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Types of check shirts

The best check shirts have become more popular nowadays. Can you imagine a man’s closet without even one check shirt pattern? Isn’t it difficult? The check shirt pattern for men is modern from the initial design made in the 1900s to nowadays patterns. When it comes to formal wear the check shirt pattern has been demanding. The check shirt comes in many forms, from small check shirts to big check shirts due to this it can be difficult to find the best check shirts. In this blog, you can find different types of checkered shirt patterns. 

Men usually have various styles of shirts and pants in different checks, but they are not familiar with the names of all the different checkered patterns. Here are 17 types of check shirts patterns and styles of wearing them to enhance your look. So, look at the checkered pattern shirt. 

List of the Check Shirt Patterns

1. Tattersall Checkered Pattern

This check shirt pattern is made up of evenly spaced, thin warp stripes that are repeated horizontally in the weave to create squares. The stripes are often two consecutive colours, with darker tones on lighter backgrounds. Black and blue, blue and green, blue and red, and blue and orange are a few examples of possible combinations. Shirts and waistcoats are usually found in tattersall patterns and tattersall pattern is usually linked with British rural style. Tattersall can be worn for outdoor activities as well as in the workplace due to how easily a tie can be matched with it. 

2. Tartan or Plaid Shirt Pattern Design

This checkered pattern is also known as plaid. Tartan, which is made up of intersecting lines of varied thickness and a variety of colours, is the most intricate checkered pattern in menswear. Woollen cotton or another fabric could be used for the plaid material. Men commonly define anything that has a plaid pattern as “flannel,” yet a flannel is actually a soft woven material in which a plaid design is formed. In modern days, it is mainly used as a fabric for casual clothing because of the pattern’s complexity and brightness. 

3. Windowpane Checkered Pattern

The windowpane check pattern is made up of a number of comparatively thin stripes that cross one another to create a large checkered pattern that resembles the patterns of the panes on windows. Windowpane shirts are suitable clothing for the office due to their two-tone, classic colour patterns. Wide gaps appear between the windowpane checks. A classic wardrobe staple is windowpane jackets and woollen waistcoats. You can keep your windowpane check shirt pattern the focus point of your outfit by avoiding bright colours or patterns. 

4. Graph Check Shirt Design

A check pattern known as a graph check pattern resembles the graph paper pattern as it consists of lines that cross one another to create tiny checks. Solid, thin, repeating stripes of a single colour that are crossed each other define the pattern. Usually, men’s wardrobes include a classic white shirt with a navy-coloured grid as it is elegant and subtle. Other versions include pink, red, yellow, and green checks, among others can be used to make a graph pattern. This small check shirt design is perfect to wear in formal office events. This shirt pattern can be paired with a tie.

5. Gingham Checkered Pattern

A checkered pattern shirt with a Gingham design is defined by its usually even-sized, white, and coloured checks. This check pattern is made up of vertical as well as horizontal stripes that cross each other, usually in a single colour, on a white background to create a checkered pattern. The most common colour combination for gingham at the time of its creation was blue and white. There are many different shades of gingham checkered patterns available nowadays. You can wear Gingham checks in both casual or formal events because they are the best check shirts.

6. Madras Check Shirt Design

In the southern Indian city of Madras, this check pattern first appeared. It is often regarded as a summer fabric selection and this shirt pattern is defined by a design of vibrant checks and stripes. A Madras pattern is formed up of contrasting colour stripes that cross one another to create irregular-sized checks. This checkered pattern is perfect for a classic or casual style in the summertime.

7. Gun Club Check

Gun club check is a shirt pattern of crossed checks. This checkered pattern usually comes in four colours black, red-brown, pine green, and light gold. In this check pattern, checks are made by the intersection of alternating stripes in more than one colour on a light background. The diagonal twill pattern can be seen because the checks are usually even and thick. Nowadays it’s normal to find gun clubs checked in just two colours, like brown and blue.  

