15 Types of Indian Wear for Women: Traditional Styles

Types of indian wear for women

Indian beauty is defined by women’s looks and dresses have a significant role in that. Today, there are varied types of Indian dresses for women available that contour your body and offer the desired perfect look. Often people across the world restrict Indian wear for women to only saree. Indeed Saree is one of the traditional and most preferred wear but there are many more beyond that. Come, let’s explore some of the popular Indian girls’ dress names so that you can choose different types according to your preferences and try a variety of styles. 

Types of Indian Wear for Women

There was a time when Indian women preferred Western wear over Indian wear. However, again Indian girls’ dress names are again back in the world of fashion. Today, we’ll look at 15 types of Indian wear that will make you look gorgeous. Today, reputed designers have come up who have paved the way for traditional clothes in new and unique forms. Check out these 15 Indian girls’ dress names and flaunt yourself in the ethnic look.  

1. Indo-Western Suits

Indo-western suits

These days fashion is not restricted to a single location or country. Lots of our cultures and fashion trends are highly influenced by Western cultures. There comes the introduction of different types of bottom wear like palazzos and pantsuits. Actually, they are a fusion of Indian and Western wear and are currently in trend. These are among those female dress names in India that are popular mostly among young women. Usually, women prefer to pair them with kurtis. Palazzos are nothing but pleated loose trousers. It can be combined with any type of kurti including long, short, A-line, or off-shoulder. Similarly, like Palazzo suits, pants suits are also highly in trend. They are fitted pants or trousers that are usually paired with different types of kurtis. These days there are varied types of pants available for women like boot cut, cigarette pants, and cropped pants. Usually, women don’t combine dupattas with Indo-western suits. 

2. Saree


When we are talking about different dresses in India for women the saree is always on the top of the list. For decades, we have seen mothers and grandmothers wearing sarees every day. Definitely today, young girls don’t prefer to wear sarees too much but still, when it is anything traditional they prefer only sarees. In fact, there are so many options for sarees available in the market that you will get confused about which one to pick. Traditionally sarees are wrap and round costumes which originated during the Indus Valley civilization. It’s said that there are almost 80 variations of saree draping styles. Moreover, celebrities have started creating their own styles. Among different types of traditional dresses, a saree is one type that is worn along with a blouse and an underskirt. Apart from the saree draping styles, varied types of blouse styles are also available which enables you to create different looks with the sarees.  

3. Salwar Kameez

Salwar kameez

Among all types of dresses in India for women, salwar kameez is considered the most versatile one. This is not only comfortable but can be styled in multiple ways. This dress is a combination of salwar, kameez, and dupatta. Salwar is the bottom wear which is basically a loose and pleated pyjama that fits tightly at the waist and the kameez is the top wear that is either knee length or even longer. However, these days styles of salwar kameez are evolving and some women may not prefer to add dupatta. Whatsoever, the essence of styling salwar kameez is the same. 

4. Anarkali Suit

Anarkali suit

Anarkali suits are types of dresses for girls in which the dress is fitted until just above the waist and then there are flares up to the knees. It is among those types of Indian suits that have recently made a comeback after decades. These days some modern designs of Anarkali suits are also available in which the suit touches the floor. Usually, it is combined with tightly fitted churidar pants. It offers a royal and classy look and at the same time enables the women to stay comfortable. Some of the modern styles of Anarkali suits include jacket style, tiered, gown style, cape style, and floor length.  

5. Patiala Suit

Patiala suit

Unlike regular suits that are paired with fitted bottoms, Patiala suits are paired with wider bottoms. They are one of the popular ladies’ dress types names in India. In fact, Patiala suits are among the Indian traditional dresses that have been part of the everyday wear of Indian women. The wider bottoms that make them different have pleats on the pants that offer a fuller look and also define the overall appearance. If you want to give a try to this traditional dress to women then surely pair a perfect set of earrings with it. This outfit will be the perfect pick for all types of festivals and celebrations. 

6. Palazzo Suit 

Palazzo suit 

There was a time when Indian girls used leggings with almost all types of top-wear but no more! Now, Palazzos have taken over and they look stylish with any type of kurta and salwar. If you got bored wearing those regular salwar kameezes then give a try to a palazzo suit. A Palazzo suit is nothing but a simple combination of Palazzo pants with either shirt, short tops, or kurtas. Today, they have acquired a top position in the ladies’ dress name list in India. 

