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Cosmetic brands in india

Beauty products have been part of our livelihood for ages. Even today, cosmetic products are part and parcel of people’s everyday life. There are so many top cosmetic brands in India that have products under different sections, be it skincare, personal care, makeup, scents, etc. Initially, these products used to come solely from natural sources but now they are either chemical compounds or combinations of chemicals with natural sources. Whatever it may be, its significance can’t be ignored at any cost. So, let’s take a tour of the top 15 cosmetic brands in India. This would make your cosmetic brand selection easier for further purchases. Keep reading and explore the brands! 

About Indian Cosmetic Industry

In our daily life, we have become dependent on cosmetic products. This has given space to numerous Indian cosmetic brands to flourish well. Some of the popular brands like Lakme, Lotus, Colorbar, etc have become established companies. Gone are the days when cosmetic brands were confined to women. 

Today, lots of brands have come up with products specifically designed for men too. 

With the advent of the internet, the whole cosmetic industry in India has seen another sphere of success. Earlier women used to visit several stores in search of perfect cosmetic products that complement their skin’s requirements and often they end with the fact that their requirements were not met. But today thanks to influencer culture and social media, people are aware of their skin’s requirements and which brands can meet that successfully. 

Growth of Cosmetic Brands in India

No longer are cosmetics limited to luxurious lifestyles, it has become a need of day-to-day life. Today, fashion requirements consist of cosmetic products for skin, hair, and body care as well as makeup. With this, there are lots of beauty product brands that have come up with varieties of products. They have introduced solutions for almost every aspect related to your look. Be it instant sheet masks for glow or mists and perfumes, each product will enhance your overall appearance. 

The race of cosmetics that began with natural products now shifted to chemical compounds. But again people are shifting to natural organic products. The entire cosmetic industry is seeing rapid growth in India. The top beauty brands in India are expecting to double their valuation in the coming five years. 

Top 15 Cosmetic Brands in India

In the past decades, the cosmetic market of India has seen a huge transformation. The long-run players have been replaced by the new ones in the industry. Listed below are the top cosmetic brands in India:

1. Lotus:

Lotus cosmetic brand

Brand Name: Lotus Herbals
Year of Establishment: 1993
Location of Establishment: New Delhi
Founded by: H.J Kamal Passi

Lotus Herbals is one of the best cosmetic brands in India. Founded in the year 1993, this cosmetic brand today offers a wide range of products. These products include skincare, haircare, and makeup which allows you to obtain a good appearance. The list of cleaners, shampoos, sunscreens, and other makeup products offered by Lotus is quite reliable and affordable too. The brands also claim that they have included the benefits of herbs and various other Ayurvedic formulas in their products. This is one of the cosmetic companies in India that is a cruelty-free brand which implies the products are not tested on animals. Famous actresses like Dia Mirza, Malaika Arora, and Jacqueline Fernandez are brand ambassadors of Lotus.  

2. Forest Essentials

Forest essentials cosmetic brand

Brand Name: Forest Essentials
Year of Establishment: 2000
Location of Establishment: New Delhi
Founded by: Mira Kulkarni 

Forest Essentials was founded as a fragrance company by Mira Kulkarni in the year 2000. Today, it is among the top 20 cosmetic brands in India. Popularly it is known for its high-end ayurvedic products which makes it rank among the best beauty products brands of India. In fact, it is the name that comes with the top organic brands of cosmetics. This company claims that they use old-age techniques to create their cosmetic products. By strictly following the Ayurvedic principles the products are made and that’s the reason more people are attracted to Forest Essentials cosmetic products. This is one of the best beauty brands in India that has a perfect combination of technology with Ayurveda. 

3. Colorbar

Colorbar cosmetic brand

Brand Name: Colorbar Cosmetics
Year of Establishment: 2004
Location of Establishment: New Delhi
Founded by: Samir Modi

Colorbar Cosmetics is among the top 10 cosmetic brands in India. In the year 2004, Samir Modi founded this brand that caters to the need for cosmetic products of the people. A huge range of makeup and skincare products comes under this beauty brand that includes moisturisers, concealers, nail paints, eyeliners, lipsticks, and a lot more. You just name the product and you can get it all in one brand itself. They are among the beauty product brands in India that offer cruelty-free products which implies these products are not tested on animals. Moreover, Colorbar cosmetics has been certified by PETA. Famous actress Jacqueline Fernandez represents Colorbar across the world as she is its brand ambassador. 

