitude that has captured street style fashion. A tomboy style clothing often includes masculine outfits, oversized shirts, coats, sneakers, and other male apparel however it also allows for a subtle feminine touch through styling. There are many ways to style yourself in a tomboyish style. Luckily, you’ll find the cutest and best tomboy outfit ideas for girls here. 

Many features of the tomboy style are fashion-forward. By wearing tomboy outfits for girls you can easily show off your boyish look and unique style. No matter how you style it, a tomboy outfit will make you look and feel your best. So go ahead and try out different tomboy looks until you find one you like. 

Cute Tomboy Outfits for Girls

1. Bomber Jacket with Crop Top – Tomboy Clothes

Want to look like you put in a lot of effort but not really? A bomber jacket is the way to go! How to be a tomboy? A bomber jacket, ankle sneakers, a crop top, cropped boyfriend jeans, and a high bun. With this tomboy look, which highlights the casual beauty of tomboy style, you can up your tomboy outfits for girls while catching the vibe of current fashion. 

2. Graphic T-shirt and Wide-leg Pants – Tomboy Style Clothing

Streetwear becomes a perfect foundation for simple and attractive tomboy outfits for girls. If you like casual style, you could choose to try wearing a wide-leg pair of pants with a graphic T-shirt. This casually chic combination offers a comfortable and daring look for the fashionable girl while maintaining the basics of tomboy outfits. You can easily upgrade your tomboy style clothing with this simple combination. Lastly, wear a pair of white sneakers to add stylishness to your casual tomboy fashion. 

3. Bold Monochromes

Allow corduroy into your wardrobe to create an attractive monochrome outfit that stays true to the theme. Style your tomboy outfit with a corduroy jacket and shirt. Get a maximum level of comfort and warmth by wearing a corduroy jacket. Oxfords, converse sneakers, or combats go well with this tomboy outfit for girls.

4. Denim Shorts and Tank Top – A Cute Style

With this style, tomboy meets townie midway! You may rock this tomboyish look with a tank top, shorts, and a belt, along with laceless combat boots and a dark-wash denim jacket. This tomboy outfit is ideal for enjoying a beautiful day or walking across the city. One of the cutest tomboy outfits for girls shows how a tomboy meets a townie halfway. The urban beauty of a townie style easily combines with the boldness of casual tomboy fashion in this well-chosen combo.

5. Boyfriend Shirt with Bootcut Jeans

Make a few choices through your partner’s closet and take his blue shirt. To make it exclusive to you, wear it with bootcut jeans. A casual vibe can be created by allowing the shirt to hang freely and enjoying its large comfort. Choose your favourite belt to add some flair and tuck in the front for some structure. Ankle boots complete your tomboy look with an ideal mix of both rugged and chic styles. 

6. Leather Jacket

When it comes to tomboy outfits, leather jackets are always in style and will never go out of style. Wear your favourite sweater with some dark jeans and a stylish leather jacket layered over it. If you’re looking for something a little different, try wearing a leather jacket with a button-down and leggings. Because this casual tomboy fashion gives a little flair and toughness you can style it as your regular attire. 

7. Pantsuit

Pantsuits are swarming onto fashion runways, houses, and apparel brands. What amazing and relaxing non-binary attire! Non-binary fashion has no rules so go ahead and try different styles until you discover one that suits you. You can pair a suit with a crop top and heels to create a more feminine look.

8. Dungarees – Cute Outfits

How to look cute while having your tomboy style? Simple! Start with a comfy way of dressing. For a tomboy, dungarees are the image of casual cool. Wear a classic White Tee underneath for a classic tomboy look that’s effortlessly chic. If you’re feeling a little bold, consider a graphic t-shirt for a fun twist. For the perfect level of urban style, complete your tomboy look with combat boots or sneakers. Dungarees are a must-have for any tomboy essential, whether you’re walking or hanging out with friends.

9. Boyfriend Jeans with an Oversized Hoodie

Boyfriend jeans have been a trend in the fashion world for a while now. Combining a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans with an oversized hoodie is a great way to flaunt your tomboy personality. One of the best tomboy outfits for girls is simply stylish, playful, and comfortable and highlights tomboy style clothing. A shoulder bag and messy bun will complete the tomboy look. You can also add sunglasses to make your tomboy outfit more casual and stylish. 