7. Kurti with Cigarette Pants

Kurti with cigarette pants

A vibrant or simple regular kurti with cigarette pants creates the best outfit. It is a type of ethnic wear with a touch of modernity. If you are someone who wants to flaunt your dress and appear ready for any festival or wedding occasion then simply choose a vibrant and classy kurti and pair it with cigarette pants. These days it is one of the popular Indian dress names that is preferred mostly by young and middle-aged women. This type of ethnic wear allows you to remain flawless and elegant and appear perfect for the festive season. 

8. Cape top Saree

Cape top saree

The latest name in the Indian girl dress name list is Cape Sarees. Although these are not considered the traditional looks yet it offers a touch of ethnicity to your overall appearance. In recent times, lots of celebrities and fashion influencers have been spotted in these types of saree looks. Even many brides have preferred to opt for cape sarees for their wedding look. No wonder why these sarees are so popular among Indian women. Wearing them with tops adds an extra layer of grace and style. Usually, cape tops come with beautiful embroidery and sequins which add to your glow and enable you to stand out. 

9. Lehengas


Across the world, Lehengas are popular Indian attire for women. These are among the different types of ethnic wear that women prefer to wear on wedding occasions or during festivals. Among many Indian brides, this is like their go-to wedding dress. On their big day, Indian girls prefer to wear Lehenga choli and look their best. Lehengas are the types of ethnic wear for ladies that are popular across the country. No wonder why it is available in varieties of styles and designs and also in price range. Not only as a bride but even when ladies plan to attend any other wedding or family functions they prefer to wear lehengas. 

10. Kurti and Churidar

Kurti and churidar

Be it frock-style kurtis or any other type of kurtis, a churidar can be paired with all types of kurtis. Be it A-line, short, long, or front-cut kurtis, churidar trousers look great with all of them. Usually, churidars are longer than the length of the legs and that’s why women tend to fold them at the ankles; these folds appear as the bangles and are commonly known as churi from which it derived its name. The kurta and churidar are types of women’s clothes that every woman across the country prefers to wear. They are not only stylish but comfortable too. 

11. Women’s Sherwani

Women’s sherwani

Sherwanis are meant for men, as it originated in the Mughal era as menswear and men used to wear it as a sense of royalty. Nowadays it is no longer confined to only men, it has evolved to become one of the popular types of dresses for women. Women’s sherwani suits come in varied types of fabrics like cotton, chiffon, net, tussar, chanderi, silk, cotton silk, velvet, and many more. Sherwani has front closures and a mandarin collar, unlike a kurta that you need to wear over the head. In case you are looking for unique female dress names then you can try out women’s sherwani. This isn’t too common yet and thus you will certainly appear stylish in this. 

12. Indian Gowns

Indian gowns

Gowns are types of dresses for girls in India that is although western-inspired ensembles yet have an Indian touch. Usually, Indian gowns are accompanied by dupattas and varied types of embellishments. Over the last decade, different styles of gowns have been introduced. Some of them include bell-sleeved, one-shoulder, saree-style gowns, off-shoulder, and a lot more. Girls prefer to pair them with jackets, shrugs, and capes to add a touch of uniqueness to the regular gowns. 

13. Lancha

Lancha dress for girls

Lancha is yet another popular type of ethnic dress for Indian women. It is quite similar to lehenga choli but the basic difference is in the style of cholis and the skirts. In Lancha, the choli is longer than the lehenga’s waistline. You can consider Lancha as a more conservative type of attire as it doesn’t expose the waist. Commonly, it was worn by Mughal royalty but these days it is mostly preferred for weddings. Even some women choose the modernised forms of Lancha which are paired with a peplum jacket style top. 

14. Sharara and Gharara Suits

Sharara and gharara suits

Originating in the Mughal era, both Sharara and Gharara suits are similar-looking ensembles. Although these are one of the popular women’s dress names, many people get confused between shararas and ghararas. Traditionally these dresses belong to Lucknow and are mostly worn by Muslim women. Pakistani brides also wear them for their weddings. In both Gharara and Sharara suits, there are kurtis that are either long, short, or mid-length that are combined with flared trousers. 

15. Maxi Gown

Maxi gown

One of the latest trending Indian wear for women is a maxi gown. This has become popular among different dress styles in India. It not only adds western glamour to your wardrobe but it also has a traditional appeal. Maxi gowns are the perfect pick for office parties. Although they are not traditional dresses for women in India it makes the perfect party wear dress for any Indian function. The flowy gown styles of these dresses make them versatile and suitable for all body types. 

Hope, you find this blog on different types of Indian dresses list with pictures interesting. Now, you can pick any of these types of Indian wear for women and flaunt your unique style in confidence. Every dress mentioned in this list has a traditional appeal. So, whenever you are in search of a unique traditional Indian look, pick any of these dresses and style them uniquely and elegantly. 

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