4. Lakme

Lakme cosmetic brand

Brand Name: Lakme Cosmetics
Year of Establishment: 1952
Location of Establishment: Mumbai, India
Founded by: Simone Tata, J.R.D Tata

The best beauty brand in India, known for ages is Lakme. It was founded in 1952 by Simone Tata and J R D Tata. Being Tata’s name associated with the brand it is one of the most liked cosmetic brands of India. Under the ownership of Hindustan Unilever, it is one of the oldest and best beauty brands of India which still has a relevant presence in the market. Among customers, this is one of the most tried and tested brands that Indian customers prefer for their day-to-day cosmetic requirements. Being the top makeup brand in India, they offer a diverse range of beauty and personal care products which include skin care and hair care products, sunscreens, masks, moisturisers, serums, and lots more. In recent times, they have numerous salon chains across India. Famous actresses like Kareena Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, and Kajol are brand ambassadors of Lakme. 

5. L’Oreal India

L’oreal india cosmetic brand

Brand Name: L’Oreal India
Year of Establishment: 1994
Location of Establishment: Paris (1909)
Founded by: Eugene Schueller (L’oreal Paris)

One of the famous cosmetics brands in India is L’oreal. Although it was founded in Paris in 1909. Later, L’oreal India was established in 1994. Across the globe, it is one of the largest cosmetic brands and so it is also among the favourites of people of India. This brand has a huge range of products which includes personal care, skin care, fragrances, makeup, and haircare. It is not limited only to cosmetic products, there are numerous chains of salons that offer exclusive services to the customers. Being one of the best makeup brands in India, L’oreal is popularly known for its Hair colours and Hair colour salon services. Famous celebrities like Shakti Mohan and Aditi Rao Hydari are its brand ambassadors. 

6. Biotique

Biotique cosmetic brand

Brand Name: Biotique
Year of Establishment: 1992
Location of Establishment: Noida, India
Founded by: Vinita Jain

Biotique is on the list of top beauty product brands in India. The products made by Biotique are exclusively made using natural ingredients and they claim that they don’t use any sort of preservatives. In fact, it is a type of beauty product company that offers a blend of Ayurvedic ingredients with biotechnology. It has a diverse range of organic products which basically includes skin and hair care products. Its hair oil, makeup, soaps, shampoo, and scrubs are among the most popular ones. Apart from this range of products, it has also launched a range of organic makeup products that are available at competitive prices. 

7. Maybelline

Maybelline cosmetic brand

Brand Name: Maybelline
Year of Establishment: 1915
Location of Establishment: New York, US
Founded by: Thomas Williams

Founded in 1915 by Thomas Williams, Maybelline is one of the top 10 cosmetic companies in India. It made its entry into Indian markets as a venture in 1998. The reason it became popular among Indian consumers was that it was available at an affordable price. Even after the advent of so many popular brands, still Maybelline cosmetics and makeup products are go-to for Indian customers. Some of the best products of the brand include lipsticks, eye makeup, foundations, colour palettes. Besides the products, it also has numerous makeup tutorials and tips available on its website for customers. Bollywood actresses like Sara Ali Khan, Athiya Shetty, and Alia Bhatt have been the face of Maybelline. 

8. Sugar

Sugar cosmetic brand

Brand Name: Sugar Cosmetics
Year of Establishment: 2015
Location of Establishment: Mumbai, India
Founded by: Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee

Whenever it is to the best beauty products in India, Sugar Cosmetics is also on the list. Founded by Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee in the year 2015, this is a completely Indian-grown brand that has not only gained popularity in India but across the world. Sugar Cosmetics is known for its makeup and skincare products that are suitable for Indian skin tones as well as millennial-friendly. Sugar claims that its products are cruelty-free. Sugar is among the top cosmetic companies in India that sell its products through mobile apps, e-commerce websites, and even offline stores. The reach of this brand is not limited to India but also to countries like the US, Germany, Italy, and Korea. Bollywood actress Tapsee Panni is the brand ambassador. 

9. The Beauty Sailor

The beauty sailor cosmetic brand

Brand Name: The Beauty Sailor
Year of Establishment: 2020
Location of Establishment: Mohali, India
Founded by: Raman Bakshi and Avatar Singh

Based in Mohali, Punjab, the Beauty Sailor is an Indian beauty products company that was founded by Raman Bakshi and Avatar Singh in 2020. It was started with the aim to bridge the gap between the price range of premium quality skin care products. They claim to offer premium quality products at an affordable price range. The Beauty Sailor not only provides premium quality self-care products but their products are natural too. These are available in almost all popular e-commerce platforms in India like Nykaa, Purple, Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, etc.