10. Shirt Tied Around the Waist – Cool Outfits

One of the coolest and most casual tomboy outfits for girls, which has a sleeveless tank top and tightly fitted leather leggings, is ideal for girls who enjoy skating and showing off their talents but are also conscious about how they look. You can add a beanie for extra style factors and a flannel shirt to protect yourself from cold weather. Lastly, the white sneakers are essential to create contrast.

11. Distressed Jeans – Boyish Outfit

Were you curious about why this tomboy outfit didn’t go up the list? In short, we didn’t want to say what was obvious. A tomboy look that is both trendy and casual is created by teaming with distressed jeans and an attractive white t-shirt. Combat boots, a white t-shirt, and distressed jeans are simple daily essentials. A rusty baseball cap can also give the look a unique touch. 

12. Button Down Shirts

A classy, basic, and forever style choice for all tomboys is this combination. If you want a casual style and just a bit of elegance try a button-down shirt with joggers. You can choose to tuck the button-down for an elegant look or wear it untucked for a more casual feeling. According to your own preference tie a high ponytail or a side braid with glasses. For shirts or hoodies, you may always go to the boy’s section. 

13. Oversized Flannel

Tomboys prefer plaids or flannel. You can put on style by tying it around your waist, layering it, or choosing an oversized one. This tomboy style clothing is the ideal mix of casual and dressy, perfectly paired with the relaxed fit of Boyfriend Jeans. The classic combination for those who enjoy comfort without compromising style is boyfriend jeans and flannel.

14. Skinny Jeans with Denim Shirt

Among the most popular ways to go into the feminine side with a boyish outfit is to pair jeans with a denim shirt and boots. Jeans are a classic boyish outfit. Dress them up with high boots and a denim shirt. For this style, smoky eye makeup is the way to go. This tomboy outfit is stylish and feminine, and wearing it will enhance your confidence as well as a tomboy look. 

15. Leather Pants

Look like a boss lady by wearing leather pants, a tank top, and black sneakers to up your level on the hotness factor. For a formal vibe, pair your leather pants with a shirt and a pair of oxfords. To complete the tomboy look, add aviators or any other style of sunglasses. 

16. Oversized Blazer

Look like a tomboy on the streets with this oversized blazer, straight-cut jeans, and a high bun! You can keep your hair away from your face by styling a high bun. For a messy, cute tomboy look, you might try loose, low buns with caps. Make your tomboy style clothing stand out by accessorising it with bold jewellery. 

17. Business Casuals

Are you not a fan of formal clothing? Then, wear this something alternatively! With its boxy silhouette, it tips the line between formal and casual outfits. You can get a tomboy look with a pair of tailored pants or a button-down shirt. You can wear a jacket to add a little extra professionalism. Lastly, complete the look with dress shoes. 

18. Bandana or Scarf – Tomboy Look

Amazingly, bandanas make the ideal tomboy accessory. For a bit of flair and colour, tie a bandana or scarf over your wrist or neck. Tie the scarf or bandana around your neck with its ends hanging loose to keep the tomboy look. This piece of accessory can keep a tomboy style clothing while adding a feminine touch. 

19. Skirt and Beanie

You can wear dresses or skirts if you’re a tomboy. All you have to do is style them to flaunt your personality. Wear a simple top, black heeled boots, and a pleated or plaid skirt. To get a perfect tomboyish look, it is also essential to choose your skirt wisely from the pattern to the colours or style.

20. Snapback Hat

Being a tomboy doesn’t mean you can’t style a snapback hat. Snapbacks were initially worn by men, but now girls are fond of snapbacks. Consider selecting snapback colours that go well with the rest of your tomboy outfit. However, try to keep your tomboy outfit as simple as possible—simplicity is usually a good choice.

Tomboy outfits are all about maintaining your style while achieving the ideal combination of masculine and feminine elements. We have mentioned above the 20 cute tomboy outfits for girls to get the best tomboy look. Wear tomboy style clothing and enhance your uniqueness. 

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