8. Glen Check Shirt Pattern

As the Glen check is used more than along with lines to create the grids, this check pattern is not actually pure checks. This checkered pattern combines large and small checks, commonly houndstooth checks to create an uneven pattern of checks. This check pattern is usually found in suiting fabrics and features alternating light and dark stripes in a modest checkered pattern. It is among the most popular check shirt designs for menswear. This checkered pattern is also glen plaid. 

9. Shepherd’s Formal Shirt Pattern 

As the name implies, this check pattern is another traditional pattern. A shepherd’s check is a kind of plaid check pattern that is found in shirts. This shirt pattern is unique because of its small, evenly spaced checks, which usually come in two or three colours. It’s believed that Scotland is where the pattern first appeared. It is now a popular checkered pattern for both men’s and women’s outfits. Wool or cotton are the most common materials used to make shepherd’s shirts. They are usually worn with chinos or jeans.

10. Houndstooth Shirt Pattern

The basic check-like pattern referred to as the houndstooth shirt pattern is made up of broken, uneven, and pointed lines that look like a hound’s tooth. The classic houndstooth pattern is black and white, but it is also available in a wide range of colours on clothing and accessories. The traditional houndstooth checkered pattern in black and white works best for formal occasions, while various colour variations perform better in a casual environment. 

11. Argyle Checks

In the list of types of check shirts, this check pattern is a pattern of tiny, diamond-shaped motifs. Argyle checks are commonly found in casual outfits and usually consist of two or more colours. Cotton, wool, and flannel are just a few of the fabrics that can be used to make argyle check shirts. This check pattern goes well with different types of pants, such as corduroys, chinos, and denim. For fall and winter clothing, argyle shirt patterns are a popular choice.

12. Pin Check Pattern

This check pattern is made out of pin-sized bands that intersect to create small checks that look like dots when seen from afar. This shirt pattern usually contrasts one colour with white. This shirt pattern design is perfect to wear in the office and creates a touch of style in your outfit as it is a formal shirt pattern. You can wear a pin-checkered pattern shirt with jeans or chinos to look handsome and smart. 

13. Ichimatsu Checkered Pattern

Two squares of different colours are alternately used in this check pattern to create the Ichimatsu checks. This checkered pattern is similar to a checkerboard pattern, the main difference between this check pattern and the checkerboard pattern is that an Ichimatsu check pattern has additional motifs between the checks. You can find the Ichimatsu shirt pattern design in both half and full sleeves. This is a very common Japanese pattern for kimonos. 

14. Mini Check Pattern

As the name implies, this check pattern is made up of even-sized, one-colour small checks on a plain background. The sizes of checks fall in between a pin check and a Gingham check. If you want a small check shirt pattern then you can go for this check pattern. Instead of tucking your mini check shirt inside your jeans, wear it untucked with slim, dark denim jeans or light.

15. Dupplin Check Pattern

Dupplin check pattern is made up of a combination of basic checks like dog’s tooth checks, and windowpane checks. This pattern is a checkered pattern inside of a check pattern. When in doubt about how to style a checked shirt, make it simple by wearing it with chinos or jeans and a basic pair of sneakers. 

16. Checkerboard Pattern

This checkered pattern is the common name for the equal-sized checks found on a checkerboard game board. Find a checkerboard shirt pattern that matches your unique style from the types of check shirts. A traditional black-and-white checkerboard design is always a good choice if you’re unsure of what to go with. Pair the checkered shirt with simple coloured shorts or pants. 

17. Buffalo Check Pattern

This is a common check pattern for casual shirts that have big squares made by crossing two different coloured fabrics, commonly red and black. If you want a big check shirt then you can go for the buffalo shirt pattern. Pair this shirt pattern design with black jeans for a smart look. To get a unique look, you can also try with various colours and textures.

A man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a check shirt design. Above, we’ve discussed 17 different checkered shirt patterns. Graph checks, pin checks, windowpane checks, and shepherd checks are perfect for more formal occasions. On the other hand, Tartan plaid, Madras, and tattersall checks can be worn on casual events or an evening out.  

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