10. MamaEarth

Mamaearth cosmetic brand

Brand Name: MamaEarth
Year of Establishment: 2016
Location of Establishment: Mumbai, India
Founded by: Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee

MamaEarth is one of the best beauty product brands in India. Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee founded this beauty product brand in the year 2016. It has become popular among people because of its natural and toxin-free products which include a wide range of beauty, haircare, skincare, and baby care products. Among customers, MamaEarth’s hair oils, serums, lotions, and shampoo are quite famous. Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan is the brand ambassador of MamaEarth. 

11. MyGlamm

Myglamm cosmetic brand

Brand Name: MyGlamm
Year of Establishment: 2015
Location of Establishment: Mumbai, India
Founded by: Darpan Sanghvi

Beginning from an at-home beauty salon, MyGlamm is today one of the best cosmetic companies in India. Later, in 2017 it got revolutionised to be one of the luxury beauty brands in India. Through these years, this brand has covered a curvy yet successful path. Darpan Sanghvi and Priyanka Gill founded this beauty brand however, the company is now owned by The Good Glamm Group and Sanghvi Technologies. It specialises in personal care and makeup products in a diverse range which includes skincare, bath and beauty items. Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor is its current brand ambassador. This is one of the best cosmetic brand names in India that operates in a D2C business model online to offer services across the world. 

12. Wow Cosmetics

Wow cosmetics cosmetic brand

Brand Name: Wow Skin Science
Year of Establishment: 2014
Location of Establishment: Bengaluru, India
Founded by: Manish and Karan Chowdhary

Among the luxury cosmetic brands in India, Wow Cosmetics is one of the highly popular ones. Basically, it is known for its naturally authentic products. These products are free from paraben and sulphates and hence considered safer for the skin. Two brothers Manish and Karan Chowdhary started the company in 2014 with a consumer-first strategy that became part of an e-commerce sale. The substances used in Wow Cosmetic products are the ones that are natural and offer holistic care for your body and mind. They have a diverse range of products which includes natural hair care, skin care, and essential oils.

13. Revlon

Revlon cosmetics cosmetic brand

Brand Name: Revlon India
Year of Establishment:1932
Location of Establishment: New York
Founded by: Charles and Joseph Revson, Charles Lachman

Revlon comes among the top-selling beauty products in India. It is the brand that is among the first few brands that enter the cosmetic market of India. Since 1995 Revlon products have been available in the Indian market. It offers a huge range of extraordinary products which includes hair care products, hair dyes, beauty products, skincare, and cosmetics. The products by Revlon are designed considering both modern Indian women as well as elderly women of India. Being one of the most expensive makeup brands in India, it has widespread reach to more than a hundred nations and six continents. 

14. The Body Shop

The body shop cosmetics cosmetic brand

Brand Name: The Body Shop India
Year of Establishment: 2006
Location of Establishment: Gurgaon, India
Founded by: Shriti Malhotra

Whenever you wonder which cosmetic brand is the best, definitely any one of your friends will surely suggest the body shop. It is among the chemical-free cosmetic brands in India. It claims to be cruelty-free and focuses on vegan products. The body shop makes products associated with both the beauty and body care industries. It has a premium range of personal care products that can be gifted too and its gift packages look quite attractive. 

15 Khadi naturals

Khadi naturals cosmetics cosmetic brand

Brand Name: Khadi Naturals
Year of Establishment: 1963
Location of Establishment: New Delhi, India
Founded by: Gaurav Singh

In the list of cosmetic manufacturing companies in India, Khadi Naturals is the name that is always present. It is one of the best made-in-India cosmetic brands that has a wide range of skincare and hair care products. If you are searching for which makeup brand is best in India then Khadi Naturals is surely one of them. Gaurav Singh founded this brand with the purpose to offer products that have authentic herbal formulations. It claims that the products are free from harsh chemicals and not tested on animals which makes them cruelty-free. 

This is the list of the best beauty brands in India. If you want to find which is the best makeup brand in India then choose any of the beauty brands mentioned in the list. Over the past few years, the demand for cosmetic products has increased manifold and that has boosted the growth of cosmetic companies in India. However, make sure you choose the brand that makes products from natural sources and has gained popularity in the market. Ultimately, beyond everything your personal preferences should be the deciding factor of your favourite cosmetic brand. 

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